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  1. On 4/16/2021 at 1:11 AM, CrowintheSnow said:


    The amount of propaganda is glaringly obvious. I just don't get why Joe Public isn't seeing through it. Some of it is hilarious.

    It was the obvious propaganda that first got my bs antenna twitching and which eventually led me here.


    I totally with you on the propaganda, it's weird and creepy to me the posters I've been seeing about, the latest being an advertisement reading 'join the millions who have had their vaccine'.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Truth Warrior said:

    Like a lot of people on here I've given up trying to talk to friends and family about this Covid hoax and the rest of the crap that is going down. As David says though you can't coerce people as they have  to wake up in their own time.



    God it blows my mind as well, I thought people would be more open-minded about it but most of those I've mentioned it to have been resistant to the idea, getting their vaccine largely out of compliance.

  3. Hey, my names Luke, I'm based in London, I've been a conspiracy enthusiast for many years but due to the likes of anxiety, I've kind of just kept it to myself, settling on the idea that I just didn't have the energy to do anything about it.


    However, over the last year I've been improving my mental health using such tools as Neurodynamic Breathwork and the Letting Go technique and have found myself confident enough that I can start to be honest about what I believe. I am indeed somewhat alone in my beliefs and therefore was looking to find like-minded people in order to be part of a team and fully understand exactly what exactly is going on in the world.


    Whilst some may be enthusiasts here, I do believe this is something I have to do, I have to help stop the rise of the global fascist state, and this starts by stopping face-recognition and biotech along with the destruction of people's livelihoods through an ongoing lockdown.


    Therefore, if there's a Telegram or London meetup group, I'm all-in.


    Thank you,



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