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  1. I see the Nazi doctrine is still alive and well and thriving in Germany.
  2. Just in, so don't know how kosher this is ... Emergency Meetings Called! White House Summons All Major TV Networks As Alarming Reports Surface! https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2021/08/emergency-meetings-called-white-house-summons-all-major-tv-networks-as-alarming-reports-surface-3240923.html
  3. Wonder what's going on here ... Pentagon on LOCKDOWN over shooting at facility’s transit center, officer reportedly among several injured https://www.rt.com/usa/531028-pentagon-lockdown-gunshots-bus-station/
  4. It's something I'm seriously thinking about. At the moment I've never even been a member of faecesbook, twatter or any of the social media platforms so I'm a little apprehensive until I learn more about Telegram. Thanks for the support though.
  5. I smell a RAT! ... Just been scanning a few pics of McCartney as I was wondering why he was showing so little of his face during his clot-shot. I'm not convinced that that is really him in the photo ... Look at these 2 images, in particular the length of his sideburns ... The clot-shot image doesn't look to be the same man to me. What do you think?
  6. My father, who is 97, took the Pfizer shots only because he thought he'd need them to see his grandkids and great-grandkids?. Was he an idiot? My sister and brother-in-law took them because they have a larger house and are caring for my father. Are they idiots? If I'd known myself at the time I would have warned them, believe you me. This is what I now have to live with, knowing that they could be crippled or die from these fucking bioweapons at any time in the near future. Anyone taking these in full knowledge of the genocidal scam are certainly Covidiots, but be careful of applying that tag to everyone.
  7. ... about these PLACEBOS ... I got to thinking about the placebo jabs. Everyone seems to assume that the trials were double-blind and that half received the killer jab while the othe half received a benign saline placebo. However, to what ends would a saline placebo be of any use to these drug companies? They already know the lethal ingredients of their shots so would it not be of more use to their 'research' to replace the saline placebos with something a little more in keeping with the mRNA shots, but without the mRNA? I'm thinking ... GRAPHENE OXIDE! They would then be able to compare the gene therapy killer shot (which already contains graphene oxide) with a straightforward saline+graphene shot. In this way, even the ones receiving the placebos would be in the same dire straits. Maybe all of our MP's etc who think they've received a 'safe' saline shot have got a big surprise coming!
  8. I think I've got my head around this vaccination mularkey now ... Oops! Just noticed I spelt 'Start' wrong! That was a bad start!
  9. And this is when the shit will really hit the fan for the Elite. When people are so downtrodden that they have nothing to look forward to and nothing to lose they kill and maim the bastards that caused this without compunction.
  10. Here's a whole list of them Julia ... https://tinyurl.com/fkeaw5fy
  11. Well, without opening a whole can of worms, the MSM (Mainstream Media - newspapers, radio, tv, etc) are supposed to be unbiased institutions, but these days seem to be on the government's payroll, so exist merely as the government's propaganda arm.
  12. Thanks for replying. Please consider this for a second ... If the MSM had been honorable from the start and not spouted government mistruths and not banned REAL scientists and doctors from intelligent debate, do you think we would be where we are now, with most of the population under sentence of death and the few 'escapees' in fear of their lives with no meaningful future to look forward to? This is why I say the MSM weree to blame in the first instance and should continue to be blamed until they either stop with the bullshit or are stopped by us.
  13. 'Don't shoot the messenger.' Sorry for keep going on about the MSM being the main culprit but, for me at least, this has what it has all boiled down to. I firmly believe that in this case we should 'shoot the messenger!'
  14. I meant that, as I see it, our immediate concern should be to stop the government's mouthpiece, ie. the MSM journalists, radio and tv presenters, and celebrities, from peddling their shit. We need to put them on the back foot so that they stop the government-enforced rhetoric in fear of retribution to themselves from the masses. In my mind, MSM are the real culprits. Without their (paid-for) support the world's governments, Gates and Fauci would not have been able to inflict this on so many people. We're talking about GLOBAL GENOCIDE and extraordinary measures will need to be taken to stop it.
  15. I too am out of reactions but this is bang on the money. Thank you. I believe our first actions should be to ditch the dodgy tech and hound the MSM propagandists. 'Never in the field of human CONtricks was so much owed by so many to so few.'
  16. I'm getting very disillusioned now as to the purpose of these forums. It seems to be the same half-dozen posters in their own little clique arguing the toss but never suggesting a plan of attack, and that's what we need most urgently, a PLAN OF ATTACK! My own post quoted above seems to have elicited no response. I feel I'm no longer part of the discussions. I can see you all sitting in the same prison yard still arguing over whether it would have been better to hide in the woods, grow an allotment, smash up some tech, pray to the Gods, .................. FFS! All of this, as well meaning as it might be, is getting us absolutely nowhere! Spilled blood, and preferably not our own, will be the only way out of this. Words are no longer any good to a censored population. We need ACTION! And don't pin your hopes on the likes of Reiner Fuellmich. It's always going to be, 'the next two weeks,' 'the next 2 months,' 'soon,' ... There's NO TIME LEFT! So let's hear some constructive ideas, no matter how silly or far-fetched you may think they are instead of just nit-picking at each others posts. I have an idea or two myself but won't discuss them until I know people are serious about tackling this life or death situation we reluctantly find ourselves in. Thank you to anyone who has actually read this post.
  17. I get what most of you are saying and agree with much of it, but the elephant in the room is not smart phones, not IoT, not 5G, not digital currency, not any of these. It's the fact that the majority of the population have ALREADY BEEN GIVEN A DEATH SENTENCE by taking the lethal injections. No matter what these folk do - smash phones, smash routers, smash jabattoirs, smash the government, smash the unvaxxed ... No matter what they do, NOTHING will be able to reverse this death sentence. No protests in the world will bring these people back once they are gone. It's CHECKMATE, and has been for the last few months. We're already past the tipping point and the fuckers have destroyed civilisation. There's nothing left to BUILD BACK BETTER!
  18. Ths may be of interest to some ... Not being a medic and worried about my sister and others, I asked Dr. Sherri Tenpenny if a full transfusion of pure blood (ie. not contaminated with the poisonous vaccines) would alleviate, or reverse the poisons (graphene oxide etc) in the Covid shots. This is her reply ... So, it's not looking good at all for those who have already been vaxxed I'm afraid.
  19. Probably the Elite are panicking since they found out that the saline shots also contained Graphene Oxide! ╭∩╮( ͠° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮
  20. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/anesethesiologist-told-to-prepare-for-a-covid-crisis-next-week/
  21. I tend not to read the comments. Too many trolls these days. Hmm ... I've rewatched the video and don't see her touching her nose, just sweeping her hair back at the beginning. Personally, I'm inclined to believe her.
  22. Something like this ... Go get 'em!
  23. Those drums are fucking annoying! If they want drums why not drum in 4/4 MARCHING TIME and show that they mean BUSINESS! Maybe throw some pipers in there too, that'll get the blood stirring!
  24. https://principia-scientific.com/new-york-man-who-called-non-vaccinated-idiots-and-morons-dead/
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