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  1. I'm with you. My last 15 years of research, has led me to that conclusion. There's far too much corollary evidence to ignore. There's much speculation that Hitler didn't write "Mein Kampf." I read it and listened to the audiobook. I don't believe for a minute that a 23 yo wrote it. Guys, at 23 yo, are complete basket cases, even the smart ones. Besides, Goering didn't even believe he wrote it and states that explicitly. There is much speculation, that it was written by the Jesuits. That I believe. For those who want to know the truth about the 3rd-Reich, Goering's quotes are an invaluable resource. He even tells you, that he, "personally," was responsible for burning-down the Reichstag. You won't hear that in "any" history class; but, his quotes are freely available and not censored in any way. I highly recommend reading all of them. *Oh yeah, the Vatican "is" family run. It's my understanding, that it is "owned" by the Orsini family, with Pepe-Orsini, being the Grey (financial) Pope. This correlates with the first Orsini Pope, having "bought" his way into the Papacy. Within the Vatican, there is actually a triumvirate of three major leaders, the White, Black and Grey Popes. The White Pope, the one everyone sees, is currently Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis), the Black Pope (Superior Jesuit General) is currently Fr. Arturo Sosa; and, the Grey Pope, mentioned above, is Fr. Pepe Orsini. This represents the three pillars of power, ideas and belief (propaganda and indoctrination) "White Pope;" Military, Police and Intelligence, "Black Pope;" money and finance (Catholic Business Network), Grey Pope. *It is also MHO, that in 476 ce, the Western Roman Empire, was not actually conquered; but, instead "reorganized" like the British-Empire, after WWII. ROME NEVER FELL! Blathering-on, well after I've made my original point, I find Chingis Khan's conquest of Europe, very suspicious indeed; as well as the fact, that his troops "never" fought "any" of the holy orders. And, he sure was a long way from home. It was a logistical feat, that not even Alexander could have pulled-off, unless of course, he was being "fed from the other end," mate! Yup, I think it's very possible, that the Vatican may have hired the Mongols to "sack" Europe. We have much to thank them for; and, the list just keeps getting longer, the more I dig. It also appears, that they invented the "banking-system," which has enslaved us all! The leader of the Songhai-Empire, even criticised the "Fish Hatted King," for "terrorizing," his own people. The story-tellers of Mali, now ask for "the forgiveness of god," whenever they tell that story! Since, becoming "Christianized," of course!
  2. No man rules alone. I would vote for, The Crown Corporation, a wholy owned subsidiary of The City of London and ultimately the Vatican. *BTW, the people who founded many of the first American colonies, were Catholics fleeing persecution in "Anglican" England. What goes around comes around, I suppose. Their major settlements were in North Carolina.
  3. So far, we haven't defined who or what the Annunaki are. I suspect they are just another "hominid" species, "that got there first," with vastly different behavioral characteristics. Ebonos and Chimpanzees are technically both Chimpanzees, from different sides of the Rubicon. They look pretty much identical; but, they are vastly different socially and behaviorally. Both strategies are present in homo-sapiens-sapiens; but, the more violent-heirarchical Chimpazee-like strategy dominates. Unfortunately for humanity, the Annunaki share the same body-plan as us; and, apparently our gene pool. No fun twice! Bottle-nosed dolphins and bull-sharks are also about the same size and have similar body plans; but, no one would confuse a shark with a dolphin. I do wonder; however, if there are any biological-markers, that distinguish the Annuki, Archons, psychopaths, what have you, from the rest of humanity? For instance, Ebonos have different markings, on their fur, than Chimpanzees do. Also, there are sexual-orientation markers, coded into the anatomies, of both men and women. I'm referring to the dominant hand and digit-ratios. I hope there are some visible markers. Then, it will be possible to learn to recognize them, from anatomical traits, alone.
  4. I loved John's performances. He was one of the funniest comedians of his day. He had a very strong sense of sarcasm, which comedy absolutely requires. So, we have the "Mellons," which may be a red-herring, or not; and, we have the "Cohens." Presently, I'm going to vote for the Cohens. They are a "priestly" family of "Rabbinic (authoritarian) Judaism. What do piests do? Mind control, the sheeple; and, Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the Vatican. Wow, I'm up to my arse in priests, trying to drain a seminary. As the saying goes, "all blood is ancient;" but, the history of this family dates to the early "Levant." So, who are the players, within the Cohen family? BTW, John was as queer as a $4 bill. I don't care how many wives he had. That being said, I suspect I'm looking for a Cohen, associated with the Vatican, rather than Israel, as the power appears to be focused there; and, of course, the Vatican is the "Whore of Babylon" and successor of the Roman Empire. One more thing; and, I may be wandering off the trail. The Mellons may be a Catholic family, that descended "matrilineally" from a branch of the Cohens. The Jews practice matrilineal descent, which makes more sense than patrilineal descent, if you're actually trying to keep track of heredity. "Mata certa, pata incerta."
  5. David often refers to the "Cult," in his speeches. As far as I have been able to determine, the "Cult" refers to the "Cult of Mithras," which existed during the time of the Roman Republic; and, likely has earlier origins, dating as far back as Babylon and Sumer. The "Cult of Mithras," which apparently created contemporary "Freemasonry," predates it by millenia and was originally a veterans-club, very much like "The Defense Clubs," of the UK and the commonwealth; and, the "American Legion," in the US. From these clubs, which I understand, attracted primarily bisexual and homosexual male "military-veterans," were eventually recruited, the "enforcers" and "assassins," of the "State," which eventually evolved into what we refer to today, as the "Mafia," with its locus of power focusing around the "Vatican." Also, it is my understanding, that from these groups, were also recruited the highest state administrators, who were also often, non-breeding "Eunuchs." Some of China's greatest generals were Eunuchs; and, this "institution" also existed in Europe and the Ottoman Empire and likely in Persia, Babylon and Sumer, etc. With "ruling-families," it appears that everything is about the ruling "blood-line." This makes sense, if you consider how "social-animals" treat one-another; such as, cattle, horses, wolves, etc. This, ultimately, leads me to the conclusion that the "State" is "not" a political organism; but, rather a "biological" one! The recruitment of its leaders and administrators, from the ranks of the male LGBTQ population, has been done since antiquity, for the purposes or organization, discipline and control. Apparently, it's just easier to "massively" coordinate "male" LGBTQs, who can be motivated and "blackmailed" all in essentially the same way. Also, when ultra-rich Gays pass-away, their fortunes revert back to the State; which, is why you see Billionaires like Bill-Gates, "supposedly" giving their money away, in "philanthropic" causes, rather than passing it on to their legacy. Upon further scrutiny, it appears that the ultra-rich may only have Eunuch families, rather than any real "biological" heirs, a contemorary example being US diplomat and investment-banker "George Wildman-Ball," who only had adopted children. Also, many presidents like Barach-Obama and even Abraham-Lincoln have turned out to be Gay. Tim-Cook, has also recently "come-out." So; "who" is the "spider," the "breeding-alpha," of the "Illuminati," "Mafia," what have you? Is there actually a "breeding" Illuminati blood-line; such, as the "Orsinis," Rothschilds, etc., Or did the Gays and Eunuchs, eventually take it over, without anymore need, for a "breeding" alpha-pack, to run it, while essentially maintaining the non-breeding aspect of it? Whether alpha-breeders or Gay supermen, maybe both, who are the likely suspects and how are they categorized. Also, any advice for how the so-called straights, the mommies and daddies of the population can regain control, both physical and financial, of their world, while dispensing with the "priesthood?"
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