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  1. Yeah, that's why I asked if oz had battery backup. No batteries = no electricity when the grid goes down.
  2. A the end of the day this 'efficiency' value only really matters if you have limited space and therefore need a high output. If you're not too stuck for space then all you have to do is let your less-efficient DIY panels cover a greater area in order to obtain the power you need to be self-sufficient. The main cost would be in a battery storage system for the rare days that the Sun doesn't shine in the UK!
  3. Sorry! couldn't help tweaking it myself a bit by adding a background image to the board. I altered the colour of the AI pieces to yellow and added a drop shadow too. Pretty boring game though when you can never win!
  4. Do you have a solar battery to store your energy? Normal solar installations on house roofs etc do not work in a blackout. This is because solar panels feed electricity back into the grid and this is dangerous, eg. to powerline workers, during a blackout.
  5. I'll not bore you with all of the HTML and Javascript code that GPT-4 produced, but suffice to say that I asked it to produce a basic Tic-Tac-Toe game where the AI plays using the MiniMax Algorithm (Google it! All games coders should know this algorithm). The result was, as far as I can ascertain, a game that can only be lost or drawn by a human player. Check it out here if you're interested ... https://webtrek.co.uk/oxo_minimax.html Screenshot ... It must be said though, that while the AI produced some good code, it wasn't perfect at first and involved me adding further prompts based on my own coding experience to get it to modify the code. It got there in the end though and none of the code has been written by me. The idea that everyone and their Granny will be able to code games though is a long, long way in the future!
  6. Gowns, gloves, facemasks, sanitizer, ... all the useless Convid crap. They're laughing all the way to the Bank.
  7. Here's the Emoji Panel. First, I added a background ... Next, I chose emoji's from the panel and copy/pasted them into a Text Object (emoji's are text) ... I Cloned each one and transformed the clones a bit (size, rotation, flip) then added a white blur as a glow and this was the result ... The kids can save them as PDF and print out posters! So it's not only useful for MEMES but also as a quick way to knock up signs and posters for all sorts.
  8. I have EE broadband and mobile and not had any problems with blocking so far. The webhost is TSOHost.
  9. Just checked it again and it's working fine on PC and mobile.
  10. Because all objects can be rotated, this could be useful for producing Landscape images ...
  11. Thanks. It's nearly there but I need to remove a redundant button or two and generally improve the UI. I made the original app for my daughter to print signs and posters for her sweet shop (she's not really into Photoshop) and then decided it would make an excellent MEME generator. I know there are many of these online but I've not come across one that produces a printable PDF of your MEME which could be very useful for flyers and posters. Here's a (not exhaustive) list of the main features ... Images can be uploaded from your computer/device, or Ctrl+V copy/pasted onto the canvas as image objects (eg. from Google Images etc) Canvas objects can be moved, scaled, rotated and flipped Objects are layered and can be brought forward or sent backward Objects can be locked to avoid accidental movement A grid can be toggled on/off for easy alignment of objects Text objects can have various fonts, colours and background colours, and can have various attributes set, such as weight, kerning and size, with justification and line spacing for multiine text There are 3 inbuilt shapes objects that can be added: rectangle, triangle and circle which can also have a colour set, as well as resizing, rotation, etc All objects can have opacity set, and can have a drop-shadow of any colour with added blur if needed Objects can be cloned then transformed individually, or as a group A click of a button fetches up an Emoji panel with a vast selection of emoji's which can be used as objects and transformed the same as all of the other objects The final canvas can be saved as a PNG image, or made into a PDF suitable for printing with a single click The best part - it will be FREE to use! No ads, and no watermarks will be added to your designs! I'm hoping to add a library of popular MEME backgrounds to use as templates as well as some useful transparent PNG cutouts (such as Zoe, the little girl in the demo image above) and other clipart, although of course you can still get your own from Google Images and other places. Hope that whets your appetites! I'm definitely going to plod on with this and hope to have a beta version online soon for testing so that I can get some feedback. Thanks for the replies so far.
  12. A good while back I was experimenting with my own version of a MEME Generator to make it easy for anyone to easily produce their own MEME's using any graphics they liked, not just pre-set options as inn many of the current online generators. To give a quick example, and to show my current progress, here are a few screenshots of a MEME I've just knocked up for this demonstration. The Generator app (runs in your browser) The downloaded MEME (save anywhere on your device) A PDF version can be produced at the click of a button for printing off and distributing Here's a link to the finished PDF for anyone interested - https://tinyurl.com/4j7bymmn Any thoughts, opinions or suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks.
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