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  1. https://www.projectveritas.com/news/urgent-request-from-project-veritas-shocking-covid-vaccine-series-launch/
  2. How about, 'May as well not get it if it's going to be in the food anyway?' Same logic but that would decimate their jab profits!
  3. 'I’ll do one more mind experiment with you: If everyone on the planet were to get Covid and not get treated, the death-rate globally would be less than half a percent. I’m not advocating for that, because 35 million people would die. However, if we follow the advice of some of the global leaders– like Bill Gates who said last year said “7 billion people need to be vaccinated”– then the death-rate will be over 2 billion people! ' https://tapnewswire.com/2021/09/the-conspiracy-theorists-were-right-it-is-a-poison-death-shot-2/
  4. DR. REINER FUELLMICH: We are close to a tipping point New video from Reiner https://tapnewswire.com/2021/09/dr-reiner-fuellmich-we-are-close-to-a-tipping-point/
  5. Of course, this article doesn't give the WHOLE story. I have added this comment to the TCW discussion ...
  6. The master plan behind the Covid crisis Nice article just published on the TCW website. Will explain a lot to those not in the know, particularly new members to the forum. https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/the-master-plan-behind-the-covid-crisis/
  7. Yeah, that's because the climate change nuts are backing government policy.
  8. Unfortunately, no one is ever going to make a stand. I'm resigned to the fact now that all of the vaxxed will soon die off and the rest of us will be rounded up and shot. There won't be enough opposition left to prevent this. However, when they come to take me I'll at least take one or more of them with me. It's all I can do.
  9. What a load of bollox! No way would 86% of parents give their consent to their kids being poisoned. What a stupid statement anyway: 'definitely or probably,' what the fuck sense does that make?
  10. Forthcoming Petition to be discussed in Parliament ... https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/575801
  11. Fucking rich! That JEW, Angela Epstein, on the Jeremy Vile show today supporting PERSECUTION of the unvaxxed.
  12. Liking the Savile Row shell suit! Must be breathable too as there's not a drop of sweat on him.
  13. Very propheti indeed! This is Page 444 from the book. The image is obviously a poor photocopy but is readable ...
  14. You have my permission to share it far and wide.
  15. Little Johnny: 'But Miss, I don't understand what myopericarditis means?' Miss Informed: 'Don't worry Johnny, we'll be learning those big words next year. Now, let's roll up that sleeve, shall we?'
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