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  1. Ministers won't be sacked for minor rule breaking, under new guidelines


    Ministers who break standards rules in a "minor" way will not be expected to resign or face the sack, under new government guidelines.

    It has long been a convention that MPs should quit government for breaking the Ministerial Code in any way.

    But in a new section of the code, the PM has been given the option of ordering a lesser sanction instead.

    Labour has accused Boris Johnson of "watering down" standards in public life.

    The changes follow a review of the Ministerial Code by advisory body the Committee on Standards in Public Life, which made a series of recommendations for reforms in a report.

    The contentious reforms come as Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces an inquiry by a committee of MPs into whether he misled Parliament about lockdown-busting parties in Downing Street.


    More here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-61607739





  2. Posted on the net but I haven't been able to verify it yet ...


    Did you know?

    1. The shooter shot his grandmother earlier that day
    2. He threatened to shoot up a school on Facebook
    3. He walked down the street in broad daylight with a backpack full of ammo and a rifle in hand shooting at people. No cop showed up to stop him.
    4. He shot at the school BEFORE he entered it
    5. He waltzed into an unlocked back door
    6. He was in the building for a full hour while cowardly police handcuffed, pepper sprayed and tasered parents who were outside demanding the police do something. (Federal marshals reportedly handcuffed at least one mother.)




  3. 2 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    It could just be paranoia and coincidental timing of that article because I don't see how elites would shield themselves.


    And that's the whole crux of the matter to me. They weren't afraid they might catch 'Covid' during Partygate, they don't seem too concerned about catching 'Monkeypox,' and they certainly aren't shielding themselves from 5g radiation. The only little niggle in the back of my mind is that Covid, Monkeypox, and 5g microwave radiation effects could all be exacerbated by the 'secret ingredients' of the Satan Juice, such as graphene oxide, etc. We'll know soon enough who has been affected by them.




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  4. There is a hell of a lot of BS being bandied around at the moment in the 'Conspiracy' circles: Bluetooth MAC addresses, 5g 'cooking' people from the inside out, etc.


    Whether this is planned disinformation or not I suppose we'll never know, but some people need to start using the grey matter before they pass on such rubbish.


    For instance, if I was being cooked by microwave radiation then so would everyone else, including the government and their elitist overlords.



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  5. "In 1892, Charles Millspaugh described that the Native Americans of eastern North America used S. purpurea as a poultice against smallpox and it provided “the greatest remedy known for the dreadful scourge” [3]. C.G. Logie, Surgeon-Major of the Royal Horse Guards, treated variola-infected men in his regiment and found that S. purpurea “seemed to arrest the development of the pustules, killing, as it were, the virus from within, thereby changing the character of the disease and doing away with the cause of pitting” [4]. However, the putative medicinal properties of S. purpurea have been largely forgotten."


    In Vitro Characterization of a Nineteenth-Century Therapy for Smallpox - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3302891/




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  6. 21 minutes ago, Observations said:



    Good catch. What are these people?!


    He says "we are making our dreams a reality". That's exactly what they are doing. Creating a reality that doesn't exist yet. And using our thoughts and actions to get there. 


    No, WE are making OUR dreams a reality, and you and yours aren't in it!


    'WE are the music makers and WE are the dreamers of dreams.' ~ Willy Wonka




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  7. 15 minutes ago, HAARPING_On said:


    @DalePThanks for posting this, I really do hear what you are saying there - What you are suggesting is a very interesting theory and when I apply it to my own situation what you have said does have a lot of validity. I don't see death as "the end," merely the conclusion of one phase before the next one starts, and in that sense I still believe my fiance is with me spiritually and I take great strength from that.


    Something else that could be considered in the same context is the way life puts us in certain situations or gives us issues to deal with: they are there for a reason and as people we need to understand why we have been put in a certain situation and to realise that we are being urged to learn how to deal with it. Put simply, everything happens for a reason. 


    This could prompt a whole thread  on its own actually as it could prove to be a very interesting discussion.

    ie Life/death/purpose in this realm. Why are we here? etc


    I totally agree with you @HAARPING_On that a section should be devoted to the whole LIfe/Death experience. Such a section would need to be added by Admin or a Mod as it deserves a section of its own, not just a thread in another vaguely-realated section.


    I'm sure we've all been affected by the deaths of loved ones and, let's face it, it's something we're all destined to experience without exception at some point, no matter how fit, rich or powerful we are. As they say, 'At the end of the game, the Pawn and the King go back in the same box.'


    So yes, I'd welcome such a section and think it may offer consolation to some. Of course, it may also disturb others who prefer to remain in blissful ignorance of the day they will 'Meet Joe Black,' but these folk can simply avoid reading the posts.




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  8. 13 hours ago, SimonTV said:


    More than one embalmer has now come out discussing the removal of these abnormal clots and yea there is nothing "normal" about it. 



    There's more than one way to deal with 'abnormal clots' Simon ...






  9. Re the Ukraine ...


    My Uncle (R.I.P) was a Ukranian refugee from the Second World War who came to the North East, married my Aunty and eventually settled in Cannock. He was a miner, extremely hard-working, the kindest man you could ever meet, and utterly devoted to his family.


    He witnessed many atrocities which he would never talk about. So, while I condemn the fiasco that has become the 'Ukranian War,' I have nothing but respect fot the ordinary citizens of Ukraine who are, just like you and I, completely overwhelmed by the craziness of the whole situation.




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  10. One way to save huge parts of the forum for posterity is to use a web scraper to scrape the required topics. I use webscraper.io as a Firefox Developer Tool (it's free) to scrape product information from wholesalers websites to populate a website for my daughter's sweet shop. You can save the scraped data in Excel format or as a .csv file. I use the latter and import into Libre Calc (also free). It's simple to then use that data as is or produce your own website with the topics and posts.

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  11. 29 minutes ago, HAARPING_On said:


    I can add to that with evidence to support.


    When my fiancé was killed by the covid injection early last year I kept her phone running, and for a while the text messages continued urging her to get the vaccination, which eventually stopped after a couple of months.


    The phone has never been moved and has never left the house since her death. When the Omicron variant supposedly emerged in December a notification appeared on there  informing that “You have been in contact with someone who has omicron. Please book a test or a vaccination.”


    That in itself was proof enough for me that this whole thing has been wholly engineered, whether AI driven or otherwise, but when you see things like that happen you know the whole thing is a complete crock of shit.



    Proof indeed, mate. I really feel for you. These mass-murdering, lying bastards have to be strung up, along with anyone who administered these poisonous 'vaccines.' I'd spit on their graves but they don't even deserve a grave to be spat upon.




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  12. Hey, you Flethers, get out there tomorrow and see what colour they've painted the Moon! 😋


    Full Lunar Eclipse To Bring Super Blood Moon

    Published on May 15, 2022

    Written by Georgina Rannard



    One of our planet’s most stunning sights is coming to the skies – a super blood Moon. In the year’s only full lunar eclipse, Earth will come between the Sun and the Moon.


    It will be visible with the naked eye before dawn on Monday in most of Europe. The Americas will get a great view on Sunday evening.


    Falling fully into Earth’s shadow, the Moon will slowly darken before turning dusky red. The Moon will appear larger than usual because it will be at its closest point to Earth of its orbit, giving it the name super Moon.


    It will also be called a super flower blood Moon. In the Northern Hemisphere, a full moon in May is often called a flower Moon because it coincides with the Spring flowers.


    The only sunlight reaching the Moon during the full eclipse will be passing through the Earth’s atmosphere.




    This light will be blood red, from all Earth’s sunrises and sunsets reflected on to the Moon’s surface, explains Dr Gregory Brown, astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.


    “You’ll actually be seeing every sunrise and every sunset occurring around the Earth at once. All of that light will be projected on to the Moon,” he told BBC News.


    On Monday, western parts of Europe will get a good but short view as the Moon will set during the eclipse. Look low on the horizon between 0230 and 0430 BST and you’ll see the moon falling into shadow before glowing red. It should be visible in Africa too.

    In the UK watching from a high vantage point like a hill or tall building will be essential because of the Moon’s very low position in the sky.


    The UK will get a better view of the earlier part of the eclipse, Dr Brown explains. As Earth’s shadow starts to cover the Moon, it slowly takes a bite out of it. The Moon will be fully eclipsed and red at 0429 BST. It will then set, though the eclipse will continue until 0750 BST.


    The Americas will be treated to the full spectacle, lasting 84 minutes. If you’re in western US and Canada, the time to watch the horizon is Sunday evening as the Moon rises.


    You can see it with the naked eye, while looking through binoculars or a small telescope will enhance the red colour.


    Of course, the very best vantage point for witnessing this eclipse is a place very few people have been lucky enough to visit – the Moon itself.

    “If you were an astronaut standing on the Moon, looking back towards Earth, you’d see a red ring running around the outside of our planet,” Dr Brown explains.


    Source: www.bbc.co.uk




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  13. 9 hours ago, alexa said:

    tbh I don't feel like we are spinning at 1000 miles per hour


    Neither does it feel like you are travelling at 500mph in an aircraft. The only times you feel it are when the plane ACCELERATES or DECELERATES. When things are moving at a constant VELOCITY then you feel nothing. If the Earth were to suddenly slow down, then youd feel it. People often confuse velocity with acceleration.

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