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  1. I spent my childhood with Pixar films, and these films remained in my soul for a long time. They were really created with soul. Only in Pixar movies you can also find drama and action. Sometimes I can still open the find more platform to watch Pixar movies and remember my childhood. I don't think there's a person who wasn't impressed after watching a Pixar movie. Maybe someone knows a film that might fascinate me. Lately, I don't have time to watch movies, and I'm not up to date with the best movies that have recently appeared in the online environment
  2. In my opinion, participation in charity events is enjoyable. I participate in the Magento 2 charity event, and I feel excellent when I can bring a smile to people in need of help. I advise everyone to try to take part in helping people in need. These actions get great satisfaction. It costs us nothing to sacrifice some old clothes or something like that, and these people like these old things much more than we do ourselves. I hope that through my comment, I could convince someone to do charity work. I have good platform amasty.com where i can donate for differents charity foundations.
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