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  1. Do you want me to discreetly film my personal friends, or something? Madness.
  2. Documents on my personal friends now doing a U-turn on their previous opinions?
  3. Has the Government jumped the gun with yesterday’s presser? Even the biggest of Covid fanatics and virtue signallers I know are now questioning all of this.
  4. It’s getting to a point where it’s beyond parody. I had a ‘debate’ with a guy in work today. He insisted the jabs stop transmission, but is also in favour of another lockdown due to the soaring transmission rates. You couldn’t make it up.
  5. They’ve still not used their children ace card, to turn everyone against the unjabbed. I see some scientists are already Tweeting about how rates are rising amongst kids.
  6. Look at all the jabbed clowns in uproar at another lockdown being on the cards. These idiots caused this.
  7. Haha. Boris about to announce boosters for the plebs. So many I spoke to said they’d admit the jabs were a failure, if restrictions get reimplemented. I await to see how they spin this once, just like they’re spinning the wheel on death with the boosters.
  8. They’re trialling facial recognition in nine UK schools. https://amp.theguardian.com/education/2021/oct/18/privacy-fears-as-schools-use-facial-recognition-to-speed-up-lunch-queue-ayrshire-technology-payments-uk
  9. I mean as in the idiotic average person. Now they’ll be conditioned to always assume they’ve got Covid.
  10. A test lab in Wolverhampton has been suspended after mistakenly giving out 41,000 negative results. How convenient. We now can’t trust tests.
  11. The media never show the faces of the ‘anti-vaxxers’. The elite are so desperate to keep up the narrative that those rejecting the vaccine are basement-dwelling dregs of society. I’m going to a nightclub tomorrow. I’ll almost certainly be turned away due to not being jabbed, but I hope those in the queue see my face and realise it’s just normal people like them saying no thanks.
  12. Scotland and Wales already have passports. With all due respect, people in England need to get the finger out - the passports are already here.
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