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  1. Might have been that new, deadly variant: Co-Incidence-19(84).
  2. I've signed the UK Gov Petition but I don't think Change.org petitions are recognised by Parliament, which is why I have given up signing them. I'm beginning to think Change.org has been set up as a means to take away many of the signatures that would normally have gone to the official Gov site. This may be just my conspiratorial mind though!
  3. Oh dear! He mustn't have got the 'Stay away from the vaccines at all costs' memo.
  4. That book/article is a load of bollocks. I actually laughed out loud at his 10-minute 'test' to 'prove' we are living in a simulation. Has this supposedly educated person never heard of jpeg artefacts, antialiasing, or any other of the many anomalies that appear in digital photographs? He classes the 'weird outlines' of his finger as something that doesn't occur naturally and must therfore indicate a simulated reality. It's a PHOTOGRAPH, FFS!!! Does he see the outlines with his normal vision? I certainly don't, do any of you? As for his nuclear bombs being a signal to 'galaxy-wide' aliens that we are destructive, and must be either avoided or destroyed ,is pure bunkum. The first serious detonation of an atomic bomb was in 1945, so the signal that this has supposedly produced will only have been travelling through Space for 77 years ............... hardly 'galaxy-wide!' I seriously doubt that any aliens (assuming they exist at all) will have received signlas from us (that can only have been generated in modern times) and had time to act on them before the human race, or possibly even the entire Earth, has suffered extinction. And whats this doing in a Flat Earth thread anyway?
  5. Should this not be in a Photography thread? I can't see what it has to do with a Flat Earth.
  6. I've never claimed mine to be the biggest 'tool' in the box, but I've never needed a telescope to see it either!
  7. I found that link I said I would look for. As it says in the article it's MODIFIED RNA, hence the brand name MODeRNA. Honestly, the linked article is well worth a read. https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/02/12/covid-vaccinated-became-gmo-humans/
  8. And this is the real scam. The big switcheroo. It's called mRNA and people believe that the 'm' stands for 'messenger,' but it really stands for 'modified.' I remember posting a lengthy article about this somewhere, from The Expose site I believe. I might dig up the link when I'm on my PC later. It's well worth a read.
  9. Er, nope ... But then I may be in a different universe than you.
  10. Nasty business. I heard he also suffered 2 strokes (or was it 4 strokes?).
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