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  1. Anyone know when all the contracts of the higher ups enforcing non compliance end? I remember it was some time in early to mid July but I cannot remember the date. I believe that is the date that if you have had no threats of court action & have not spoken to them face to face or given a 'hard refusal' you are "safe" as it were.
  2. I signed up here today after following this thread since just after census day. My experience seems off the scale in terms of numbers visits. But I wonder if it is because I am always home literally 24/7(I'm disabled) so I notice every visit. Whereas the rest of you have normal lives so won't be home for every visit. Starting about a week to two weeks after census day I got daily visits. There have been maybe four weeks in that time interspersed where they missed a couple of days per week. And for a few weeks it was occasionally twice a day. I live in a tower block & I NEVER open the door to them. And as they cannot access the building to give me their bumpf unless I answer & buzz them in I have received only a couple of reminders sent by RM. I imagine there is a pile of hand delivered letters in the foyer downstairs if there is a letterbox on that door (can't remember). I NEVER do the census & I prepared in advance, my tactic is to hide! I got food/supplies loo roll etc in for me & the cat well in advance knowing I'd have to hide from them till July (their compliance jobs run until then). The same as last time in 2011, I have all my curtains closed & don't put on lights. I never get visitors normally & I do not open the door unless it is prearranged say a doctor, or delivery, or the person who takes my rubbish. I'm not opening the door to them or answering the intercom under any circumstances. I'm not on the electoral roll (never will) but I pay council tax so I suppose they know I'm here from that. - can't wait till this is all over. Roll on July! - Glad I'm not the only person resisting - this thread helps
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