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  1. I don’t know what’s worse, the architects of what we’re now experiencing playing the victim, or actual victims replying to the above Tweet saying ‘You can’t win Devi xx’ as if there were no real ramifications to lockdowns.
  2. Where were all these voices when those questioning lockdowns were being put in the same bracket as child abusers and murderers? It boils my blood seeing your average person condemn lockdowns, after very much championing them at the time.
  3. Has anyone got an article/document on how Sweden’s economy is performing? I absolutely know it’ll be thriving, but I want proof to fling in the face of the clowns blaming the economic meltdown on everything but the economy being closed for two years. Thanks in advance!
  4. I couldn’t understand why the woke mob seem so hellbent on WW3. Then I remembered 99% of them are on depression pills and thus won’t get called up*. *Not a jab at those on medication, btw, just a theory I have on the general selfishness of the woke.
  5. I feel guilty as I’ve completely ignored this forum over the last month or so. I’ve been enjoying the freedom over the last few months, but am as aware as most that this is merely a breather phase to ensure the masses stay in line come the next ‘variant’. Looking forward to coming on here and breathing a sigh of relief that there’s still smart people out there.
  6. I’m amazed at the amount of seemingly switched on people declaring Covid as being ‘over’. Even if all this did come from a genuine lab leak in China that took the rest of the world by surprise, why would the elites give up the money and control-making machine that is Covid? I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees the current situation as merely being a period to allow the masses to recharge, before a fresh period of Covid hysteria.
  7. The snowflakes will love masks no longer being compulsory - it just further politicises their ‘bravery’ of wearing them alone in the car or when outside. As good as the news is looking, I can’t help but feel it’s a false dawn.
  8. They wouldn’t have partied had Covid been dangerous. A simple point that the masses simply won’t register nor compute.
  9. I don’t see Van-Tam’s resignation and Boris’ situation cause for celebration. All it seems to be doing is making lockdowns trendy again amongst the woke mob. Seems like the foundations are being laid for an imminent next stage.
  10. What a treat. I’ll be opening my door with a huge grin on my face, with my various boxing medals hanging in the background.
  11. One of Scotland’s main news stations just aired a feature piece on a boxing club aiding disabled people to improve their condition via the sport. Hilarious, given clubs such as the one covered will be locked shut in a matter of days. They are openly mocking us.
  12. Pronouns in the bio too. If you want a laugh, look at the retweets on Sturgeon and/or SNP’s Covid Tweets - literally every single one has pronouns in the bio.
  13. Yes, but they’re all loud and shouty - stomping on the heads of the unvaxxed being the most common threat. Someone posted a verified American journalist who Tweeted exactly that a few months back. He had a website with a ‘contact me’ section. A guy at my local boxing club emailed him offering to pay his flight over to the UK, and he can have his pick of which unvaxxed member to stomp on…
  14. Funny, as this virtue signaller was forever giving it “I’m not a doctor, don’t ask me about Covid” at the start of the pandemic.
  15. Always makes me laugh seeing big fatties having meltdowns at young, healthy people going without masks. That and smokers harping on about the ‘extensive dangers’ of Covid. I knew people were stupid and lacking in self awareness prior to Covid, but never knew it was this severe!
  16. Nicola Sturgeon meeting with Boris Johnson today to discuss a reintroduction of furlough. Looks like lockdown is imminent.
  17. Apparently the hospitals are ‘overwhelmed’ again. Why not re-open all the emergency hospitals again? Is it because they were never used, and them lying empty once more would give the game away? Scotland also went into 2021 with its lowest amount of beds this century.
  18. It’s mental. Even the prominent Twitter accounts which have been on the pulse throughout haven’t looked at it this way.
  19. Glad this has been made. There’s too much focus on the moral side of it; when in reality people should focus on the fact they clearly weren’t scared of Covid - even when unvaccinated.
  20. I never actually thought of it that way. Maybe the elite see us as part of the grand plan for a new world population. Get rid of all the thickos and leave the intelligent ones.
  21. I predict shouty Gary will do a live ‘debate’ with an ‘expert’ and then loudly change his tune on Covid. Given it’s young men who dominate the unvaxxed category, it’s no surprise they’ve got a footballing name to play this role.
  22. Society would collapse without the unvaxxed. Are they going to get all the snowflakes out on construction sites, once all the young males are locked in camps?
  23. Looks like Germany is heading for lockdown, with football games to be played with no fans. I genuinely can’t understand how people can still stomach all of this, even those who believe the mainstream narrative. Surely taking a bit of risk and living is far better than living in lockdown?
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