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  1. I bet he made damn sure SHE was DOUBLE-JABBED!!! TOSSER!
  2. I'm drawn more towards the Muliverse theory, simply because the constants in our own Universe are so finely tuned that I postulate many (an infinite number of?) other Universes exist, with entirely different parameters, causing them to expand, contract, be unable to form stars and galaxies, or to support life as we know it. That's not to say that there may not be other universes practically identical in formation to our own.
  3. Funded by The Wellcome Trust ... say no more!
  4. What? You mean like the way Win 3.1 ended up as the bloated, spying beast that is Win 10!!! 'Unvaxxed' are the sensible folk who disable the 'updates' until the sheeple have found all the bugs. I've never updated anything until the update has been tried and tested over a period of time. You're a fool.
  5. Jim Bell's 'Assassination Politics' always seemed like agood idea to me, (see here) , and even better now that crypto currencies are around.
  6. What I can't figure out is that, if shedding is real, surely TPTB would also be at risk (assuming they are all unvaccinated)?
  7. 'Divide and Conquer.' The oldest trick in the book.
  8. Hmm, ... I doubt it, as they are talking about giving people 16 weeks to get the jabs so that would be well beyond July 19th.
  9. I say, let them have their holidays while they can. Things may be very different for the poor sods after the next bouts of seasonal diseases!
  10. Yes, I saw that this morning. I don't consider myself a 'refusenik' (certainly some Nazi overtones in that word!). I think of myself as assisting the trials by selflessly placing myself in the equally important Control Group.
  11. 'Selfless people are taking the vaccinations to help bring about herd immunity and save the lives of others.' NO! NO! NO! Most are taking them because they are SELFISH and only doing it because they want to go on HOLIDAY!
  12. Actually, thinking about it, we don't need anything elaborate to fight back. I mean, the entire Swiss Army only have those little red multi-function pocket knives and they seem to do ok!
  13. Guns, knives and plenty ammo!!! Because the have-nots will want to take everything from you.
  14. Anyone interested in seeing other statistical tricks applied to the latest government slides would do well to look here. Great post!
  15. Well, if it's covid-9 data you are mainly interested in, you could do what I have done in the examples above and go to this site and pick a dataset for any country, or countries, you wish. Choose a date range for the graph and then simply click on either the 'linear' or 'log' buttons in the top left corner of the graph to switch scales.
  16. Please, less of the 'C' word ... '(C)ompulsory' is a word we don't like to hear in here!
  17. Thank you. Haha! Don't kow about 'Genius,' but the facts are right in front of all of our eyes, it's just how we interpret them to cut through the media bullshit that matters. Using LOG instead of LIN graph scales is an old trick which I've know since my school maths days, over 50 years ago. No doubt you'll be checking every graph you see from now on!
  18. Ok, I know everyone is fed up to the back teeth now with statistics and graphs, but I promise this will be quick and easy to digest. On the BBC News tonight (and on their website) they posted this graph to support the extended lockdown being planned for June 21st ... Wow! Looks bad, doesn't it! But take a careful look at he Y-axis ... it's LOGARITHMIC. I've plotted the same data points below using the same range as the BBC graph ... However, if we now switch that Y-axis back to LINEAR you'll see that the graph now looks nowhere near as dramatic as the BBC offering ... I can't for the life of me see any reason here for prolonging the lockdown, can you?
  19. Just watched Doris Johnson swerving a question by a Sky correspondent at the G7 summit ... Q: What percentage of the population need to be double vaccinated before we can proceed with stage 4 of the lockdown ...' A: 'Blah, blah, hesitate, blaaaaaah, stutter, blah, ...' Totally ignored the question.
  20. I've got a feeling the zombies will only riot once the vaccinated acually start to drop dead in the streets during the coming winter flu. Nothing less than that will coax them off their vaccinated arses. Of course, once they start claiming compensation for their dead and disabled zombie relatives they'll be in for an even bigger shock when the Regime play the 'FREE FROM LIABILITY' card!
  21. My stance is simple: I'll consider having the vaccine when a vaccine becomes available. Untested, unlicensed, gene therapies, devoid of any liability to the manufacturer, and developed to combat a non-isolated, non-sequenced 'virus', are not vaccines in any sense of the word.
  22. Haha! Just watched EMILY(I'M AS THICK AS SHIT) THORNBERRY on the ANDREW (I'M A LYING BASTARD) MARR show. Had to give myself a double face palm when she was taliking about food standards in trade deals and brought up the old 'chlorinated chicken' and 'hormone infused beef' issues yet she had just said everyome must get the experimental gene therapy 'vaccines!' You just couldn't make it up!
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