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  1. Russel Brand is going on tour this year starting on the 17th of August and going all the way untill the end of the year. The night will be filled with talks about aliens, the new normal and how the pandemic has effected us as a society. Come and unite again for a movement towards a better future for society with a more trustful understanding of the world we live in. There's going to be a few good nights for all that are able to get tickets.
  2. until

    This is a great location to start the event. It's such a great place to express our beliefs for the movement we are gathering to promote.
  3. Yeah, COVID19 has the world under a single order and it is creating this fascist movement for democracy to be borderless and under control of organisations like the WEF and WHO. Building back better will mean more restrictions on travel because of COVID protections which in return creates a global policy which has to be followed by every nation. Under this regime the world's elite can force us to follow rules and policies which create a borderless state of control.
  4. We can "not" have the WHO gain more authority and control than they already have. The FAKE virus which has shut down the world has to be one of the worst infringements to human rights in the history of the planet. Based of false scientific evidence and private consulting we have been manipulated by the WHO to endure a constraint on the economy which has is actually driven from philosophical agendas and not a killer virus. There is no way we can allow the WHO to have greater surveillance as this would create another counterparty for the tyranny which is authored by world governments and high net-worth institutions. They don't need no more money for tools and supplies. This will just give them more power to manipulate and control instead of providing a legitimate service. We need to shut down the Rothschild owned WHO and create a more diluted publically owned health organisation to protect the world.
  5. Replying to those of you who are "confused" with the above. The "great reset" is an agenda being pushed through by the world's elite to create a new system which is to re-think our capital markets for a fairer and more sustainable future. While at the same time pushing for a more shared market economy with the world finances. They also want to use the forth industrial revolution to empower social good and tackle public challenges like COVID19. It is by these changes that the majority can seek a greater abundance of liberty and justice. - Thus lies the opportunity to create a fairer and more diluted democratic order to govern national policies and international finances. The principles of change associated with the great reset allow society capitalise on the distribution of wealth and power by using technology advancements like public blockchain networks to acquire a platform which is able to facilitate a potential change in government policies by implementing a grouped agenda to bring forward for national hearing. We have to take these opportunities which are available to us. To create a fairer and more diluted democratic state for every nation on the planet. Opening markets for fairer, sustainable and shared incentives for all participants. We can create our own great reset if we challenge the fascism with a defined set of goals and objectives which will empower the majority instead of the few.
  6. The link below is the Bank of England's public response to Quantitative Easing. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetary-policy/quantitative-easing Quantitative Easing (QE) is the program which is used by the Bank of England to issue policies which allow the purchase of government bonds along with corporate stock and other assets which thus creates money in the process. The latest round of Quantitative Easing (QE) created £875 billion pounds for government bonds which essentially is public debt that is a financial response to the COVID19 pandemic. The Bank of England also issued £20 billion to purchase corporate stock. Totalling the amount of Quantitative Easing (QE) for November 2020 at £895 billion. Quantitative Easing was introduced as a emergency program for the 08/09 global crisis. Since then the Bank of England has issued Quantitative Easing (QE) around every 2 years and the amount of money being "created" has grown exponentially from £200 billion in 08/09 to £445 billion in 2016 and then to £895 billion in 2020.
  7. Money is created when the Central Bank purchases bonds from the government. The government bonds are "debt" which is repaid in taxes to the Central Bank with interest. When this cycle is executed it is known as a "fiscal" policy. The Central Bank can also lend to retail Banks and other businesses creating money in the process. This is how money is created in today's world as far as I know.
  8. This post (https://www.thenationalnews.com/business/banking/central-bank-digital-currencies-may-increase-financial-inclusion-but-are-a-headache-for-lenders-1.1227329) headlines our opportunity to create a more distributed and decentralised financial economy. The money which retail Banks are using to lend to consumers are currently backed by individual fiat deposits. If we had a CBDC system we could have a run on retail lenders dumping the "big guy" in the process. Many banks would go bust if everyone started putting their money into a CBDC. Dumping the amount of money held in deposits at retail institutions would decrease their ability to produce profit. We have to see this opportunity that will be available to create a more decentralised banking system which empowers the majority of individuals. We have to believe that we will be successful in creating a new financial system to acheive our goals of breaking out and creating a better system than the one we are currently compliant with.
  9. Yeah you're right the "great reset" is another part of the agenda 21 being pushed through by world councils and governments. However, I believe that we will be able to act upon a set of goals and objectives that alleviate the control and power of majorly private organisations to flip the controls so that the majority can begin to settle civil and national matters without the need for advisory services from privatised institutions. If we use technology and distribution of power as our arsenal we can become stronger from within so that we defeat our enemies and gain control of our private sectors and governments.
  10. I believe that the "great reset" will bring opportunities to our society to reform and re-think the way our economies have been engineered to empower the few and control the masses. We have to see the opening that will become available to us through the process of change in the system. Recognising where society can capitalise on the flaws that plauge today's world is crucial. We have to focus on the distribution money, civil government and the philosophy behind liberty and justice. If we drive hard values and moral ethics and stay committed to empowering larger quantities of civilians. We will be able to change the dynamics of our society to become enriched with cooperation as a powerful democratic state. Being able to articulate where we can infiltrate the system and begin to impose a new set of rules for society has be achieved with a set of goals and objectives. Goals and objectives which need to be set by imposing new rules and regulations to state government which will empower the majority and enable a more transparent society for each industry and individual. There is lots to be done before we have a unique roadmap to counter the success of the system and flip the power and control so that the majority are the dominate force throughout the world.
  11. Yeah if you understand that the pandemic/virus has forced an incentive upon society to under go trials for the COVID vaccine. You can understand how we have been manipulated to take a gene mutating vaccine which alters our DNA. Being able to understand that COVID is a hoax to experiment on and change the history of the world is fundamental to having the knowledge to understand why we don't need the vaccine and why the CDC may hide and alter the data aggregated on their system. We need transparency for society as a whole when we collect important datasets from these organisations to ensure that we have trust and confidence in the input and output which is being produced for public release.
  12. Here's a video (https://www.bitchute.com/video/OhKC74FaPOXO/) of doctors in the US state of Texas speaking to Congress to "stop" the mandatory use of the COVID19 vaccine. MUST WATCH!!!!
  13. A post COVID world is going to create a damaged and misinformed society that is fragmented by differences in social views and beliefs. It's a really scary outlook on life that I see our culture being manipulated by the corrupt few who have created a new normal under the regime of a global pandemic. As the WHO first stated in March 2020 "the release of COVID19 can be "characterised" as a global pandemic." Implying that the world is succeptable to a global order of control and potentially a single world police state. I do believe we are witnessing this true potential of the authoritive few who have control over the world's finances and who govern the central institutions in which we have to trust for our information and rules and regulations regarding the civilian population.
  14. The rest of the homepage contains all the usual Newspeak ‘buzzwords’ such as ‘robust’, ‘diverse’, ‘stakeholder’ etc. So what’s so bad about this then? The Common Purpose Exposed website explains in detail: Sounding pretty sinister so far? The above image is from the Stop Common Purpose website and shows how Common Purpose (CP) sits itself at the centre of a web, with its tentacles everywhere. So that’s the basic gist, and both websites linked to above contain lots of further information about how this organisation operates, though to be fair both are a little outdated, and haven’t been updated for some time. I’ll just add at this point that the UK Column website has a series of articles covering ‘The Common Purpose Effect‘ which are also valuable reading. What’s this about ‘technocracy’ then? From Wikipedia: Again, on the surface, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Wouldn’t it be great if the Minister For Health was actually someone with a professional medical background, or if the Minister For Education was some ex-teacher or headmaster? The downside… Well, there’s always a ‘but’… … what if these ‘experts’ have their own ideological agenda that they wish to see carried out? Or, what if these ‘experts’ are carrying out someone else’s ideological agenda? “Leaders without boundaries” Making sense yet? Who is running this country? Our ‘democratically-elected’ leaders? Or the unelected ‘experts’ who are ‘advising’ them on policy? We already know that the UK Government (and other governments around the world) have had ‘climate policies’ dictated to them by ‘climate change scientists’, sorry, ‘advised’ by climate scientists. (You know, the 97% of scientists that are in complete agreement?) The current ‘lockdown’ situation in response to the ‘coronavirus’ Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ is also as a result of ‘advice’ from public health ‘experts’. I know of at least one person who wrote to their MP with concerns about the current UK lockdown due to this ‘pandemic’ and provided well-resourced information which contradicts the ‘mainstream’ narrative, and received a response which basically said “the Government is acting on advice from public health experts”. Who’s In Control? So it seems we are already living in a technocracy, where the Government is ‘acting on advice’ from ‘experts’. Who exactly are these ‘experts’? It stands a very good chance that these ‘experts’ are Common Purpose graduates themselves, or have been programmed/conditioned by other Common Purpose members. As per the links provided earlier, Common Purpose graduates/members are everywhere – within the NHS, police service, Civil Service, local government, charities, media outlets, educational establishments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), consultancies, and various other organisations. If you’ve ever wondered why things just don’t make any sense anymore, join the dots and understand that there is a common thread linking everything together: Common Purpose. Nobody elected these ‘experts’. No-one seems to question their judgement or ‘advice’. They may be right, they may be wrong. But should we be so beholden to these ‘experts’ that we dare not question their own motives or agenda? The technocracy is already here, we just don’t know it yet, because we still ‘trust’ our elected officials to be doing “what’s best for us all”. I hear your motive behind the story. We need to escape this control of common purposes which is imposed by the "experts" who are the main authorities in the our communities. I believe that to acheive a more diluted democratic manner of governance, we actually need to flip the system to become a liberal socialist economy where we still have capitalism but most of the major industries are owned by the majority population and not privatised institutions. Being able to enforce rules upon a system with the majority consensus coming from individuals could allow us opportunity to enforce direction of the economy, media, healthcare and police service to be more transparent when creating and issuing policies. As the majority would also control most of the wealth in circulation, the direction of "purpose" would have to suit the best interests of the majority of the population and not the select few "experts" who control 90% of the system/industry. Being able to have this benefit of profitability from a nations economy, the governing authority in a liberal socialist economy would be able to ensure again that majority consensus would play a key role in the application of rules and regulations imposed on each individual in the population. Whilst retaining the ability to ensure a more diluted economy in terms of shareholders and owners. Individuals who are active participants of the economy will have the rights to bare interest from earnings of the nation's assets. As we've seen with COVID19 the only people who have profited from the pandemic is the world's elite. The likes of Amazon and Tesla have had huge gains. Under a regime of the alternative the profits would have gone to a larger group of stakeholders who potentially would also have the ability to conduct monetary policy which develops from the newly minted profit made by the pandemic which in return decreases public spending and the government's reliance on the central banks through debt and equity agreements. Common purpose has plagued our world with a common goal of maintaining the dominance of a capitalist nature on our existence. We need to change this so that our collective goal is not to have a common purpose but to have a transparent collective goal which defines the common purpose of behaviour in the process of achieving the desired goals of a collective knowledge.
  15. From my experiences with reptilians, they can be anyone, anyone who has characterised themselves in the public eye as good for humanity and has a level of "change" associated with their movement. We are living in futile times with ancient philosophy plauging the world and forcing us to live under a global regime. I understand David Icke is trying to do something to change the way governments and private finances are managed for civil matters. My title is just an assumption. However, he is antagonising the population without any form of direction for change with his movement and I see this as a sign to a possibility of himself being a reptilian amoung us.
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