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  1. 39 minutes ago, Connor Wiseman said:

    Personally, I think the moon landing was fake and that we have never been to there. It's a touchy subject because I am calling it a huge lie and it comes across like I am crazy to say such things but however there is much evidence to show on planet earth that the moon landing can never have happened due to the nature of our universe that we all home with planet earth.

    I am a flat earth-er and would consider it basic knowledge now I am close to hitting 30 years old, it's a strange concept when being brought up on a spinning ball that floats in space and is 70% water. However, I used to live in Australia and thought to myself, how could birds fly if gravity was so strong to keep water connected to the earth, a bird's wing span as small as a meter is certainly not strong enough to test a power that can keep hundreds of tons of water stuck to a spinning ball, also the flight times on the spinning ball is another reason why I think humans have never been to space, it takes 22 hours for London to Perth (western australia) and then 22 hours to do the exact same flight backwards, this is a conception that I feel reigns true with the earth as on the spinning ball theory, it would either take longer or less time to complete the journey.

    What do you guys think, do you think the world is more a spinning ball or do you think we live in a kind of dome and that water does not curve. I am interested to speak to more people about the subject and get to know more about what others think about this touchy subject.


    This should be moved to the Flat Earth thread IMHO. @Bombadil

  2. Just appeared in Daily Mail Newsfeed:



    The monarch, 75, had been at Windsor Castle this morning but left before the memorial service for his second cousin King Constantine of Greece began.


    His Majesty has not been carrying out public-facing duties since he was diagnosed with an unspecified form of cancer on February 5.


    While Charles travelled back to London, Queen Camilla stepped up to represent the British monarch in both her husband and Prince William's absence.


    Earlier today, Prince William made a last-minute decision to pull out of the service, where he was due to give a reading, for 'personal reasons'.


    A source said his absence is not in connection to the Princess of Wales' ongoing recovery from abdominal surgery, who 'continues to be doing well'.



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  3. 10 minutes ago, Frankieboy said:

    More cracks opening up in the dam



    What I'd like to know is, when we see so many excellent discussions of covid harms from Sky Australia, why do we get nothing but bullshit answers from Sky UK, assuming they even bother discussing it at all?


    We live in the worst country in the world for Freedom of Speech.










    Japanese Ministry of Health increased COVID vaccine Health Damage Budget by a staggering 110 times vs previous estimates. They are expecting a lot of health damages!


    As for the basis, it’s related to the FY2025 fiscal year’s new coronavirus vaccine health damage budget.


    This budget was initially 360 million yen. However, with the supplementary budget, it turned out to be 39.77 billion yen.


    Indeed, it has become 110 times larger than the previous estimate, it can be considered that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare assumes over 100 times more health damage incidents have occurred.


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  5. Britain's Health Advisory and Recovery Team Leads Call for Suspension of Boosters

    Open Letter Urges Halt of Injections While Death Probe is Undertaken by Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

    20 Feb 2024

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH


    Britain's Health Advisory and Recovery Team co-chair Dr. Claire Craig supported by the UK Medical Freedom Alliance, and Children’s COVID Vaccine Advisory Council issued this joint open letter to Victoria Atkins, MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care on February 6, 2024. This letter was appended with dozens of physician-scientist signatures.


    To: The Right Hon Victoria Atkins, MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

    CC: Dame Jenny Harries, CEO UKHSA; Professor Sir Christopher Whitty, CMO; Maria Caulfield MP

    Dear Ms Atkins


    Re: Urgent Review of Excess Deaths


    Firstly, congratulations on your recent appointment as Secretary of State at the DHSC.


    Your three months in office have given you time to see for yourself how much the NHS is struggling; with rising waiting lists, low staff morale and the devastating strike action. You will also be aware of the ongoing and concerning excess deaths in the UK, recently debated in Parliament. The fact that this is occurring in many Western countries and across all age groups, particularly younger adults for whom there were no excess deaths during 2020, should trigger alarm bells and prompt an urgent investigation.


    In addition, in parallel with increased deaths, there has been a significant rise in levels of sickness and disability recorded throughout the working age population.  This has resulted in not only increased demands on the health service, but also has impacted the health and resilience of NHS staff themselves, with resulting high levels of staff sickness and absence, causing additional strain on an already struggling system.


    The causes of excess mortality and morbidity are likely multifactorial, including the physical and mental impacts of lockdowns, delays in accessing treatment and long-term effects of Covid-19 itself.  However, a fourth potential factor appears to be being deliberately ignored: that is, any possible role of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines. The timing of the rise in disabilities and deaths should make the vaccinations a definite suspect. As early as November 2020, many scientists and doctors, including those in UKMFA, were highlighting the potential risks of a rushed vaccine. 


    Until this question has been thoroughly investigated, it is premature and reckless to be talking of using mRNA technology for future prophylactic vaccines (we take no view on the development of mRNA vaccines for their previously-intended role as therapeutic anti-cancer agents).  We are concerned that the Government is focused on the business opportunity for the UK, offered by the expansion of use of these technologies, but are ignoring potential risks to public health from these products, particularly to the immune and cardiovascular systems. The failure of COVID vaccines to stop viral circulation is obvious to all.  The obviousness of this failure, along with growing concern about the products’ safety – evidenced by poor uptake among those eligible – is undermining public trust in vaccination more generally, including where it is indubitably useful.   We have written repeatedly to the MHRA, the CMOs, the JCVI, and to your predecessor, regarding the many risks of rolling these vaccines out to children. Members of the Pandemic Response All Party Parliamentary Group also wrote a letter in January 2022, over two years ago, regarding increased all-cause mortality in 15–19-year-old males.


    The first three signatories on this letter were all asked by Baroness Hallett to provide Witness Statements for Module 4 of the UK Covid-19 Public Inquiry; these we have recently submitted, only to learn that the date for the Module 4 hearings has been inexplicably and disappointingly postponed, likely until after the general election.


    In the interim we therefore call upon you to suspend the booster programme, pending an immediate review into all aspects of Covid vaccine safety, as outlined in our letter to the MHRA a year ago. 


    The health of the nation’s citizens is of paramount concern and must surely be a high priority for an incoming Minister.  We entreat you to apply the precautionary principle regarding the use of these products, which have been linked (in published scientific literature, adverse event databases and real-world epidemiological data) to numerous short- and long-term safety issues, particularly after multiple doses. Pausing their use is now becoming widely recognised to be the only rational, responsible and morally justifiable course of action.

    We wish you well in the challenging job you have ahead.


    Yours sincerely


    Open letters such as these are important all over the world because they prompt actions that should be taken, provide notice to the public that concerns are real, and take away plausible deniability for political leaders concerning the COVID-19 vaccine safety debacle.


    Please subscribe to Courageous Discourse as a paying or founder member so we can continue to bring you the truth.


    Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

    President, McCullough Foundation





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  6. The whole of this thread seems pure conjecture to me.


    We're all living in a box, and the only way to appreciate what's inside the box is to view it from outside the box. In other words, we must first of all die in order to experience what the meaning of life inside the box was all about.






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