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  1. Brings a whole new meaning to the words 'Wash Cycle!'
  2. Ah, but there's two ways of reading that statement. This is why text messages are often misunderstood and lead to arguments.
  3. Not quite ... AfricA AmericA AsiA AustraliA AntarcticA ... EuropE
  4. Can I make a suggestion that this thread is renamed to 'Do You Support Israel?.' Being a popular thread, and therefore appearing almost every day in the Activity list, I believe it may give the wrong impression to vistors. Let's face it, most of us posting in this thread DO NOT support Israel, so the title is very misleading and sets the wrong tone for forum visitors. So, rather than me opening a conflicting thread entitled 'I support Palestine,' or, 'I support Iran,' to balance things out, I think it would be better to simply change the title, or open a parallel thread entitled either 'Do you support Israel,' or 'I do not support Israel.' What does everyone think?
  5. To me, 'no free will' is synonymous to 'Fate.' Many people will tell me that they believe in Fate, yet ask any one of them to cross a busy road with their eyes shut and they will refuse, looking at you as if you are stupid! Yet, surely a true believer in Fate would have no resistance to such a request, because they believe that it's Fate alone that will determine the outcome.
  6. webtrekker


    I'm after a nice bottle of wine. Anyone know the difference between these two? ...
  7. BREAKING! Pfizer’s Secret Vaccine Nanobots to Upload Humans to the Internet Maria Zeee investigates the partnership Pfizer made in 2015 for programmable nanobots that are injected into people, issuing them with a MAC address and connecting them to the internet. https://www.bitchute.com/video/RW6UTOII0ZGk/
  8. Absolutely wonderful! Never give up, there are always people supporting everything you do.
  9. I think it's high time we gave in to the migrants and give them exactly what they've asked for ... ASYLUM!
  10. Apparently, they've just found one of the remaining 5, currently being towed to Dungeness by RNLI Water Taxis Ltd ... I bet that Squirt Gun is real fun to play with!
  11. Relax! PM's are completely private (unless you are Admin, NSA, CSA, GCHQ, Mossad, .........................................).
  12. webtrekker


    Wish I could afford one of these ... When I broke a finger, I asked the doctor if it would have any effect on me being able to play this. He said, 'Cant see why not,' which was great news, seeing as I could never play one before!
  13. For my money, this concert will always be hard to beat. Dire Straits at Wembley - 1985 Special appearances by: Nils Lofgren (from Springsteen's E St Band), playing 'Solid Rock'. 55:54 Hank Marvin (of The Shadows fame), playing 'Going Home,' the theme from the film 'Local Hero.' 1:12:44
  14. So, by that measure, the Israeli's are terrorists.
  15. Not wanting to rub salt into the wound, but whenever one of Danny's image-heavy posts is quoted by another member, they usually just hit the 'Quote'. button, and the WHOLE post is then duplicated, just adding to the page loading time. So it's not always Danny himself that is at fault here. Just saying.
  16. Interesting video about Concorde chasing the shadow of the 1973 eclipse across Africa ...
  17. Actually, he's thinking of expanding on your brilliant idea and is now hiring out PAEDALO'S ™ for short trips on the water.
  18. Funny you should say that, my mate has just opened a new shop on the banks of the Thames, near Westminster ... Business isn't too good though, and he's having a hard time keeping afloat!
  19. ... Meanwhile, in a part of the world with no internet or TV ...
  20. Guess the guy in the video didn't tell you it was built next door to a LEGO factory!
  21. Very well said. I have little to add to that, except to remind Pi3141 that the IDF shoot unarmed Palestinians, holding white flags, in the back.
  22. And why did they do that? Jewish immigration to Palestine between 1933 and 1939 resulted in widespread domestic unrest that culminated in a number of violent incidents involving Jews and Arabs. The situation was further exacerbated when, despite Arab rejection, the United Nations approved a plan to partition Palestine into Arab and Jewish states on November 29, 1947. While preparing for their withdrawal, the British paid little attention to the turmoil to which Palestine had fallen prey. On May 14, 1948, General Alan Cunningham, the last British high commissioner, left what was known then as the mandate of Palestine. John Marlowe wrote of the last few minutes of British rule in the book, The Seat of Pilate: “The Union Jack was lowered and with the speed of an execution and the silence of a ship that passes in the night British rule in Palestine came to an end.” On the same day, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, announced the independence of the state of Israel, established on the land granted to the Jews by the Partition Plan.
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