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  1. For some reason it reminds me of Ryuk (a Shinigami, or "Death God"/"Death Spirit"), from the Japanese manga/movie series Death Note. (Interesting Wiki article on Shinigami: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinigami.) It also seems reminiscent of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.
  2. Hope I've phrased this suitably safely(?), a strange random thought I had. (Admittedly I'd been drinking.) I read online that according to the Currency and Banknotes Act 1928 (UK), it's illegal to write on or otherwise deface money, However, on many occasions I've received notes (£5, £10, £20, etc) with writing on them. What would happen if someone or multiple people started writing on notes, on say around the white border/edges so as not to affect the value, words or slogans, eg "covid 1984", "plandemic" or "the vaccine is a virus", etc? How would they know who did it? As a lot of people still carry/use cash, it would be harder to miss/Ignore than say random grafitti or posters in the street. Alternatively, if such behaviour became widespread, would it just encourage further random writing and also draw negative attention and encourage a hastening of a cashless society?
  3. Does anyone know any Alternative people who are Covid sceptics/anti-jab? I've been disappointed how often I've walked around London and seen Alternative types happily masked. (Ironically, facemasks had been a popular accessory in some clubs years ago. ) Likewise, I was in Birmingham a couple of months back and the two main Metal bars I visited were strict about track and trace and the Covid app, and also preferred card payments. And again, most of the people inside were happy to be bemasked. In some ways I understand the venues have to conform in order to stay open, but Id been in a lot of non-Alternative bars that weren't so strict and still favoured cash. It just seems ironic that most of these people who proudly claim to be non-conformist and anti-mainstream with regard to fashion, music, etc, were so quick to comply to government rules. I was expecting a lot more pushback/non-compliance. Last weekend I got turned away from a big London's big Alternative night for not having a Covid passport on my phone. By the same token, being refused entry because I wasn't jabbed/didn't have the app gives a little satisfaction that I've stood by my principles all this time, so I must be doing something right. Having said that, wish I knew how many other people were turned away from any clubs for not being vaxxed, sadly I reckon most so called Alt people have already just complied just as a matter of course. As a side note, it's ironic that a lot of Heavy Metal and Industrial bands would sing songs about a "New World Order", and yet the plandemic crept up on us and nobody batted an eyelid with regards to conforming to jabs and digital passports, etc. Likewise, no-one seems to have joined the dots and seen the underlying agenda because it doesn't fit their "NWO" stereotype as seen in music videos, etc, of a blatant Orwellian, Communist-like state, so when the tiptoe started taking place they were blissfully ignorant as they didn't see the bigger picture, as it seemed like business as usual apart from the apparent inconvenience of (all but) compulsory jabs to get into venues, etc. It seems more the case that a lot of these bands and their followers were drawn to the imagery on a superficial level. Either that, or it's predictive programming. (Incidentally, just found this article on Al Jourgenson, lead singer of Industrial band Ministry, who always made a big deal about being anti-government and NWO, now he's encouraging people to get vaccinated: http://search.blabbermouth.net/news/ministrys-al-jourgensen-blasts-anti-vaxxers-just-go-get-your-damn-vaccine/) Any thoughts?
  4. There's an American Youtuber I've been following for a few months called YoungRippa59, he's actually a rapper/singer and writer, although he's not strictly a truther like Alex Jones, nor does he go into occult/esoteric stuff like David Icke or others, he's been doing a lot of stuff about Covid and erosion of civil liberties, as well as social engineering through mass media, and he has a strong anti-vax slant. Another good thing is, as he also posts about movies, comic books, etc, too, I think he's a good entry level person to watch and he probably gets a lot of random traffic for his "geek" content who end up checking out his other videos, without scaring them away with some of the more out-there conspiratorial content. I don't know if he's aware of David Icke, etc, but he's certainly aware that something is up, without going into esoteric conspiracies. I don't know if he's actually aware of such things or believes in them, but he reports a lot on things that are happening in the US on a ground level. https://www.youtube.com/c/youngrippa59/videos
  5. Just wondering has anyone here worn anything showing their anti-covid/vaccine stand out in public, outside of a protest? I remember when masks were in force in supermarkets middle of last year I felt I stood out just by not wearing one (got an exception badge off Amazon, ironically) and got a few suspicious looks, although with the vaccine rollouts more people seem to be going around maskless without being challenged. I've worn a biohazard t-shirt, but that's pretty meaningless, I'm sure plenty of people who believe in covid might still wear one to be edgy or ironic. Other than that, when I've been out and about in London, I've had my copy of Phantom Self on display, hoping to strike up a conversation on public transport or elsewhere, to no avail. Back to the point, has anyone here been out in public wearing a shirt or badge with a slogan questioning the official narrative? I'm wondering if both (a) it's worth blatantly advertising one's stance, or just covertly continuing with non-compliance such as not masking up and avoiding the jab, and (b) if wearing a t-shirt or badge (outside of a march/protest where there's safety in numbers) is setting yourself as a target and not only perhaps liable to repercussions later when people know you're a non-complier, but also making you potentially open to verbal attacks from random people, or those who've recently lost relatives, etc. Maybe something more subtle like a small badge with a syringe with an X over it, or better yet something abstract/symbolic or an acronym. Although, thanks to the internet, any such logo could become common knowledge to the general public. (As an aside, there've been times bus drivers have refused to open their doors until I've shown them my exemption badge, so it shows how easily members of the public can make life difficult for nonconformists because they think they're doing the right thing.)
  6. Thanks for your comment, all valid points, I already agree with most of them from stuff I've read here and elsewhere, going to reread your post a few more times to make sure I've not missed anything. I've asked friends who've had the jab that if they've already had it, why am I or anyone else (unvaccinated) a danger, their argument is you can still catch it, "so what's the point of the vaccine?", "Because if you don't take it, you'll get it even worse", or alternatively, "even if you're immune, you can still pick it up and pass it on to someone else." It all seems pretty circular (and somewhat irrational) to me. Another friend said that vaccine testing technology is so much more advanced/reliable now, that there's no need to spend ten years of trials as we can detect side effects that much quicker. Even with all the data you've provided, I know there's no way I could convince him otherwise. (He's very fond of the term 'conspiracy theorist' to shut down any questioning of mainstream narrative, which is odd as he's always considered himself liberal, and says CTs are right wing/republicans (like you mentioned), but I always thought liberals would usually be the ones who'd be suspicious of government/TPTB. Guess most of these terms are pretty meaningless nowadays, not only that, some if not all of these terms have been deliberately twisted.) Ironically, it seems most of the pro-vaxxers who'd call other people conspiracy theorists, have taken the vaccine purely from an emotional justification (the understandable fear of death, etc), and then tried to use reasoning to back up their decision, looking for supporting data, whereas they could have held back, and looked at the cons and made a more informed decision then still taken it if they so desired (at their own risk), but instead just jumped at the official narrative. Although, by the same token, something about this just jarred with me on an intuitive level, but that could be the result of years of reading about things like this.
  7. Briefly, I identify as an Enneagram 4w5 so always felt a bit alienated. When I was in my 20s (50 yrs old now) was a fan of writers like Robert Anton Wilson, Stuart Wilde, etc. In the early 2000s I came across a second hand copy of The Biggest Secret, then picked up a copy of William Cooper's Behold A Pale Horse on the recommendation of an ex gf. (Around that time, a lot of new age, alternative bookstores often had conspiracy sections as well, even Borders and Foyles in London were good back in those days.) Soon after, I ended up putting most conspiracy type stuff on the side burner due to lack of free time, but then had a second reawakening around 2009 after discovering Synch Mysticism, and frequently lurked on the old di site to keep up with current events. Tbh, I almost bought the official covid narrative, but then something clicked, especially as things soon started to resemble the things David icke had been writing about for all this time. After lurking here for a while, thought I'd finally sign up here to hopefully communicate with some like-minded souls. In the past few months all my close friends have had their first shot, each for different reasons, with no (discernible) adverse reactions as of yet, but I'm determined to hold out as long as possible, but at the same time feeling frustrated I can't be upfront with them about why I don't trust the mainstream narrative, and being able to justify my choice.
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