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  1. Pfat, Pfucking, Pfrau Merkel - The Two-faced Lying Bitch! From July, 2021 ...
  2. The Love-Child of Hitler and Stalin enters the fray ... Angela Merkel Demands Mandatory Vaccination Law as Germany is Set to Impose Restrictions on the Unvaccinated
  3. Most certainly! You can trust ALL three-letter organisations: BBC, CDC, FDA, NIH, CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6, WEF, WHO, NHS, ...
  4. Statistical Analysis Proves Pfizer Systematically Deployed Highly Toxic Batches of Vaccines ON PURPOSE!!! Posted on December 1, 2021 by State of the Nation http://stateofthenation.co/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Screen-Shot-2021-12-01-at-7.42.47-AM-1.png Pfizer Systematic Deployment in USA By Craig Paardekooper If the separate companies were deploying high toxicity batches systematically, then the patterns of deployment could be confused and clouded by mixing data for all of the companies. – So, instead of combining all of the VAERS data for Moderna, and for Pfizer, I decided to separate them out. – Here is the complete output for Pfizer only – showing adverse reactions for each sequential batch. – Pfizer deployed about 9500 batches to the USA. – In the first cluster, we have 12 highly toxic batches all appearing in close temporal proximity – and all within a defined range of 2000 to 3000 x base toxicity. – In the second cluster, we have 3 highly toxic batches appearing in close temporal proximity, and within the range of 2000-2500 x base toxicity. – In the third cluster, we have 27 highly toxic batches all appearing in close temporal proximity – and all within the defined range of 1000-2000 x base toxicity. – In the fourth cluster we have 21 highly toxic batches all appearing in close temporal proximity – all within the defined range of 100-1500 x base toxicity. – If the production of toxic batches was an accident, we would expect their temporal appearance to be random and more scattered. The production of large numbers of toxic batches in close temporal proximity to one another shows that such “accidents” are repeated dozens of times, sequentially ! – In addition to this, these clusters of toxic batches are separated by clear periods of harmless batches – then the sudden appearance of another cluster. – The toxic batches are also clustered into a narrow range of toxicity, rather than having a random spread of toxicity – which is odd if these batches were accidents. – Finally, the toxicity of these clusters decreases in steps, linearly over time – again, not what we would expect from the accidental production of toxic batches. – These batches may be Hot Lots by design. ___ https://rense.com/general96/toxic-01.pdf
  5. Agreed, and at some point in the near future we are all going to have to come to terms with mandatory vaccinations, quarantine camps, and restrictions so tight that life will be virtually impossible. The window of opportunity is rapidly closing on our ability to fight back. It really is NOW or NEVER, no matter the cost.
  6. “The Real Anthony Fauci”: The Most Striking Fact in Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New Book https://www.globalresearch.ca/real-anthony-fauci-most-striking-fact-robert-f-kennedy-jr-new-book/5763271 Anyone read this book yet? I've downloaded at copy (thanks, uTorrent! ) and will be having a read when I get time.
  7. Could it be that the UK has taken this ridiculous stance on the Moronic variant because it knew beforehand that Von der Leyen was going to push for mandatory vaccination across the EU, of which we are now NOT A MEMBER, so Britain makes the variant look deadly in order to stay secretly in line with EU diktats?
  8. ‘I Have Been Stunned At The Response’: South African Dr. Who Reported Omicron Slams Hysteria Thu 10:58 am +00:00, 2 Dec 2021 posted by Weaver Hank Berrien – Daily Wire Dec 1, 2021 On Monday, the South African doctor who first reported seeing a patient who had the Omicron variant, triggering a panic in world markets, issued an opinion piece in The Daily Mail in which she cautioned, “I have been stunned at the response – and especially from Britain. And let me be clear: nothing I have seen about this new variant warrants the extreme action the UK government has taken in response to it.”
  9. This Teutonic Twat is very dangerous. However, trying to force mandatory jabs on 150 million dissenters? Good luck with that!
  10. From a Botswana newspaper - https://news.thevoicebw.com/new-covid-19-variant-in-botswana/-... [My emphasis] 'Four visitors on a DIPLOMATIC MISSION?' Sounds very suapect to me and I've heard nothing mentioned about this in the MSM. Also, why were they allowed to leave the country 4 days later?
  11. Loved the Wizard Of Oz 'Toto' reference (at 7:50)! Very apt!
  12. Love it! I've got a dyesub printer and heat press so might print my own on some polyester material and see how it goes down with the sheeple!
  13. What a big-headed, egostistical little rat. Soros, Gates & Fauci. Eliminate them and you save the World.
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