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  1. They might not have the power to right now, but they will. In the meantime, it’ll be redundancies for all those not taking it. The masses are absolutely infatuated by the vaccine. Those not taking it aren’t far from being placed in the same bracket as those who have committed the most heinous of crimes. So I don’t expect much uproar or unfair dismissal support.
  2. I was asked (told) to register for the 18-29 vaccine today in work. With no family to go to, I will almost certainly become homeless should I lose my job. As terrifying as this all is, it’s a very, very dangerous game. Let’s see how those in power fare once normal, 9-5’rs like myself turn into people with nothing to lose.
  3. Is this not just another crafty ploy to ridicule those against the vaccine and detract from genuine concerns? I can see a trend developing whereby the sheep upload videos proving they’re not magnetic, leading to it being thrown in our faces anytime we bring up facts.
  4. More and more people around me are being vaccinated - all of whom are very celebratory of it. I’m a bit confused by the exuberance. What exactly is there to celebrate? ‘Protection’ from a ‘virus’ you’re almost certain to survive? The Scottish Government also released an advert where someone writes ‘Yaaaas!’ on their vaccine letter before pinning it on a wall. There’s been absolutely no suggestion that, even if everyone takes it, freedom will ensue. So why are people celebrating? I am genuinely flabbergasted at the stupidity of the masses and their desire to virtue signal.
  5. The laying of foundations for the next full lockdown have been ramped up today, by the looks of things. I hope the smug, condescending, selfie-taking vaccinated clowns don’t get cabin fever and start wondering what’s pulsating through their body - now it’s officially confirmed to not be the magic potion out of this.
  6. If life wasn’t so utterly grim because of this crap, I’d be able to muster a chuckle at the masses celebrating the announcement of the ‘easing’ of lockdown. How many times have we heard that you can now have someone in your house, or that pubs are reopen with curfews? Why is your average Joe not clocking that the exact same measures were eased a year ago, just as flu season ceased? Meanwhile, like last year, scare stories begin being planted to act as foundations for the next ‘wave’. I wonder if those in power anticipated it being this easy.
  7. Does anyone else have hope that there’ll be major pushback once it comes to the under 30s being called to be jabbed? Maybe I’m trapped in my own echo chamber, but I can’t see very many taking it and reckon attempts to coerce young people into receiving it will be met with huge backlash. Add in that the types who’ll openly be clamouring for the poison are those who are already laughing stocks and seen as losers - your extreme feminists, radical left uni students etc - hardly the types a normal young person wants to be grouped in with.
  8. A guy I went to school with killed himself last week because of this hoax. It sickens me that the barrage of suicides, including those of children, evoke very little emotion amongst the masses and are so quickly disregarded as being of no relation to the soul-destroying lockdown. It’s for this reason I can’t ever see any revolt. The story of the 15 year old in Wales was heartbreaking - and if that doesn’t wake people up, nothing will. I don’t know where to go from here. I feel very lost in life and quite scared. In saying that, knowing someone to have been pushed over the edge by this evil has lit a fire in my belly - I now charge into stores hoping to be challenged for having no mask, when previously I looked to avoid the ill-informed virtue signallers. I’m also less afraid of losing my job for any sort of Covid breach/arrest - there’s virtually nothing to work for, so who cares? Apologies for the depressing post, I’m just really down with this crap.
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