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  1. Wigan player collapses in training.
  2. People are blaming climate change for this. Seriously.
  3. They’ve still to use the kid card. Once the masses think kids are at risk of dying from Covid, you’ll have people camping outside jab centres for booster after booster.
  4. Most of them are trying to work out why so many footballers are collapsing. It possibly being the vaccine isn’t even on their radar. The replies two days ago to the John Fleck collapse were genuinely depressing.
  5. Statistics show that 1/3 of young people in Scotland will be banned from pubs, restaurants and cafes. I can’t see the extension of the scheme going down well, regardless of how they try to spin it.
  6. Interesting that no country is disclosing how the mandatory jabs will be enforced. Probably because guns will be involved.
  7. Got goosebumps watching that. God bless every single one of them.
  8. Investigation launched into abnormal spike in newborn baby deaths in Scotland https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/19726487.investigation-launched-abnormal-spike-newborn-baby-deaths-scotland/
  9. Scotland touting plans for the jabbed to have to show a negative test alongside their vaccine passport
  10. She’s delayed it until next week, presumably as everyone will have forgotten thousands flew in for COP26 and faces no restrictions.
  11. Absolutely hilarious nonsense. Given 31% of 18-29 year olds in Scotland are unvaccinated, why aren’t university students dropping dead en-masse? The big bad virus must know to head to university halls, after all.
  12. Sturgeon is about to announce masks at desks at 2pm. Can’t wait to see all the clowns slapping on their face nappies, after over a year of not wearing them at their desk. The elites really should’ve set hidden cameras up in workplaces, just to get maximum comedic value out of all this.
  13. Seems your average clown no longer wants to talk about Covid. My goodness have they been spooked by the past few days. The laughter has dried up and they’re now realising what’s happening.
  14. Professor Martin Kulldorff really is a genuine hero. Risking his career, reputation and - let’s be honest - life, by spreading the truth.
  15. I think Britain is going to see European-style protests very soon. Sturgeon is about to ban unvaccinated from gyms, libraries, restaurants and cafes. Further to this, people will have to wear masks for the entirety of their shift - even if working at a desk. Can’t see many standing for such nonsense.
  16. Gotta laugh at the universal outrage over the Tory corruption. Folk clamouring to point out the lies of politicians. Yet they still all lined up to take jabs at the orders of these same politicians.
  17. Yep. Another bang average woman who thinks she’s a 10/10 because of social media.
  18. Vaccinated women are a no-no. Would be a bit awkward if their heart exploded in bed. I’ll stick to the women who keep themselves in shape to avoid illnesses.
  19. You don’t mess with a man who has nothing to lose, and millions are about to be left with nothing. It doesn’t have to be organised. Scotland is about to ban the unvaxxed from gyms. Let’s see what happens if any clown wants to storm a Muay Thai gym in protest of them letting the unvaxxed in.
  20. I’d bank on the unvaxxed winning, should the elite go down the route of orchestrating the public to do the dirty work. In the UK, 31% of 18-29 year olds have refused. I’d bet the majority of them are physically fit and quite handy. Wouldn’t fancy your average fat jabber having much a chance when it’s time for them to stop running their mouth and do something.
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