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  1. I can't thankyou enough for the reply.... I was held against my will... Not listened to which increased anxiety and made me worse... I wasn't a danger to myself or anyone else... I made a formal complaint about being held against my will and was released shortly following that complaint...
  2. I didn't have a choice regarding medication... I was told if I don't take it they would inject me... They can tell if I take it by all the blood tests I keep getting sent for... I have been well since August last year... Can't wait to be rid of meds which I believe is end of May this year.... I intend to keep my research going around covid and reporting on findings... I posted under research and assistance because that was to blame for my "mental health breakdown".... I wondered if anyone has been through it... But looks like the enlightenment I gained from mental health is a gift... Seldom ex
  3. I have followed David a while and don't intend to not listen to him... But you give a detailed description of your experiences which has enlightened slightly.. I do think that dust gathered is what happened and my brain couldn't cope with it and sort of crashed but as this happened I had lots of information given to me.... on everything going back as far as time and things I checked out were actually truth.. Backing up what was going on in my brain... I always find David icke useful and his resources have always been accurately reported on as factually as possible... such an intellect I couldn
  4. I was doing lots of research into covid and vaccines last year... I was deemed mentally unwell and sent to a phsych ward.... On leaving they told me that watching David icke has caused my mental health problems... And warned not to watch or listen to conspiracy theories... I do not believe David gave me mental health and I was treated very badly in hospital... has anyone else had what I call an "awakening" as that's what it felt like to me not mental health but information I was given whilst unwell was immense I can assure you I'm well and now on medication as they want me on medication.... Bu
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