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  1. Scrub the nazi from the title , But remember this ?
  2. Yes i can relate to this also , but could be my age creeping up on me , ive gone from cycling 50 mile day rides to 30 miles if im lucky ...off road bikepacking One ride a couple of weeks back i was bonking after a 8 mile local woodland ride ...and walked home in a daze .. I have had a mini stoke and other issues but have always been very active ... Again now changing my diet and im hydrating twice as much as normal ... Intresting thread to follow ...
  3. The comments are awesome , come on folks down vote this video
  4. Ok you saw that , did you now ,as your very quiet in that thread ... Does it please you !
  5. Hmmm we had a poster in the Covid thread calling out are you 12 year of age ..to odds and sods ....that thread is now locked ......
  6. Basically if you don't enjoy the wilds of the countryside well you won't visit it... And if you don't love the outside world well ,your have little interest in learning about it ... Lucky for me i love the outside world , and love learning what's growing around me ! Knowledge is power ...
  7. Coming for the children … https://www.healthjobsuk.com/job_list?JobSearch_q=School+immunisation+&JobSearch_d=&JobSearch_g=&JobSearch_re=_POST&JobSearch_re_0=1&JobSearch_re_1=1-_-_-&JobSearch_re_2=1-_-_--_-_-&JobSearch_Submit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=996
  8. Quote You all do know they want this hatred purposefully generated? End quote... No hate here just information !!
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/29/holocaust-memorial-in-westminster-is-given-go-ahead-after-inquiry
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