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  1. Thankyou all its lovely to have feedback... Support... And understanding and taking time to reply to me.... Time is the most precious gift you can give
  2. I can't thankyou enough for the reply.... I was held against my will... Not listened to which increased anxiety and made me worse... I wasn't a danger to myself or anyone else... I made a formal complaint about being held against my will and was released shortly following that complaint...
  3. I didn't have a choice regarding medication... I was told if I don't take it they would inject me... They can tell if I take it by all the blood tests I keep getting sent for... I have been well since August last year... Can't wait to be rid of meds which I believe is end of May this year.... I intend to keep my research going around covid and reporting on findings... I posted under research and assistance because that was to blame for my "mental health breakdown".... I wondered if anyone has been through it... But looks like the enlightenment I gained from mental health is a gift... Seldom experienced because of research... I know how this corrupt world works as I worked for government for years I was told things no one would believe... Then the extra research I did backed up everything else and told me where we are headed... It done my head in thinking about how many peoples lives would be ruined... During this pandemic.... Or plandemic... I keep busy and focused to keep everything in check.... But also can't shake what I was told when I was "ill"... All the information I was given.... Things I wouldn't know and couldn't know... It's almost how DI explains how he heard voices etc.... Which started him on his journey to reveal things.... I do love a bit of DI though... .... And using the psych ward phrase isn't a problem... Although I hate that expression too... Thanks for your response... ☺
  4. I have followed David a while and don't intend to not listen to him... But you give a detailed description of your experiences which has enlightened slightly.. I do think that dust gathered is what happened and my brain couldn't cope with it and sort of crashed but as this happened I had lots of information given to me.... on everything going back as far as time and things I checked out were actually truth.. Backing up what was going on in my brain... I always find David icke useful and his resources have always been accurately reported on as factually as possible... such an intellect I couldn't ignore... I appreciate your time to reply back. Thanks
  5. I was doing lots of research into covid and vaccines last year... I was deemed mentally unwell and sent to a phsych ward.... On leaving they told me that watching David icke has caused my mental health problems... And warned not to watch or listen to conspiracy theories... I do not believe David gave me mental health and I was treated very badly in hospital... has anyone else had what I call an "awakening" as that's what it felt like to me not mental health but information I was given whilst unwell was immense I can assure you I'm well and now on medication as they want me on medication.... But can't help but think anyone who talks out gets stuffed up the ass.... Branded ill.... I worked for the NHS for 10 years and had a good knowledge of mental health... Had anyone been through similar experience?
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