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  1. The sad thing is the one person (I would say a boy) in the queue didn't look old enough to drive never mind anything else. I desperately wanted to say/do something but I just didn't know what.
  2. I challenged a nurse that was at a "pop-up" vaccination centre, I wanted to ask her how she could be sure it was safe. I had their health trust leaflet (which said the "myths" were untrue), and a printout of the yellow card list of injuries and deaths, at which point she ran away shouting she didn't have time as she had to vaccinate people. Think I touched a nerve, but her reaction left me completely disgusted.
  3. I have been reading this and other websites for years, don't normally post. I have never believed one word about the covid hoax and I have never worn a mask. However, I now believe the vaccinated do pose a danger, whatever poison they have been given, I believe is somehow getting out. Last year no one was sick, now people, unvaccinated are. A person at my husband's work got the vaccine, then several of them (unvaccinated) came down with flu like symptoms. My husband is very ill, but he is vulnerable so any flu is dangerous for him. I genuinely think there could be something to the Marek's disease, in chickens, theory.
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