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  1. Add to that the reason why EVERYONE must be vxd - because the last thing they want is a control group (the unvxd) that exposes the true horrors of the 'vaccines.'
  2. Talking about anonymous masks, we could emulate the KKK (in method, not in ideology) when we eventually hunt down and eliminate these genocidal psycopaths.
  3. The bloke who came up with the idea that cows are responsible for GW deserves a 'PAT' on the back!!!
  4. Hmm ... I seem to remember that exemption to liability was granted only while the 'vaccines' were under EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation). So, will that mean that if anyone is harmed once the 'vaccines' have full approval then they will be able to SUE THE BASTARDS?
  5. Time to be very afaid! ... https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/08/report-pfizers-covid-19-vaccine-may-get-full-fda-approval-monday/
  6. Sorry, out of Likes. Great speech from a man with a true heart. The writing is on the wall for all of these genocidal bastards. It's only a matter of time, make no mistake.
  7. Probably Tasers will be used more extensively before firearms.
  8. Say, what? You mean to tell me there's no red London Routemaster double-decker on the Moon? I think you're promoting unwarranted censorship!
  9. Ok, that's it! I f**cking give up now! https://www.independent.co.uk/tv/news/matt-hancock-tube-viral-video-vc0e61c75?amp
  10. You know, I can see a time in the distant future when, much like in Planet Of The Apes, an intelligent chimp is poking around in the ruins of our once mighty civilisation and wondering to itself what happened. War? Disease? Natural disasters? It'll never know the true reason we all died en masse was due to APATHY!
  11. I wouldn't be concerned if David Icke was a Freemason. Hell, I was a Freemason! You see, some folk become masons to try to rub shoulders with influential local businessmen, police officers and officials. However, I joined purely out of curiosity, to expand my knowledge. You can spout second-hand information about the Freemasons until you are blue in the face but it will always be your opinion, not your experience. By joining up you get a better understanding (at least of the lower ranks), and, in my opinion, the masons was just a men's club with a free slap-up meal at every meeting and a chance to down a few pints and have a sing-song! It was all a bit of a lark really, but some took it seriously.
  12. I use a Firefox extension that provides an .mp4 video link when watching a bitchute video. I can then paste the link into the browser and download the video directly.
  14. Don't know if this has been posted yet but this is MAJOR! I've checked the PubChem site myself, as described in the video, and the Patent dates are true ... U.S. Patent Office: Rothschilds Planned COVID19 in 2015 https://principia-scientific.com/u-s-patent-office-rothschilds-planned-covid19-in-2015/
  15. https://www.vic.gov.au/victorian-quarantine-hub PDF: https://www.vic.gov.au/sites/default/files/2021-04/Alternative-quarantine-accommodation-hub-project-summary-April-2021.pdf
  16. Yeah, right. They take away all of our Human Rights under the excuse of fake Covid, yet they expect us to recognise the rights of Afghan refugees? FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!
  17. Please, tell me this line is a fucking JOKE? Since when have Human Rights ever been part of the Elite's psychotic plan? ...
  18. Looks a bit suspect to me. I mean, it doesn't look as if there's actually anything visible on his arm to scan using the camera, so the only other options would be NFC or BT. To do a successful NFC scan you would probably have to have the phone practically touching his arm. As for BT, I zoomed in and couldn't see a BT icon on the status bar of the phone. Not that I think a BT scan would produce any results anyway.
  19. TBH, I don't give a f*ck about the Taliban, Afghanistan, climate change or any of their other recent Weapons of Mass Distraction. I think Global Genocide far outweighs any of this other shit
  20. Exactly. That's why I've said previously that our main effort should be in closing the elite's mouthpiece - the MSM. They are the ones responsible for whipping up the fear and distrust amongst the populace, and essentially dividing the country. I've seen the effects of one burnt out tv transmitter this week. What if they were ALL burned down?
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