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  1. With all due respect, look at the size of her. It could’ve been any number of things that unfortunately killed her.
  2. It’s all becoming a bit prophetic from the ‘conspiracy theorists’ though, and surely they can’t ignore that this time? I can’t see them just blindly panic buying this time with no questions asked.
  3. Is this not all pointless? The UK Government has openly stated the parents have no say, so I can’t see how this would stand up in court.
  4. How do we think the masses will react to the impending food shortage?
  5. Can’t help but chuckle at all the jabbed parents threatening legal action, should their kid be jabbed. Did their uncle Boris not explain clearly enough that they now have no say on what happens to their children? Maybe they didn’t hear him over all the laughter at the ‘tinfoil heads’ who predicted all this…
  6. I imagine they’ll offer a financial incentive to teachers to ensure l kids get jabbed. No child is going to go against the wishes of their parents on an issue like this. Offering stupid money to medical professionals to ensure people get jabbed worked well.
  7. I tend to believe Scotland’s vaccination numbers. People have always been a lot more compliant here, than in England. If anything, it being binned by Boris and the Tories will only strengthen the demand for passports here.
  8. The decision to ignore the JCVI ruling also makes the blacklisting/censorship of any qualified person speaking out against this seem even more sinister.
  9. The U-turn on passports just shows that there’s far less people jabbed than claimed.
  10. See all these fucking threats by journalists/public figures to ‘stomp on the heads’ of ‘anti-vaxxers’. What world are these people on? They’re all unathletic slobs! Instead of running their mouths, I wish they’d just try it. I’ve already fired the address of my local boxing gym to a few of them.
  11. I’m old enough to go clubbing and will miss it, as I will with the football too. However, it’s not worth risking a brain haemorrhage or lifelong heart condition for.
  12. What do you think of Douglas Ross voting against it? I viewed it as a subtle tactic to get people on board with passports, as many are hardwired to oppose anything the Tories want. Either that or it was to make him rejecting it the main story, as opposed to the attack on our freedom.
  13. Nah mate, those are all symptoms for the new ‘short illness’ disease.
  14. The first stage of grief is always denial, and my goodness are the jabbed in denial today. What a lot of venom I’ve had from those whom I usually have a cordial back and forth with. They seem to be spooked by the Government now blatantly going against the science.
  15. The UK Government is set to go against scientific advice and jab 12-15 year olds. Tough one for the ‘follow the science’ brigade.
  16. Do you think it’d be possible, even with the QR code?
  17. It’s been confirmed by the Scottish Government that those without smartphones will be given physical passports with QR codes.
  18. Those without smartphones will be given physical passports with QR codes.
  19. Continuing as we are works best, in my opinion. Panicked letters to bodies controlled by the elite just looks weak and desperate. Come October 1, medical procedures are more or less enforced in the UK. We’re well past the point of wallowing about human rights.
  20. They probably laugh at people contacting them. Just how much pressure have they applied throughout this oppression?
  21. Our human rights are gone. Going down official channels will achieve nothing.
  22. The Scottish Government confirms that their vaccine passport scheme will be up for alteration every three weeks. The jabbed don’t care, however. They’re too busy goading the more cautious members of society - all the while being completely unaware that, within three weeks, they could be registered ‘unvaccinated’ until they take x amount of new doses. Morons.
  23. They need to get most adults vaccinated, before they move onto kids. Nobody cares about a 20 year old collapsing dead whilst exercising, but it’s a whole different ball game when kids start dropping in their gym classes. That’s when shit hits the fan, and everyone starts questioning the safety of these jabs.
  24. There’s too many young people dying of heart attacks and strokes for this to be ignored. Eventually the Government is going to have to try and spin it - and judging by their silence, I don’t think they know how to.
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