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  1. Posted this in the main Covid thread, but will also post it here. My 22 year old friend was double vaccinated months ago. Last week, his heart suddenly went bonkers in his chest - he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance to be told he had myocarditis. Thankfully, he wasn’t exercising around the days and time of it happening and his mum was quick to phone an ambulance - had this not been the case, who knows what would happen. It’s a real wake up for those who think they’re fine because they didn’t suffer any immediate adverse reactions.
  2. Why did the UK Government not introduce passports prior to the news about a booster? Seems the majority of backlash is through people panicking about being locked into a third jab. Is this a genuine mistake, or deliberate?
  3. The 40% drop in footfall at Scottish pubs and clubs really is telling. I’m now firmly back in the camp that they are exaggerating the number of people jabbed.
  4. Yeah, he said it’s a direct consequence of the jab - and he was always dead in favour of the jabs. Didn’t ask if it has officially been put down as that, as I didn’t want to come across as I was gloating. I’ll ask him more next week.
  5. A friend of mine is in hospital with myocarditis. He’s 22 years of age and was double jabbed by July. Only now has it reared it’s head. Food for thought for those who think they’re safe after not experiencing any immediate issues.
  6. 40% drop in customers at pubs and nightclubs, following the first weekend of Scotland’s Covid passport system. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-59034619.amp
  7. It is amazing how many are falling for the narrative that the unvaxxed are useless dossers. It really flies in the face of my experiences of those saying no thanks to the jabs. I’m amazed New Zealand’s prime minister is openly launching a ‘two tier society’. Given the majority knocking back the jabs are young males, how exactly does she expect key industries like construction to operate? The Scottish Labour leader making a threat of knowing the addresses of the unvaxxed is also a naive move. Again, it’s young, active males mostly knocking it back - I imagine he’ll get a bit of a shock at their welcome, should he knock.
  8. Yes. I’ve also had paracetamol, doesn’t mean I’d take a random white pill from someone promising me a good night in a club.
  9. Not yet. Their heart could be a ticking time bomb, for all they know.
  10. Scotland’s vaccine passport - which requires users to go through a facial recognition process - shares user data with -Amazon and other large firms. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/vaccination-passport-app-shares-personal-25285887.amp
  11. Mum needed life-saving surgery after Covid vaccine led to blood clot and stroke https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/health/mum-needed-life-saving-surgery-25283561 One of Scotland’s biggest newspapers just published this. Is the tide turning?
  12. It is strange to hear of games being paused for medical emergencies in the crowd. Such events, prior to the restart of full stadiums, were incredibly rare. Now it’s happening every weekend.
  13. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/15/heart-inflammation-risk-in-young-adults-caused-by-mrna-covid-booster-continues-to-worry-scientists-dr-levy-says.html
  14. The rise in ‘cases’ is down to doctored test sensitivities. They got caught out earlier in the month, after people tested negative with older test kits but positive with newly ordered ones. However, seems it’s yet again been successfully swept under the carpet! https://www.medicaldevice-network.com/features/lft-pcr-discrepancy/
  15. Do you want me to discreetly film my personal friends, or something? Madness.
  16. Documents on my personal friends now doing a U-turn on their previous opinions?
  17. Has the Government jumped the gun with yesterday’s presser? Even the biggest of Covid fanatics and virtue signallers I know are now questioning all of this.
  18. It’s getting to a point where it’s beyond parody. I had a ‘debate’ with a guy in work today. He insisted the jabs stop transmission, but is also in favour of another lockdown due to the soaring transmission rates. You couldn’t make it up.
  19. They’ve still not used their children ace card, to turn everyone against the unjabbed. I see some scientists are already Tweeting about how rates are rising amongst kids.
  20. Look at all the jabbed clowns in uproar at another lockdown being on the cards. These idiots caused this.
  21. Haha. Boris about to announce boosters for the plebs. So many I spoke to said they’d admit the jabs were a failure, if restrictions get reimplemented. I await to see how they spin this once, just like they’re spinning the wheel on death with the boosters.
  22. They’re trialling facial recognition in nine UK schools. https://amp.theguardian.com/education/2021/oct/18/privacy-fears-as-schools-use-facial-recognition-to-speed-up-lunch-queue-ayrshire-technology-payments-uk
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