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  1. With a decline so fast, even with cancer, in order for it to go this fast it must be very advanced. This is my take on it, but I would bet all I have in the bank it was the jabs that caused that. This is why they will give some freedom back, so the injected can infect the non-vaxed.
  2. Hello, I'm new here and I've been reading this thread. I've been following all this with tension, building up bad some days, since last year when all this started in Wuhan.I try to stay up to date with latest developments. So, I've known about the shedding/trasmitting of the Spike protein, for some weeks now. After that, there was obviously the question, what can we do about it? I have been following a number of people and Dr Tenpenny is one of them and Dr Judy Mikovits. Dr. Tenpenny did this webinar: Latest Video With Dr. Tenpenny -Dr. Merritt – Dr. T – Dr. Carrie Madej- Dr. Northrop On Covid 19 and Jabs – Absolute Truth from the Word of God (grandmageri422.me) Dr. Judy Mikovits said this about it and so I recommend pine needle tea. It contains suramin and helps with the Spike protein that is causing the vaxed people to be a danger to themselves and others. There is more on this but this is just a small clip: Judy Mickovitz on potential antidote to vaccine (Suramin) (bitchute.com) For now, there is also this you can do, get an air purifier. Some you can even waer around your neck and go out shopping like that. I live in a packed building with too many sheep I care to think about. So I got an air purifier and I can get some pine needles for tea. Even HCQ and ivermectin will give you a better fighting chance, taken as preventatives. Someone even suggested shock therapy to yourself. Not much, but enough to short circuit the nano particles. With regards to 5G, there are several things ( even clothes) available to protect yourself with. I hope this may help some of you. Old Timer, my condolences!
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