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  1. Unfortunately, there doesn;t appear to be a game plan. I was just stating the fact that unless we end this ourselves then it will continue until we are all under strict control of the Global Elies or, ... dead. It HAS to come to extreme violence in the end if we are to stand any chance of returning to the lives we had before this tyrannical purge of a large part of the global population. Yes, they will 'take a stick and beat us,' and lots of us will die, but we are MANY and they are FEW. We will be fighting for the lives of our children, not ourselves.
  2. This 'Pandemic' will never end unless WE end it. Too much money and power is at stake here as well as the reputations of the pseudoscientists.
  3. Great book! Downloaded, and busy reading this ... [CLICK ON IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD PDF]
  4. Yes, I know, but I was just saying that the Greek alphabet is used throughout ALL the constellations and is not just restricted to Gemini. So it would be equally valid to say that the variants were named after the stars in Orion, The Pleiades, Ursa Major, or any of them. eg. Omicron Ursae Majoris (ο Ursae Majoris, abbreviated Omicron UMa, ο UMa), formally named Muscida /ˈmjuːsɪdə/,[11][12] is a star system in the northern circumpolar constellation of Ursa Major. It has an apparent visual magnitude of +3.35[2] and is located at a distance of around 179 light-years (55 parsecs) from the Sun.[1] In 2012, an extrasolar planet, designated Omicron Ursae Majoris Ab was found to be orbiting the primary.[8]
  5. Trust in God. Only God knows the answers ... Do the vaccines kill? ... God only knows. Will Lockdowns ever end? .. God only knows. Will any officials be prosecuted? ... God only knows. . . . . etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, ...
  6. Greek letters are used to describe the stars in a constellation in order of importance, therefore they don't apply only to the Gemini constellation. For instance, α Orionis (Alpha Orionis) is the main star in the constellation of Orion and is more popularly known as Betelgeuse. Orion contains many other stars with Greek letters ...
  7. Anyone signed up for GETTR yet? I'm finding this a bit strange ... Twitter bans Dr. Robert Malone, who then moves to GETTR. Joe Rogan then signs up and drags his many followers there, supposedly in support of Malone. What bothers me is this though: Are Rogan and other big names deliberately segregating the Twitter community by driving all like-minded people to GETTR? I mean, what would be the point of having a social platform only for like-minded people? You'd never have anyone to convert and thereby spread the word?
  8. Just think, ... if we had the means (crowdfunding?) to run a TV ad campaign! I wonder if there would be any takers. GBNews, maybe?
  9. Some interesting comments on this ...
  10. The VET should have been put down, along with the stupid Old Bat. I can't bear anyone who has no respect for other living creatures, be that a fly or an elephant.
  11. Exactly! Isn't it strange that no test kits were available recently until a huge wave of boosters was completed then the test kits suddenly appear in abundance? They obviously want a huge POSITIVE result from these tests picking up on the Sars-C0V-2 PROTEINS as shown in the article I've just posted above.
  12. I was talking to a pharmacist yesteray that I know vey well. He told me that names and addresses were being kept for everyone ordering Lateral Flow tests. He also said that the pharmacy were paid (yes, PAID, for distributing FREE testing kits!) and that they received a higher payment when customers details were recorded.
  13. Sorry for posting the whole article above but I thought it made a very important point that people needed to know.
  14. CAUGHT RED-HANDED: Covid Tests Are Designed to Pick-Up “SARS-CoV-2 Proteins” . . . . which the mRNA Vaccines tell your body to produce!!! Thu 10:24 am +00:00, 30 Dec 2021 1 posted by Weaver https://tapnewswire.com/2021/12/caught-red-handed-covid-tests-are-designed-to-pick-up-sars-cov-2-proteins-which-the-mrna-vaccines-tell-your-body-to-produce/ Self-Fulfilling “Outbreak” and total fraud! Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Show Dec 28, 2021 You’ve all heard about the latest so-called “variant” of COVID . . . the Omicron Variant . . . allegedly breaking out all over the place, and how there are new tests you can get, even for home use! Turns out, the entire thing is a deliberate fraud. Here’s how . . . Below are scanned images of two different COVID home self-test kit boxes. These are available to the general public and some are even being GIVEN away by government so folks can test themselves at home – free! If you read the box, you’ll see it plainly says these “tests” are ***** NOT ***** approved by the FDA, but are issued under an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). Here. Look: Here’s the other box I have: I outlined in red where you need to pay close attention. On BOTH test boxes, it is clear these tests are NOT approved by the FDA, but are issued under EUA which stands for Emergency Use Authorization. Both boxes also CLEARLY tell you what they are designed to look for: “SARS-CoV-2 proteins.” Do you see that on BOTH test kit boxes? The tests look only for SARS-CoV-2 PROTEINS. Now, you all know there are so-called “vaccines” for COVID and that most of these so-called “vaccines” carry a new technology known as messenger RNA which is referred to as “mRNA.” For over a year, we have all been told that the mRNA vaccines instruct our bodies to manufacture our own spike proteins . . . like the one found on SARS-CoV-2, so that our immune systems will learn to respond when they come in contact with the REAL SARS-CoV-2 disease, right? Well, there’s the fraud. The new tests are looking only for SARS-CoV-2 proteins, while at the exact same time, what did the mRNA vaccines instruct our own bodies to produce? SPIKE PROTEINS! ! ! ! ! Just like the SARS-CoV-2 protein! ! ! ! ! The test kits . . . . are picking up the spike proteins that the VACCINES told our bodies to make ! ! ! ! ! It’s a self-fulfilling “outbreak” because all those “positive” tests, are actually picking up the proteins that the mRNA vaccines instructed our own bodies to make ! ! ! ! Then the government turns around and calls it an “outbreak” even though few if any people are actually getting sick, and the whole “lockdown” nonsense starts all over again. So they lock everything down again, drive out of business what few family-owned businesses that survived the last time. Then government comes in and offers everyone debt relief – after they drove everyone into Bankruptcy with their lockdowns — if they agree to give up their right to own or possess private property. Government then promises everyone a guaranteed Universal Basic Income (UBI) and thanks to desperate people, in dire financial straits, they get to usher in worldwide Communism, with government owning everything. All thanks to a virus “outbreak” that is nothing more than tests picking up the spike proteins generated by our own immune systems as a response to the mRNA vaccines . . . . that they coerced, forced, and threatened everyone to take. Hey, if their vaccines work so well, why are so many people allegedly infected again? HMMMMMM. Maybe because the vaccines don’t work. OR . . . because what they are CALLING the Omicron outbreak is actually nothing more than the new tests picking up what the vaccines instructed our own bodies to manufacture: Spike proteins. This becomes a self-fulfilling fraud. They call the vaccine-generated proteins a new “outbreak.” Then what? Oh, wait, a BOOSTER SHOT VACCINE. And then what? New tests a few more months from now and . . . .wait for it . . . . . oh, gee, another outbreak. Why? Because the BOOSTER caused your body to generate more spike proteins. Then what? Another booster. . . . . for another test . . . . and on and on and on we go. In the meantime, the people making the vaccines are getting uber rich by selling boosters. The test companies are getting rich from the morons testing and re-testing themselves, the government gets to declare “new outbreaks” every few months, then grab all private property in return for debt relief and UBI, and the freedom of the people . . . is gone forever. STOP GETTING TESTED if you are not sick. Omicron is nothing more than the spike proteins generated by the vaccines. There is no actual “outbreak.” Go out and live your life normally. Visit friends, family, and loved ones for New Years. DO NOT BE AFRAID. This latest COVID thing, is a manufactured lie. Yes, some people are being hospitalized . . . . with the FLU . . . because it’s . . . . FLU season! Don’t believe the lies being put forth by CDC and NIH. They earn cash money from vaccines they help develop. It is in their financial interest to keep jabbing people. If it never ends, neither does their cash flow ! We’re being lied to and defrauded out of our freedom. Stop being a sucker and think for yourself. If these test kits are testing for “proteins” from the SARS-CoV-2, and the vaccines told your body to generate spike proteins like the ones from SARS-CoV-2, then the only thing these tests are picking up are the proteins that the vaccines told your body to make. Self-fulfilling and phony outbreak, and total fraud designed to wreck you financially, steal your freedom and change our entire economic system to one of complete government control.
  15. Bhakdi. Now there's a REAL scientist!
  16. Remember folks, it's not the mid-flights that are the most dangerous concerning vaxxed pilots, it's the take-offs and landings ... Horrific tale from a real pilot. https://www.bitchute.com/video/uZHG1WemkHPO/
  17. 'Where have you been for the last ten days, Prime Minister?' ...
  18. The unjabbed are the Control Group and therefore a continuous thorn in the side for TPTB. They will be taken to camps and jabbed or be reported dead from Covid. They can't be allowed to exist as the Control Group.
  19. Here's a slightly better image which can be saved and printed on posters, flyers, etc for distribution -
  20. Update: Links added for - MOBI version (Kindle) - https://fudgeys.co.uk/ebooks/fauci_jfk.mobi EPUB version (Mobile devices and other ebook readers) - https://fudgeys.co.uk/ebooks/fauci_jfk.epub Enjoy!
  21. I like that idea. They've been bombarding us for 2 years with their daily lies. It's time to hit back with a campaign that turns those esily proved lies back on themselves for all to see.
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