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  1. Definitely. Ive been really down lately at the thought of not getting to the football with my mates. Just gotta hope the other clubs follow suit, which I think they will - no way have Aberdeen done this on a whim.
  2. Aberdeen FC has given Sturgeon the middle finger and said passports won’t be asked for at their next two games - which surpass the grace period. They’ve cited not having enough staff and predicted attendances being below 10,000. Their stadium holds 22,000 and they have 12,000 - 15,000 season ticket holders. The games are also against Hibs and Hearts, which would almost certainly see much more than 10,000 attend. Absolutely fantastic from them. Celtic and Rangers next hopefully.
  3. Police are investigating threats and racial abuse made towards West Brom player Callum Robinson, after he publicly stated he won’t be getting jabbed. Crazy. I wouldn’t have thought the compassionate, loving Covid fanatics would do such a thing.
  4. I wonder if anyone has ordered PCR tests and stored them - it’ll be interesting to compare the results to PCR kits sent out in the coming months.
  5. Yeah, there’s some. However, go on Reddit and there’s people getting 60,000+ upvotes for mocking an unvaccinated person dying.
  6. People are too far gone. Doesn’t matter how many stats and studies you show them, they just move on and disregard them. I have a colleague who insists the vaccine stops transmission. She’s also ‘terrified’ by the high amount of cases. At no point has she stopped to ask how cases can be so high if the jab stops transmission.
  7. I saw that. Again, I find it hard to believe that this would be made public - even if it was the case. What happens if a Wolves player collapses? They’ve got nowhere to hide with that one. They got away with the Erikson one only because there wasn’t much talk in the mainstream about the jabs causing heart problems.
  8. As with all Covid virtue-signallers, they show their true colours when an unvaccinated person dies. The way they celebrate and mock deaths on Reddit is disgusting. Yet there is genuine sorrow on here when someone drops because of an official jab side effect.
  9. So, an official English Football League survey at the start of October showed just over 30% of Premier League footballers to be jabbed. Yet the Daily Mail is reporting that just 6 England internationals remain unvaccinated. Given only a few England internationals play club football outside of England, I find It hard to believe only 6 have refused the jab - the figures just don’t add up, as usual.
  10. I had to have one prior to an operation before Christmas. It was rammed (literally rammed) right up both nostrils until it couldn’t go any further. I could feel it for the next three days.
  11. Was it 2017 when the Internet became obsessed with mocking anti-vaxxers quite literally overnight? I remember at the time being a bit surprised at where the ‘meme’ came from and why it was so popular. I now realise it was social conditioning.
  12. And the thing is, they’d probably get great acclaim if they did do a piece on the real facts of Covid. The reporting in America seems to be a lot fairer, with the Washington Post doing a big article on how natural immunity far outweighs any jab.
  13. Journalism today is basically just rewriting press releases from the Press Association. The ‘journalist’ (if you can even call them that) probably has no idea about the case, other than what’s written on the press release - which, as you said, probably contains exactly what those in power want it to.
  14. The UK Government provide families with £150,000, if they lose a relative to the jab - this is all detailed on gov.uk. I firmly believe a prerequisite of obtaining that cash is public support of the jab.
  15. I love that the images very strategically cut out the faces of the ‘anti-vaxxers’ holding up the signs. The elite are desperate to continue this notion that ‘anti-vaxxers’ are the dregs of society, when usually it’s just ordinary people.
  16. Mixed responses from Rangers fans today on being asked to show their vaccine passport. Many reporting being asked, however apparently just saying (not showing) you had one was enough. Others saying they weren’t asked at all and never saw anyone asked. Passports aren’t legally required for another two weeks, after the app broke - however, the clubs still have to check.
  17. I’m really getting annoyed at this narrative that people are avoiding the jab through not wanting to be told what to do. I’m in my early 20s and literally signing away the best years of my life through not taking it - that’s not because I get a buzz out of disobeying orders, it’s because I’m genuinely afraid.
  18. Rangers and Aberdeen have both confirmed that fans attending their games this weekend will not be denied entry. It comes after the Scottish Government’s vaccine passport app flopped on day one. No doubt it’ll be ready in a week or so, but hopefully it takes the edge off it and it isn’t as enforced as it would have been, had it come in smooth and working.
  19. Scotland’s Vaccine Passport app doesn’t appear to be working. Football fans will likely need a hard copy this weekend. Hopefully the sound of police and stewards shouting ‘Get your papers ready’ resonates with fans.
  20. She has went from being an ordinary university lecturer to holding a government role and having mini-documentaries made on her. Yet folk still insist that these types have nothing to gain from towing the line of the elite.
  21. Haha. Turns out Scotland’s passport app makes each user go through the facial recognition process. I hope they’re all panicking when they see it.
  22. The Premier League is mandating it at games, but apparently stewards don’t bother checking.
  23. No doubt the tests for Scotland and Wales will be tweaked to showcase a drop in cases, whilst England’s rockets. Passports for all four nations incoming.
  24. Scotland’s vaccine passport system goes live in a matter of days. With Celtic and Rangers’ grounds having 60,000 and 50,000 capacities respectively, it’s going to be complete carnage. Engineered carnage, of course. Those in power know fine well it’ll lead to stadium’s lying empty come kick off - whilst everyone stands outside squabbling as they wait to get in. Boom! Facial recognition gets rolled out and the masses cheer! No more queuing!
  25. Given the reaction of UK families who have lost relatives to the jab, I reckon there’s a level of compliance needed to receive the £120,000 government payout for sever adverse reactions. I fully believe one of those conditions is to not publicly condemn the vaccine.
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