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  1. What a terrifying world we are sleep walking into. Flashing your medical history to any Tom, Dick or Harry in a Tesco uniform. I wonder how long the exemption part will last?
  2. To be fair, I actually respect it - at least they are genuinely afraid of Covid, unlike your average clown who has just convinced themselves they are (as we see when they rush to pubs anytime the gov tells them they can).
  3. Wonder how long we are from them opening ‘mask-free’ vaccine centres, in a bid to coax the switched on in? That’d be a giveaway to the masses, wouldn't it?
  4. My friend was in a restaurant last night. He said the table closest to him put their masks on whenever the waitress came to their table
  5. Anyone think the delay in introducing vaccine passports is because the true jabbed numbers would become known? They constantly contradict themselves with the numbers - 9 in 10 vaccinated, but only 57% of Birmingham’s had the first jab etc. If they introduced it today, the lack of people in pubs etc would reveal the true number.
  6. It gives me great joy knowing people like this took the jab.
  7. If ever there’s something that exemplifies how sheep-like the masses are, is their children not wearing masks. For people so afraid of the ‘deadliest ever virus’, they’re sure as hell taking a risk allowing their kids to plod around supermarkets bare faced. Because they’ve not been told to, they don’t do it.
  8. Social media is denying Bob Odenkirk’s ‘heart-related’ collapse has anything to do with the vaccine, as he had it in March. The masses truly have no understanding of what’s happened to them, have they? They genuinely seem to think what’s been injected in them is temporary.
  9. Fabian Delph, of Everton, has just posted an anti-vaccine message on his Instagram story. The Daily Mail reported that English Premiership clubs are in a ‘scramble’ to get players vaccinated, following Boris’ recent announcement that it’ll be a requirement to compete in the new season.
  10. They’re by and large utterly clueless on Covid too, despite portraying us as idiots. Asking at what temp the Pfizer jab is stored at is enough to bamboozle them.
  11. All these woke morons don’t realise that they’re pushing for Hitler-levels of extreme rightism. They really are idiots.
  12. Vaccine passports are inevitable. The Tory backbencher ‘protest’ is all for show, and a flashy virtual card is exactly what your average virtue-signaller wants. I hope the masses think of us when the Covid ‘logic’ is being applied to every other experimental drug, every aspect of their life is being tracked, and basic foods become a treat.
  13. A lot of my jabbed acquaintances are reporting feeling fatigued and having cold-like symptoms. In my place of work, I seem to be the only one not coughing and spluttering. Strange for July, and quite worrying for them.
  14. The media can only control so much of the narrative. If the jabbed continue to get sick, whilst we don’t - there’s absolutely no way for them to cover it up. Remain calm and dignified. The truth will always come out in the end.
  15. Interesting that John Terry has just left Aston Villa out of the blue. Just last week the Daily Mail reported that football clubs were in a ‘scramble’ to get staff and players vaccinated ahead of the UK Government making it mandatory to compete in the upcoming season, but many in the game remain ‘reluctant’ to get jabbed. Could be completely unrelated, but it’ll be interesting to see if any more abrupt departures occur.
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