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  1. Dear Boris, We hate to say 'We told you so,' but, well, ... 'We told you so!' Regards, The Conspiracy Theorists.
  2. It's much the same with cowardly Drone Warfare.
  3. When I hear this kind of talk I can't help thinking we're all in some horrifyingly real version of Squid Games and the 'Elites' are getting off on all of the butchery. Whether it's us or their own men being mutilated, they don't give a flying fuck, it's all part of the game. We need the Police and Armed forces on our side or we're finished.
  4. Nice! What do you have printed on the back may I ask?
  5. Come on follks! Let's have all your funny replies. I'll start you off with ... Chicken Coma Chicken Jabfrenzi Lamb Carrie
  6. Psalm 90:10 The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. Well, God, looks like the Elites are calling you out big time on that one mate. Care to make a post to pacify us plebs? Thought not.
  7. Exactly! We both know very little and rely on the views of 'experts' that will say almost anything to support their egos and careers. We just have to pick what sounds reasonable to ourselves and run with it.
  8. Home Secretary, Ugli Patel now wants to review crossbow ownership. Didn't see that one coming, did we? LoL!
  9. And notice the timing of this Plandemic - when most of the older generation, who would have fought this tooth and nail, are now too old and infirm, or dead, leaving only us softies who have known nothing but the good life to now fight for our lives. We must get a backbone and fight this now or we are all going to be dead in the very near future.
  10. It's possible to make your own bow or crossbow. It's not rocket science. It only needs an effective renge of a few meters anyway if it's for defence in close quarters. For me, a flamethrower would be a better choice of weapon!
  11. Click on image to read/download, or PDF Link: https://avalonlibrary.net/ebooks/Robert F. Kennedy Jr - The Real Anthony Fauci.pdf
  12. My first query would be: Do the Batch Codes represent actual codes used in the UK for the 3 vaccine types? May be something that needs looking into before publishing flyers etc. Anyone know off-hand? Wouldn't do to publish duff info, would it, like the government and MSM?!
  13. @DaleP Done! Would everyone please be so kind as to take a look, or even join in! Thanks.
  14. Hi all. Further to an idea presented in the main Covid-19 thread, regarding designing informative cards and leaflets/flyers etc. to be downloaded, printed and distributed by anyone willing to pass on such information, I have started this new topic in which collaboration is encouraged to finalise designs for maximum impact. Please add all of your thoughts, constructive or otherwise, so that we can produce items that will hopefully stop some in their tracks and prompt them to investigate further. I'll start off with a really basic A4 leaflet (which could be scaled to other sizes if required) that I've quickly knocked up in Photoshop just to give you an idea of the direction we may take with this ... Right-click or long-tap the image above to download a copy. A link to the downloadable PDF for the image above can be found here. As I say, basic, but to the point I think. The QR Code url's have been added to enable anyone without a scanner app installed to still visit The Expose website. Please add your own ideas/likes/dislikes/improvements/amendments below so that we can discuss everything before finalising designs. Also, please can I ask that you try to avoid sidetracking this thread. I know it's hard at times (and I'm just as guilty!) but time is of the essence and I'd like to see some polished results that we can all download and distribute by whatever means we have at our disposal. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  15. Ok then, we're getting nowhere here. You have such a high opinion of your views that you must be someone with many qualifications, perhaps a virolgist, epidemiologist, doctor, gubberment research scientist, .........? What exactly are your qualifications? (Answers on the back of a postage stamp, please).
  16. I could easily knock up a pdf in Photoshop but maybe we should start a separate thread to collaborate and thrash out the best way to tackle this in order to get the best out of it. I certainly think this idea has legs and offers a cheap, easy way for many of us to get involved and maybe make a difference. What are your thoughts?
  17. Another idea is to print cards on A4 magnet sheet (you'll get 9 credit-card-sized ones per sheet), cut them out and stick them on cars in car parks when passing without arousing suspicion. They are easily removed and cause no damage to paintwork.
  18. I wasn't talking about Lanka. How do you explain Enders' statement (as pictured in the video)?
  19. It's a great idea. Many of us have been accused of being 'keyboard warriors,' unjustly so in my opinion, but here's a chance for keyboard warriors to show their worth. Even if you just leave these cards lying around, or 'accidentally' drop a few while out walking the dog, you are at least contributing something to the cause. If enough of us do it we could maybe sway public opinion towards these experimental clotshots. Another idea is to program a few NFC tags and stick them in prominent places. Nearly all recent phones have NFC built in and I've noticed NFC hotspots built into bus stop signs that passengers can swipe and it tells them when the next bus is due. So maybe stick a tag on a bus stop that directs to the Expose URL when scanned
  20. I particularly like the idea of the QR code, very easy to do and will put the fear of God into them!
  21. Agreed. The first thing a government does before imposing Martial Law is to disarm the population.
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