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  1. Now that I've answered, please be good enough to consider my question regarding the Nautical Almanac as posted above and elsewhere in this thread. Thanks in advance.
  2. The problem is purely a matter of scale. Taking the diameter of Earth's orbit, 2 Astronomical Units, as the base of the triangle (or cone, to be more exact in 3-dimensions), and the distance to Polaris as 433 lightyears, then the height of the triangle (or cone) is 1.86 x 1017 times the length of the base. That's a humongous 185,606,060,606,060,606 times the length of the base! It is impossible to draw such a triangle to scale.
  3. Covid: Tory councillor suspended after defending Andrew Bridgen Tory Cllr Alex Stevenson has been suspended after he defended Andrew Bridgen’s comments which dubbed the Covid vaccination the “biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust”. On a public Facebook page, Stevenson, who represents Greater Heanor on Derbyshire County Council and Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse on Amber Valley Borough Council, said he “stood with” Bridgen. Cllr Stevenson said his colleague “did not compare the vaccine to the Holocaust” but that it was the worst crime to humanity “since” the Holocaust, claiming this is “totally different”. He said: “Andrew Bridgen MP told the truth regarding the injuries and deaths from these vaccines. I have personally met these people.” Stevenson told The Local Democracy Reporting Service: “Many people are dying and suffering as a result of taking this medical intervention. More here: https://www.gbnews.uk/news/covid-tory-councillor-suspended-after-defending-andrew-bridgen/423933
  4. The Kaufman Institute for Coincidences ...
  5. Yes, I was correct. I knew you couldn't answer it. I asked this question ages ago and I won't take you up on your offer until you or another answer MY question.
  6. I'll tell you what, I will give YOU £50 if you can supply me with a copy (paper or online) of the official Nautical Almanac used to navigate a Flat Earth. The only official Nautical Almanac in existence that I know of is used on a daily basis for navigation of a GLOBE Earth and all of it's very accurate tables are based on SPHERICAL Trigonometry. I'm assuming all will go quiet again now! As usual!
  7. I do apologise. The OP did indeed state that the angles were to be measured in radians and not degrees....
  8. The OP should describe how they arrived at the answer they did from the formula. For instance, they don't state whether the cos and arcos angles are radians or degrees, which makes a big difference to the result! Following their link to the Web 2.0 calculator with their figures plugged in fetches up the calculator in DEG mode. I've got some other concerns about the OP's figures too but I'll need to do some more work on this.
  9. Yeah, and don't even try to discuss it in here. I had posts removed for even posting a meme. I hate this fucking world and the absolute suppression of the truth and free speech.
  10. N°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° D°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°M!!!
  11. Another little trick I use quite often to get the 'degrees' symbol ° is to hold Alt and type 0176 on the Numpad, then release the Alt key. Eg. The temperature today is 7°C.
  12. For that example I simply copies & pasted the Planck Length from Wikipedia, but if you want to add your own subscripts and superscripts you can easily do it in Wordpad (on PC) and then copy & paste from there. Or you can use MS Office, Libre Office, even Photoshop or any advanced text editor to give you the sub- and super-script characters. Wordpad example ...
  13. The pure maths answer would be 'an infinite number of times.' IMHO however, in practice, the lengths of the divisions would be restricted by the smallest length measurable in the Universe, which is, of course, the Planck Length = 1.616255×10−35 m. Just my opinion and not necessarily correct!
  14. Try the FREE Stable Diffusion model at https://playgroundai.com/ It's easier to use than Discord's Midjourney setup and you can produce limitless images for nothing!
  15. Yes, don't believe everything you read in books (like the Bible, for instance?). Instead, trust only in youtube videos. Instead of demonising equations why not try to understand how they were arrived at? That's what I call a truly open mind.
  16. Well, in light of your polite response I'll come back in with this post ... I don't consider everything in physics to be the absolute truth, especially in the more modern physics where reputations and grants seem to be the driving force, not wisdom and honesty. However I am not prepared to just throw everything I have learned, and which has always stood me in good stead, to one side and waste time on the crackpot ideas of the likes of Ken Wheeler. First off, I just genuinely don't like the man. I don't like his condescending nature. I don't like his meaningless mumbo-jumbo designed to confuse people into accepting his theories. However, he's also just plain wrong most of the time, as in this case, for instance ... Wheeler apparently quotes Tesla (his hero) in saying that light waves are LONGITUDINAL. This is WRONG! Light waves are TRANSVERSE in nature and this is easily proved by the fact that LONGITUDINAL waves cannot be POLARIZED and we all know that light can be polarized otherwise our polarized sunglasses wouldn't work! So, as long as I'm not asked questions based on Wheeler's nonsense then I'll do my best to add to the discussion wherever I can. I know some of you are way more advanced than me in most areas but I can still detect when Kentucky Ken's BS is being put forward!
  17. Did God create the Earth before he created the star it orbits around? Just wondering, because how would he know that it was the 4th day when days are defined by a complete rotation of the Earth?
  18. Then maybe someone else can answer your questions as I don't understand what you're asking. You just seem to be trying to confuse the issue, in much the same way as Wheeler to be honest. So, I'm out.
  19. White light is polychromatic and the prism simply splits it into its different frequency bands by refraction. Coaxial cable is simply a single copper core surrounded by a foil or braided sheath to reduce interference.
  20. The 'colour' of a photon is determined by it's wavelength, which I'm sure you'll already know. Colour exists only when the retina of the eye reacts to these different wavelengths. Blue light is a higher frequency, higher energy wave so may have more effect but as to why it would be classed as dangerous I simply don't know. I mean, the sky is blue and seems to have more of a beneficial effect on us than not.
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