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  1. Dear Friends Kind regards It has been over ten years since I came on this or any other forum but I thought I would return. Back in January 2001 I read the biggest secret by David Icke. For some time I read his other books also. By 2011 I did start to question some aspects of David's works and went my own for a while. However with what has gone on over the last year lets look at what he predicted in the biggest secret. 1. Terrorism 2. World economic crash 3. Stepped up surveillance on all levels 4. Police state 5. The move from cash and coins to digital currency 6. The financial restructuring of society. (The great reset that is being proposed which may or may not happen but IS being discussed) 7. Politicians and celebrities engaging in abuse networks. Edward Heath was named in the book and ten years later he was named in the papers. Literally since I read that book in 2001 these things have happened. With this covid (which I believe is a hoax) the predictions of Icke have either come true or are seeming to become true. Now we have the vaccine passports and who would have ever thought we would get to this? So I have to give the man his due and whilst I have quoted other researchers in the past I have to say I am pleased to have stumbled upon Icke's work and to have read his books in the past. Yours thankfully John
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