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  1. Thanks I feel better. When I caught flu every year, it was always mild. I don't remember feeling losing my sense of smell/taste or feeling too sick to stand up on my feet. But when I was diagnosed with Covid-19, I hardly stood up on my feet. I lost little weight (2kgs I think) , my sense of taste for 3 weeks, my sense of smell for 6 months. When someone asks me '' how it was like to catch covid?'' I say, '' It is like flu but a little worse.'' Footnote: I DEFINITELY do not claim anything. I am just sharing my experience of when I was diagnosed with Covid-19. Thanks again.
  2. That was a diamond clear explanation. This is the explanation that I was looking for. Thank you for your time. I cannot thank you enough.
  3. @Mikheil You sound like a republican. I'm just expressing my opinion and asking for others opinion. This whole forum is a different perspective. That's why I came here and ask for your opinions. I guess I shouldn't have. This is just lame. David Icke is a defender of free speech and you're being extremely rude to me in his forum for expressing my opinion. What is more is that I don't think of getting the vaccine either. I want you to know that I'm not trying to convince anyone.
  4. @oz93666 @scowie @Grumpy Owl @Mikheil I am just a normal college student with a normal life. Why would they attack me by 5G? When I caught Covid 19, my family and I were visiting some other relatives of ours and there was nothing for me to catch flu or anything but most of us caught the virus. I went to the hospital my result was positive. My parents' were negative. I did not receive a treatment, I was sent home. I am a guy at the age of 21 and I had never ever lost my sense of smell for 6 months straight until I caught the virus. My friend caught it in summer and she lost her sense of smell for 6 months too. Until Covid-19, I used to catch flu every year but I had never lost my sense of smell and taste. Let's say that I got caught a heavy flu, then what is it that my friend caught in SUMMER? I never heard anyone catch a heavy flue in summer. There was a man in the city that I live in. He had caught coronavirus and yet, he still attended a funeral and after that funeral 49 people caught the virus because of him. How can you explain such thing? By the way, thanks for the document. @scowie
  5. @lake Why are you being rude? I'm just trying to understand. I'm still learning English so I might have said something wrong. What I am saying is, I had never lost my sense of taste and smell until I got caught Covid-19. That is all what I am saying. If this was flue-like, why did I lose my sense of smell for 6 months? I am not judging anyone or anything. I'm just trying to understand by asking like a reasonable person.
  6. I have been watching videos about Icke's explanation of Covid-19 and I kind of failed to understand what he's trying to say. He says the people who died because of covid-19 had at least 2-3-4 other diseases and that everyone who died as a result of other diseases were said to be because of Covid-19. He simply says the covid does not exist. The thing is I got the virus a few months ago and it took me 5 days to feel better. I lost my sense of taste and smell. I had never experienced such thing until Covid-19. So, if covid does not exist, what made me lose my sense of smell and taste? Can someone explain me his explanation of Covid-19? I am confused.
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