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  1. On youtube you may find many of the documentations regarding the healings that happened in connection with Mr Gröning. Two accounts to mention: Bruno Gröning Circle of friends & Bruno Gröning friends. Documentary to start with: The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning, three parts. Nb: Only for the severely ill and those with no hope of recovery. Last resort. God bless you all.
  2. Hola, it is called mass psychosis, causing anxiety attacks which feels like asthma attacks.
  3. Hola, I was one of the first members in the DI forum started by Harris about 15 years ago. Then I came along to DI own forum. Then I left when the gestapo turned up. Hopefully everybody is welcome here now. I never thought DI would approve of a thought police. His followers might.
  4. This thread sounds like a covid-pass... Like, please let noone infect me with a thought I do not already have in my head... Please.
  5. Feel free to share with loved ones if they love music and do not have very high thoughts of you and trust the tv more. Good Luck Everybody. We are now in the Survival Game.
  6. Hola, long time no see. Here are some good music with sane lyrics for all you sane people :) https://www.youtube.com/c/ConspiracyMusicGuru/videos Don't let them take your mind:
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