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  1. MHRA Chief Exec RESIGNS after UK MPs Call for Investigation An all-party group believe Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) were aware of heart and clotting issues in February 2021 but did not highlight the problems for several months. The Telegraph reported today that MPs have said that the medical regulator failed to sound the alarm over Covid vaccine side effects and should be investigated. The group warned that the MHRA Yellow Card reporting system – which encourages patients and doctors to flag-up medicine side effects – “grossly” underestimates complexities, and in some instances picks up just one in 180 cases of harm. Also today, June Raine, Chief Executive of the agency has announced that she will be standing down after spending 5 years in the position. More ... https://principia-scientific.com/mhra-chief-exec-resigns-after-uk-mps-call-for-investigation/
  2. Latest acquisitions are a drive-away side awning and a set of 100W portable, foldable solar panels ... https://www.attwoolls.co.uk/vango-faros-ii-air-low-awning https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JVJJH47?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details I went for portable solar panels for a number of reasons: I didn't want to drill holes in the van roof for the cables (necessary for a roof-mounted system). Roof panels are flat and not angled towards the sun for best performance. Portable panels can be stowed away at night, or in severe weather, and are therefore more protected than roof panels and also easier to keep clean. They're cheaper! The van can be parked in the shade while the portable panels can be in full sunlight. I've tested them at home, they are working fine and charging the leisure battery. They come with a nice, strong carry bag with a large front pocket for holding extra cables etc. As for the awning, we haven't had a chance to try it out yet. It's an air awning and comes with the pump. Sewn-in groundsheet. We didn't want it too large, but it's large enough to hang an inside bedroom if needed (which we have spare from another tent). Everything is taking shape nicely now and in good time for the coming better weather. I wanted to slap a sticker on the back, but the wife just gave me **that** look! ... ... so I guess it's a no-no!
  3. Well, talking about free money, have any of you tried Matched Betting? I did this for a while and you really can't lose, however, it becomes harder when all of the initial free bets have been used up from the bookmakers sites. Still, I made a few hundred quid from it from a starting capital of £0.00. Believe me, it's not a scam, and is completely legal. Other sites: https://outplayed.com/what-is-matched-betting https://www.savethestudent.org/make-money/what-is-matched-betting.html
  4. Ah, thanks. Maybe that's what the nice Bailiff person was trying to explain to me the other day, when I accidentally jammed his foot in the door.
  5. That's a brilliant plan, mate! However, why not put a rabbit in every hole you make and sell? You'll make a killing in this forum alone!
  6. If you are using incandescent filament bulbs (and if not, why not?), then a dimmer switch will extend the life of your bulbs as it allows you to slowly increase the current when you turn on a light.
  7. Whilst I appreciate everyone's concerns over these 'anomalies,' don't forget that 'THEY' inhabit the same environment as us, and are breathing in the same chemical and biological shit, and living in the same irradiated areas, on a daily basis.
  8. This should be moved to the Flat Earth thread IMHO. @Bombadil
  9. Just appeared in Daily Mail Newsfeed: The monarch, 75, had been at Windsor Castle this morning but left before the memorial service for his second cousin King Constantine of Greece began. His Majesty has not been carrying out public-facing duties since he was diagnosed with an unspecified form of cancer on February 5. While Charles travelled back to London, Queen Camilla stepped up to represent the British monarch in both her husband and Prince William's absence. Earlier today, Prince William made a last-minute decision to pull out of the service, where he was due to give a reading, for 'personal reasons'. A source said his absence is not in connection to the Princess of Wales' ongoing recovery from abdominal surgery, who 'continues to be doing well'.
  10. I was a bit confused there when it said 'The Queen.' I thought that old bugger had died a while back, but of course they meant the Fake Queen (Consort)!
  11. I wish I could piss and spit as far as Aylesbury.
  12. What I'd like to know is, when we see so many excellent discussions of covid harms from Sky Australia, why do we get nothing but bullshit answers from Sky UK, assuming they even bother discussing it at all? We live in the worst country in the world for Freedom of Speech. Pathetic!
  13. Safe and Effective: Japanese Ministry of Health Increased COVID Vaccine Health Damage Budget by a Staggering 110 Times vs Previous Estimates They are expecting a lot of health damages LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY FEB 25 Japanese Ministry of Health increased COVID vaccine Health Damage Budget by a staggering 110 times vs previous estimates. They are expecting a lot of health damages! As for the basis, it’s related to the FY2025 fiscal year’s new coronavirus vaccine health damage budget. This budget was initially 360 million yen. However, with the supplementary budget, it turned out to be 39.77 billion yen. Indeed, it has become 110 times larger than the previous estimate, it can be considered that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare assumes over 100 times more health damage incidents have occurred.
  14. Really? Please explain your statement. In any case, I said you'd have to be outside of the box to see inside, not vice-versa. Thanks.
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