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  1. I've got to admit, I am becoming a bit disheartened with the forum myself. Although I realise it was originally formed as a platform for alternative views that were being ridiculed or ignored by the MSM, I now find many topics far to esoteric in their nature. There seem to be far fewer topics concentrating on hard facts rather than occult, religious, or downright weird posts that are incomprehensible to most (including myself). I soon lose enthusiasm now when reading through the list of Recent Activity and just give up, as either I don't find anything there worth replying to, or anything that make sense in order to enable me to compose a reply. No doubt others have a different view, and maybe I'm just too thick to understand all the freaky, tripped-out stuff, but my gut feeling is that there is a lot of 77th Brigade stuff going on here starting meaningless, occult-ridden, secret-society topics that are swamping the true, meaningful topics. I'll keep looking in, but I can't see much changing unfortunately.
  2. I see the original video has now gone viral - 11 million views in 6 days! I particularly like the play on the words MINER/MINOR ... For anyone interested, here's the original video ...
  3. From an article on Tap ... Locals in Maui Were Refusing To Sell Their Land To The Elites. The Part of The Island Mainly Destroyed By The Fires Was Prime Area Right Next To Lavish Mega-Mansions. Now, A Lot of Those Locals Are Forced To Sell Their Land and Many Tragically Died in The Flames. Oprah Winfrey Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine. Jeff Bezos Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine. Lady Gaga Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine. Bill Gates Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine. Morgan Freeman Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine. Will Smith Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine. Julia Roberts Has A Luxury Mansion in Maui; It’s Completely Fine. HOW DID THE FIRE KNOW TO AVOID THE MOST EXPENSIVE MANSIONS? WAKE UP!
  4. Wasn't it Cheeses of Nazareth that did the catering for The Last Supper do?
  5. I actually entered a laziness competition. I made sure I came in 4th so that I wouldn't have to get up and walk to the podium.
  6. Yeah, and I've heard that with all of the space tourism projects currently going on they'll soon be opening a brand new Stilton Hotel up there!
  7. Apparently 90% of it tastes just like 'sheep!'
  8. Global Boiling! Hahahahaha! ... Boiling of what? Rock? Metal? Even good old water needs 100°C to BOIL!!! I think wer're a long way from that yet.
  9. Tell you what ... if these aliens ever arrive and destroy each and every one of us, I'll give you all £1,000 each! It's all sheer bloody nonsense.
  10. Exactly. The banks created the money you borrowed to buy your house from THIN AIR in the first place, so ANY monies they receive from a repossession and subsequent auction will be a winner-winner for them.
  11. 'Never believe anything until it has been denied by the authorities.'
  12. A Proton Beam Therapy unit was built in 2015 about a mile from my home by the Rutherford Group at a cost of £32M. It's now closed after liquidation of the Group, citing lack of patients due to the Plandemic period.
  13. People make the whole 'love' thing unnecessarily complicated. Try this ... Close your eyes during a quiet moment and imagine you are at the very end of your life, lying in your death-bed, with only moments left. All of your loved ones have visited you and you now have one last remaining decision to make ... Who's is the last face you wish to see before you're gone forever? This is the person (or pet, even) that you love the most (whether you realise it, or not) and has meant the most to you in your life. Now, open your eyes and treat this person with the respect they deserve. That's what 'true' love is.
  14. Own goal! Looks like HAARP missed the target this time!
  15. This Telegram post makes sense to me. 'These images were made by AI, no kids harmed, nothing to see here, move on ...'
  16. Whether it is delivered by a needle or a patch, a VMAP is a biological product that atypically manipulates the immune system to provoke strong inflammatory responses that can lead to injury or death for some who receive it,” warns National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher about the technology. “If you look at the medical literature describing microneedle vaccine patches, what you see is a lot of hype about how much easier it will be for the vaccinators to slap a patch on a child’s skin instead of using a needle, and how the ‘painless’ patch can reduce vaccine hesitancy.” Since the onslaught of the COVID-19 hoax, the goal has always been a vaccine ID, forcing people to get injected upon command, making sure the slave class follows orders, and tying it all to a digital ID and central bank digital currency (CBDC) to ensure permanent compliance. https://activistpost.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=3ac8bebe085f73ea3503bbda3&id=8af2299b0f&e=12fa210b90 Surely this would be illegal - sending dangerous medication via unsolicited mail? At the very least such items would have had to have been per-ordered by the recipient.
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