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  1. The oestrogen removes testosterone and feMINises males making them unable to protect the children ( small print Connected to birth certificate CROWN is mark of beast on top of birth certificate) believing CROWN employees known as titled men are really doing a job of arresting criminals or helping us thru law dr priest guide-Ants, when they are working for crown and we are all slaves.
  2. Our bodies are made from colloidal minerals. Mica clay can be baked to activate the minerals sustaining human mammalian life. 50% of soil Is Mica. God or the gamesmaster reconfigured our animal bodies to live on rainwater hence the original humans pre alien genetically hybridised ADAM Ethanol dehydrogenase enzyme to remove the alcohol produced by bacteria, also Adam hybrid can detoxify the cyanide In the indigestible grass seeds religion forces mammalian humans to consume oestrogen saturated so called foods and drink. w-Ine and loaves are symbolic of the extinction of our planet by getting humans to self-annihilate themselves & their planet thru methyl Mercury binding chlorine in tap water and aluminium as food preservative, 3G mind control grid installed 2003 raises temp of brain by 0.1 degree making everyone depressed.
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