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  1. My First games console was built by my father around 1978 the schmeatics were taken from eletronics weekly or such like hobby magazine .Its was a large brown moulded perspex box with inclosed eletronics With two leads connected to two brown hand controllers with push buttons , hooked up to a black and white TV. They were great times ,heres the game on Atari which i owned a few years later.
  2. My elder brother back then , was so into this new new tech , he owned a basic ZX81 spectrum with a large ,16k ram attached to a rear port ...connected to a Black & White portal Baal Tv. And would invest in the lastest magazines and sit in his room for days on end typing machine code ... Normally on the third day , one would hear a shrill and scream emit from his bedroom as either the computor crashed , or his nugded the ram pack on the back and its crashed ....lol and lost every thing .... I do feel that the analog days were simpler times and that the change to digital some thing changed !!! But you know that ...
  3. Elite c64 docking music
  4. Owned a Commodore 64 this was quite an addictive game to play in the mid 1980s Spy V Spy , 1984
  5. Is it just this thread that interests you Or are you talking to the posters in the covid nwo thread the same ie not to get sucked in ...
  6. Yes thats all very nice But its does not stop children stabbing each other to death daily , when that stops i know evil is gone not before
  7. Well i hope you do discover it ! This thread is but one aspect of the cabals plans to march the goyim into technocratic world Government..
  8. Bollocks thats what you said in your last lifetime ... And your still here !!!
  9. What world do you want your spirit born back into ? One where your a rootless mixed race slave with no culture or history connected by wetware to the main zion computer ?
  10. Well "whos " creating a race war ! Who owns the media Who infects education systems Whos pushing kalergi on europa
  11. So do i ! I remember a time before post code wars and teenage killings have you not noticed this ?
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