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  1. If it did happen, you know it's fake anyway. They did say there will be Jesus's 2nd coming.... Masses will be hysterical crying to fake Jesus up in the sky "Help Jesus, save us from Corona, give us our daily jab..." while not realising it's powered by HAARP or 5G tech holographic experience. Once you know the magic hat trick or disappearing finger, it's so boring. Can't watch this vid. It just loading....loading....loading. Seriously, I am beginning to think bitchute was created by the establishment. More project blue beam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdz1MbHLMLo
  2. I know what you mean. Less of these kind of people, the rest of the world will be filled with kind of people who can think. lol They seem like the sweetest, perfect representation of what family should be. Looking forward to their vaccination progress blog on topics like late night visit to A&E? I take it they are going to sacrifice Jacob first? You know it's the right thing to do. Making offerings, flesh n blood, fear, misery, children are the favourite of......you know who.
  3. wow. I just did a quick search and it's true. This company called Sinogene in Peking clone dogs, cats and even horses.
  4. I don't know who owns this place but equipped with underground tunnels. NOBODY will bother you here except.... The story even spooked me even though I talk to spirits. It's the story telling. Spoiler alert: I would have gone back the next day during the day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqHsHk0yG20
  5. Someone mentioned that it costs 2K p/h to hire a private jet. I am pretty certain if you hire, you will not have an airline pestering for mask or vaccine status. After all, you are the one hiring it. It takes approximately 10hrs from Poland to Dubai which will cost 20K....let's say. So this guy has just visited Poland and now back in Dubai and no sign of quarantine. I think this is the way to travel IF you must. Fuck climate change woke consciousness, it doesn't exist, not manmade at least. If you were to travel with 6 people, each of you will pay approximately just over 3K. Now, if you check on Emirates, business class costs 2.5K and 1st class costs 4K+. So with all the comfort that comes with flying on a private jet, it's well worth it. Of course, the guy I'm talking about was travelling alone though....cos he can.
  6. Remember, if cretins-NPC bothers you....they are nothing but speck of dust. Looking at the comments, I'm not the only one who watched this so many times. lol
  7. I thought this was going to be a FE music..... But anyway, yeah I'm shooting way into the stars!
  8. wow @zarkov Nice find. Instantly hooked. Why nobody posted his vids before???
  9. This is the kind of person who will go and get the 2nd shot anyway because it's the right things to do. Sorry, no sympathy. https://www.bitchute.com/video/lrZ9nar5aPHH/ A nurse, 7 months on.... Her soul left her body, it's demonic possession. https://www.bitchute.com/video/12qZ02E7mA3N/
  10. They rely on ambiguity hoping that normies won't dig deep enough or understand it. Ever changing brand name will ensure that nobody can get to the core of the problem when it is time to fight in court e.g. you can't sue an old company that has been closed etc. And if Pfizer is contracting it out, it's not their problem, is it....i.e. they can blame the contractor, which is disposable, for not doing the job correctly etc. There are so many variables they can wiggle out. I think they are trying to minimise liability in the future but also change ingredients.
  11. Gauging from the amount of Likes you didn't receive and me not dropping a basket of popcorns..... I am at a point I am still eating the popcorns. It has come down to this low and I'll have to say we shall see.... cynical? Yes. Parents, let your kids carry a liability letter and instruct your kids to show it to the vaccinator IF they were forced to jab. By this, if they are jabbed without your knowledge, the jabber was informed of your parental choice and went against.
  12. Obviously it wouldn't work on graphene oxide but if would be cool if we could shine uv or even infrared light for a few second to make some of it ineffective. I'd go around opening the freezers and zap them all.
  13. I have a feeling that this truck blockade is more effective than protes rally. It is kind of similar but it would have a direct impact on those who are not participating e.g. supplies drying up etc. If this is our Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario, Australia must provide a solution...which we kind of know. The end of Covid scam all together. Demand and force to get it. Agree, in war, there will be casulties but even if you resorted to do nothing, the number of casulties will continue anyway so it is better to act quickly in the hope that further death numbers could be minimised. Of course the blockade is not ideal but what other effective things other than marching the streets can we do? If you think being polite is a must at this stage, you do not know the evil you are facing. I had to deal with two the other day and my god, it's like speaking to offsprings of Matt Wancock, smarmy cunts who thinks they are entitled to be evil while smiling. If I could, I would have punched the face of bastards and poke their eyes.
  14. There is no point in arguing anymore. Just do what you think is right. arguing is a waste of time.
  15. https://resolution.nhs.uk/services/claims-management/clinical-schemes/general-practice-indemnity/clinical-negligence-scheme-for-general-practice/
  16. I feel sorry for Australia, an imbecile is looking after you...you have no chance. Take back your power by force because law is not working. Hail Aussie truckers!
  17. arrrgh what more do you want?! Perfect..... "Doctor: OK, lay on this convertible coffin while we observe you. There is a good chance you'll die. Might as well be honest eh?"
  18. Regardless of whether Earth is flat or not, North Pole axis has less or none magnetic field...right? I think this is our escape route. you need to head towards Polaris, the brightest star. If you become plasma when you are dead, you will get sucked back into the magnetic field hence you cannot get out. But if you follow the axis, you will be able to get out. In the Divine Intervention, the guys said, to break a cycle/circle, you draw a line, hence if you want to break the cycle of this never ending story, head towards North, axis.
  19. Home school and teach them real life skills. I remember having a carpentry lessons and made a bookshelf when I was 10. That's a good introduction to learn about how to use saw, sanding, hammering and painting etc. And teach them cooking.... sawing. It is never too early to introduce life skills. Farmer's children learn farming from very young age by simply being around their parents.
  20. As time changes, technology may have 'advanced' but I believe stragegy does not change. We've swapped from sword and axe to pepper spray in modern days but weapons are just tools. It's how you use them in which organised fashion. The basic foundation is very important.
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