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  1. Unfortunately, no one is ever going to make a stand. I'm resigned to the fact now that all of the vaxxed will soon die off and the rest of us will be rounded up and shot. There won't be enough opposition left to prevent this. However, when they come to take me I'll at least take one or more of them with me. It's all I can do.
  2. What a load of bollox! No way would 86% of parents give their consent to their kids being poisoned. What a stupid statement anyway: 'definitely or probably,' what the fuck sense does that make?
  3. Forthcoming Petition to be discussed in Parliament ... https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/575801
  4. Fucking rich! That JEW, Angela Epstein, on the Jeremy Vile show today supporting PERSECUTION of the unvaxxed.
  5. Liking the Savile Row shell suit! Must be breathable too as there's not a drop of sweat on him.
  6. Very propheti indeed! This is Page 444 from the book. The image is obviously a poor photocopy but is readable ...
  7. You have my permission to share it far and wide.
  8. Little Johnny: 'But Miss, I don't understand what myopericarditis means?' Miss Informed: 'Don't worry Johnny, we'll be learning those big words next year. Now, let's roll up that sleeve, shall we?'
  9. Too right! There's a special place in Hell for this ugly pig and his ilk. These people should be made LIABLE for the decisions they make. This experimental shit should no longer be exempt from liability.
  10. Subliminal Messaging - let's see what the Science says ... Subliminal messaging was born in a New Jersey movie theater in the summer of 1957. During the Academy Award-winning film "Picnic," market researcher James Vicary flashed advertisements on the screen every 5 seconds. The interruptions were so fast — 1/3,000th of a second — that they were undetectable by the conscious mind. Yet the fleeting advertisements of "Drink Coca-Cola" and "Hungry? Eat Popcorn" reportedly increased Coke sales by 18.1% and popcorn by 57.8%. Or so the story goes. Eventually, the president of the psychological test company Psychological Corp. challenged Vicary to replicate his experiment. After failing to re-create the gains in sales, Vicary admitted he had fabricated the results. Some experts believe he never completed the original experiment at all. So, like Vicary's experiment, is subliminal messaging a hoax? Or does it actually work? "Subliminal advertising is thought to be a pretty potent form of influence. But there's really not much on which to base that conclusion," said Ian Zimmerman, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota Duluth. However, the method is not completely made up. "Subliminal messaging can actually be influential," Zimmerman told Live Science. But its power is hedged by many if's, including whether the audience is in the mood for the product being advertised. In theory, subliminal messages deliver an idea that the conscious mind doesn't detect. The brain may ignore the information because it is delivered quickly. For example, the word "RATS" flickered briefly across the screen during an attack ad that the George W. Bush campaign launched to smear presidential candidate Al Gore during the 2000 election. An influential word can also be shrouded by imagery, such as "sex" spelled out by ice cubes in a Gilbey’s Gin advertisement. Whether these attempts affected voters and consumers is unknown. But scientists do know that subliminal messaging works in the lab. Researchers inserted a dozen frames of a Coca-Cola can and another dozen of the word "thirsty" into an episode of the TV show "The Simpsons." Participants reported being an average of 27% thirstier after the viewing than they were before, whereas the control group was slightly less thirsty afterward, according to a 2002 study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Similarly, when given a subliminal priming of the iced tea brand Lipton Ice during a computer task, people chose the drink over another beverage — but only when they were thirsty, according to a 2006 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. In short, it appears that subliminal messaging works best when it taps into an existing desire. "If we're not currently experiencing whatever kind of need or goal the subliminal message taps into, it probably won't be very effective," Zimmerman said. When subliminal influences do occur, they don't last long. Influences lasting 25 minutes are about the cap, according to a 2016 study in the journal Neuroscience of Consciousness. In other words, subliminal ads trying to get someone off the couch and into a store probably aren't effective. "They can't make you go buy something you don't want or vote for a political candidate you don't like," Zimmerman said. "The messages just aren't that powerful."
  11. Important news about Dr. Sam White https://vernoncoleman.org/articles/important-news-about-dr-sam-white
  12. Error: Not viewable in country. (I'm in UK).
  13. Still no convincing plans as to how we overcome this tyrrany. Perhaps we should first destroy the labs and factories producing these 'vaccines,' along with any stocks we can locate. They can't jab us any more without the poisonous potions, can they!
  14. Sy News Australia, Nov 2020 - If only the knew then what they know now!
  15. I'm not sure they'll be worried about producing a Spring Covid Plan. If everything to be believed about these 'vaccines' is true then there will be very few people left alive after this winter to bother making a plan for. As I said earlier, I believe they mean to relax vax passports so that as many people as possible attend superspreader events. Booster shots will further increase the risk of ADE’s due to the injection of billions of extra protein spikes into the host.This will allow ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) to run riot in the jabbed population causing all manner of nasty side effects and death. They'll blame these deaths on the unvaxxed that also attended the events, saying that they caused the spread of the 'virus.' Belive me, this is not good news. It's simply another step in the Master Plan.
  16. From a longer article (link below) ... https://tapnewswire.com/2021/09/warning-to-medical-professionals/
  17. The sceptic in me says that BoZo may be doing this over the winter so that as many people as possible congregate at big events so that superspreading can be blamed for all the Vax deaths that are going to occur this winter. Couple that with his push for boosters and the actual death toll may be enormous.
  18. Boris Johnson scraps vaccine passports under Covid winter plan The Prime Minister is set to announce the end of the emergency lockdown laws and axe plans to introduce vaccine passports under his new Covid Winter Plan. Instead, Mr Johnson will hand out booster jabs in an attempt to prevent the UK being plunged into yet another lockdown. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1489905/boris-johnson-covid-news-winter-plan-uk-scrap-lockdown-laws-booster-jabs-ont/amp
  19. From the net ... 'Bees particularly are prone to colony collapse in 5G areas.' A quote normally attributed to Einstein (but probably not by him): ' If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.' So, once all the 5G areas are activated, I guess it's just a choice between being killed by the Vax, killed by 5G, or dying of starvation!
  20. Don't know how true this is ... 12 OF THE MOST HIGHLY TRAINED F-22 PILOTS WALKED OFF THE JOB https://www.bitchute.com/video/PKJ8Ru3wrGPr/
  21. I feel your pain, I really do, but the sad fact of the matter is that we have been almost checkmated by the Elites. I say 'almost,' because the one and only slim chance we have of defeating these insane cretins is to somehow unite as one and forcefully take back what is rightfully ours. In particular, we need the Armed Forces on our side to be able to fight without being massacred by weapons far superior to anything we could conjure up for ourselves. These so-called Elites are powerless without military backing. We need first to regain control and then sort out the mess they've left, by first exterminating the bastards and then empowering REAL medics and scientists to work on a means of reversing the effects of these lethal clot-shots. The Finacial System must be restarted and Fractional Reserve Banking condemned. The new governments we elect must make the money themselves, from their own Treasury, not by issuing Treasury Bonds and allowing Private Banks to control the money supply.
  22. 5G Switch-on in Shrewsbury Fri 8:47 pm +00:00, 10 Sep 2021 posted by Tapestry A report in The Shrewsbury Chronicle announces in a tiny box on page 15 in Thursday Sept 9th’s issue, which you could easily miss, that Shrewsbury is to be the first county town in the land to be assaulted with lethal 5th generation pulsed microwaves, commonly referred to as 5G. It reads – ‘EE said it has switched on its 5G network in Shrewsbury ahead of major events such as the food festival…. The introduction of the technology has been welcomed by local politicians, naming Councillor Rob Gittins. The network will provide good outdoor coverage at places such as The Quarry Park and Shrewsbury Railway Station, as well as the town centre, Monkmoor Recreation Ground and Rea Brook Nature Reserve.’ TAP. I am sure the otters and all other wildlife will be most pleased with the arrival of killer pulsed microwaves in their midst. There are many bee hives in the nature reserve. Bees particularly are prone to colony collapse in 5G areas. How come EE has got around the Council which voted to stop 5G from being installed? Faster internet is supposedly on offer to those dumb enough to buy 5G phones. Yet no doubt we will now see a series of medical collapses from people visiting the town from hereon, an increase in cancers, illnesses and deaths. People who are vaccinated and magnetised with Graphene Oxide could be especially vulnerable to 5G. It won’t just be the bees. We are also creatures of resonance. Vaccinated might find they can’t cope with this electronic assault first. All are vulnerable. Why are so many places of relaxation and leisure being covered by 5G in Shrewsbury? ‘They’ don’t like not knowing who’s walking around and having fun – anywhere. In the town centre you’re already covered by CCTV, and probably by microphones and 4G locator technology in street lamps and numerous masts dotted around. But people can’t be allowed to wander around the Rea Brook Nature Reserve or The Quarry without big brother knowing who they are and where they are going, and who they are talking to, and what about. Or do otters have mobile phones? 5G is a part of the spying matrix as well as a lethal technology associated with the death of insects, animals and humans, along with birth defects and infertility.
  23. I think that guy sums it up nicely. When we call people 'sheep' it's important to remember they aren't as soft as sheep, just that they tend to stupidly follow the leader. Many of these 'sheep' are as hard as nails and will tear apart anyone in their way once they finally realise the full truth. As the guy says, distance yourselves. This shit was never about the wu-WHO-JEW-mu-flu!
  24. https://dailysceptic.org/2021/09/10/children-should-be-vaccinated-to-benefit-their-mental-health-chris-whitty-to-say/
  25. ... and THAT will be the point at which the kickback will begin. Theere's too much inertia at the moment with even the unjabbed not really facing much pressure, but when it comes to the point of not being able to put food on the table for themselves or their loved ones then all hell will break loose. And don't forget, even the unjabbed run into MILLIONS of people, so expect a bloody fight the likes of which has never been seen in this country for a very long time.
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