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  1. Hi Luke, Welcome to the forum, and https://t.me/may15thworldwiderally here's a telegram group for you. Stay safe and see you on the 15th. Love and light
  2. Plays a part in the divide and conquer agenda. Also adds to the social pressure to get people to accept the poison. Remember our caring gov was pushing the riches for snitches program. GMB thought this was a great idea. Just because you have the intelligence not to blame someone else for your illness, be aware that this methodology will be used to separate the jabbed from the unjabbed. How else will they explain the damage they have caused?
  3. Well the GP kind of does have a point........ "GPs in the UK receive around £12.58 for every covid-19 injection (that’s twice the usual going rate for a vaccination – presumably to buy off any dissenters) and since two jabs are often recommended that’s £25 plus another £30 if the jab has to be given to someone in a care home. So, work it out for yourself. The average GP has 2,000 to 3,000 patients and so if they give 2,000 double-jabs that’s £50,000 in each doctor’s bank account. Moreover, booster jabs are already planned for the autumn and I have no doubt that the injections will have to be repeated several times a year. So, that could be a bonus of £100,000 to £150,000 a year for keeping quiet about all the suspicions, reservations and side effects" Can't remember where I copied the quote from, but here's some proof: https://www.pulsetoday.co.uk/news/coronavirus/gps-to-be-paid-12-85-per-jab-as-details-set-out-for-covid-vaccination-campaign/
  4. No, there won't be mass graves, but there will be a huge number of hospitalisations and as you rightly point out, it will be variants blamed on the unvaxed. But if the trials from previous attempts to create this vaccine showed, the initial effect was successful. It was the encounter with the virus afterwards that caused the problem, the coming flu season. I just have this feeling of dread that I can't shake off.
  5. Hey, no need to apologize for how you feel. I get it. Feel the same sometimes, powerless in the face of all those going along with this tyranny. But I believe that something has to happen this Autumn / Winter with those who have taken the jab. Worst part of this is that so many of my friends and loved ones have had it. So, if my fears are proved right, then there are going to be tough times coming. For all of us. But remember that TRUTH never DIMINISHES!! It is the truth. Have faith in your convictions. There are people making change, doing something positive. The World Freedom Alliance, sign their petition: https://worldfreedomalliance.org/ Seek out others that are not giving in to this. Remember that a war is long and has many battles.
  6. Although I feel the same way, I refuse to accept that I will be "gobbled up" by the state. I will not take the Jab. I do not believe in the narrative around Covid. I love the meme that this is a pandemic so deadly that you need to be tested to see if you have it, and the cure is a "vaccine" that you have to be coerced into accepting. I have made the decision to accept that my life could be limited under the new "normal". BUT.....I also believe that there will be a devastating death rate and huge rise in adverse reactions among the jabbed soon. This will result in the blame being put on the unjabbed, however the evidence that Mikovits, Van Burst et al. will disprove the claims and the hoax will begin to be unravelled. The truth will come out. Remember that Ivermectin was banned by Hancock at the beginning of last year. It had to be as if there was a medicine that could relieve the symptoms of the virus then they could not enact the emergency powers needed to enforce the vaccine. Don't forget that the government declassified Covid 19 as a dangerous disease in March 2020 : https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid and this is the graph for India when they switched from giving Ivermectin wellness kits for free to enforcing the jab: Stay strong. The truth will out.
  7. Hi All, Been following David for years, ever since he red-pilled me on Agenda 21 / 2030. I have been questioning everything since 9/11. I can't forget that on Monday 10th September 2001 the BBC 4 one o'clock news had a story about a missing $1trillion dollars (or a similar huge amount) was missing / unaccounted for in the defence budget in the USA. It was never mentioned again. The next day at 2pm I was helping a friend move stuff out of a warehouse when 9/11 began. Funny how certain things just stick. Anyway, the only person who said something wasn't right was David. Been following ever since. Sadly I am now a lone voice in my immediate circle. The only one warning folks about this Covid hoax, and warning against taking the jab. Everyone seems to believe that taking the jab will allow them to live a "normal" life. I have shown them the results of previous testing and the failure to get a covid vaccine past animal trials but even that didn't stop them. The sway of the government and their manipulation is beyond my ability to dissuade people and get them to resist. I have been going to the Freedom demonstrations since March last year and am getting encouraged by the swelling numbers, but the overwhelming power is sometimes dispiriting. So hopefully this forum will be somewhere that I can connect with like minded, red-pilled individuals. Cheers.
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