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    I've heard that Hillary and Trump are now getting on like a house on fire and she is able to influence a lot of his decisions now that she 'has his ear!'
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    God certainly knows how to piss on a parade! ...
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    Bloody Hell! They're banging the Christmas cards out early this year! ...
  4. It would have to be continuous too, ie. it would have to join UNDER the bed.
  5. Still playing with the websim site ... [Click image, or link below image] https://websim.ai/c/9uz1pL3hAeenNHKI9
  6. This is AMAZING! This site, websim.ai allows you to make any website you like from a simple AI prompt. I asked it to produce a site dedicated to unvaccinated people and this is what it produced ... fully working, with About Us page, Testimonials, etc. [Click on image, or on the link below it. Great fun!] https://websim.ai/c/vKt3nwOhB5oaPqfBs
  7. Another ... https://webtrek.co.uk/karaoke/BBC_verify.mp4
  8. Great new, FREE, tool from Hedra which allows you to upload a still image and produce an animated video with your own soundtrack ... EXAMPLE: Here's an AI image I generated a while back using Ideogram AI. I added a suitable soundtrack that I downloaded from YouTube, and saved as a 30sec video. [Click image below to play video, or use this link] ...
  9. So, not much hope then when Gates blocks the Sun!
  10. Talking of VST's, Arturia brought out a great one years ago which has now been updated to V3. Its the Holy Grail of analogue synths, an Arp 2600. Every knob, slider, switch etc works, and you can even route the patch cables to set up your own sounds! I could spend the rest of my days just playing around with these things.
  11. I've been fiddling around (pun not intended!) with some VST instruments from Arturia. These are 'Virtual' instruments that can be run inside a sequencer (known these days as a Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW, for short). The DAW I use most is Ableton Live, but the excellent Cakewalk is available for FREE if anyone would like to try it out. There a many good, FREE, VST instruments available on the net too, so it won't cost you a penny to start making music. I have over 30 different VST's from the Arturia V Collection, including many old favourites from way back, such as the Fairchild CMI and the Mellotron (of The Beatles 'Strawberry Fields' fame). Here's a short video I made tonight. It's 'Send In The Clowns' (appropriate for the upcoming Election, eh!?) by Sondheim. It's only a simple, 2-instrument, bog-standard MIDI file, but shows how nice it can sound through a Grand Piano and Mellotron VST. The Mellotron is playing the Flute sound ... Just shows what you can do, even when you're as crap as me! Keep watching till around 2:06 for the lid to be lifted to show the wonderful workings of the Mellotron!
  12. Same here (North East). A leaflet or two but no sign of any candidates. Even the leaflets were piss-poor.
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