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  1. Has he been able to put two and two together? This sounds like vaxx injury to me.
  2. "And he jokingly suggested feeding human beings to animals to "bring nature back". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-59039155 When they say..."it's a joke", or jokingly.....they pretend that they don't mean it but it's only a disguise.
  3. Yeah he's smart. The magic is on his face. Spot it.
  4. I reckon pure British is false. Even the Royals aren't.... some from Bavaria, Germany, Greece, Europe etc.... Some of you definitely have Scanavian blood, some Spanish etc....
  5. That chart looks very similar to how the US printed money to date. LOL https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M1SL
  6. How unfortunate. Delta airline's vaxxed pilot probably died from the Delta variant. Sings are everywhere you look. Read and watch out!
  7. Oh that sentence again!! So what do ya all think about the Covid public inquiry eh? Firstly, it's gonna take years.... remember Hillsborough....Grenfell still ongoing 4 years on. ^So they say... but likes of police not gonna investigate purince Andrew.... oh do I have faith in the system....?
  8. If anybody think Tom is pro-Trump is so wrong. He knows left/right is just a show. A Letter To My Fans HOW THE HECK IS EVERYONE!? I'm SO excited to show y'all the new video "America". It feels like the country is falling apart lately. It feels like we've become divided. It feels like our freedoms are standing on shaky ground. As someone who came to this country with NOTHING and built a comfortable life for myself and my family...I feel obligated to STAND UP and show love to the nation that gave me everything...and show my respects to the people who protect it. It's always nerve-racking releasing "controversial" songs...and for some reason...loving America has become "controversial". It almost feels like HATING on America is the trendy thing to do these days...FUCK THAT! I hope y'all enjoy this one. Alot of heart and soul went into it. I'm really worried they're going to suppress this video...or delete it all together...so everyone PLEASE do me a favor...MAKE AN IMPACT ON THE INTERNET TODAY! Share this video everywhere humanly possible. Put it on your pages, in your stories...ANYWHERE YOU CAN! Yes, this is a video release...but this is also an exercise in Freedom. I truly believe words are more impactful than any form of violence. Knowledge is more powerful than any bullet. TODAY - LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD! Don't forget to download the song on iTunes, Spotify, etc. How cool would it be to hit #1 with a Pro-America song in an anti-America climate? LETS GO CRAZY WITH THIS VIDEO! Love y'all tons and tons. Its Hang Over Gang FOREVER BABY! Us Against The World. - Tom
  9. I didn't think it was as high as 90%.
  10. I like the fact that they printed in B/W. Even if you have a colour printer, if you print in B/W yellow dots don't show up.
  11. There was a thread in the old forum exactly about this point. The ones in tea/coffe are natural occurring, not byproduct so it is different. That's how I understood.
  12. Why do they grafitti the stone? If everybody who went there chipped away some pieces from it as a souvenir..... OR..... sand it down and re-engrave the damn thing with new message. Sorry my imagination just have fun with these kind of thing.
  13. Did they comes back with an answer like Alexa or Echo?
  14. I'd think that they will mandate it quickly shortly after that. So you've got just over a year to prepare and leg it somewhere but where though. Unless we all go to sentilese island...but chances are they will spear us. lol
  15. This tells me it is the end of the world. It is bonkers. You don't see a clown in this vid because he's already gone to the underground city.
  16. They got more than they bargained for. Hollywood knows. I've never seen this show - first 1 min 30sec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm2tusr31Mw
  17. All I get from this picture is nothing more than brainwashed normies following orders..... Quite opressive vibe, not an enlightening one. Low vibration and limitation comes to mind. lol
  18. I am the same, passed the caring stage. We need the likes of tennis player, footballers to tell their vaccine injury stories. Normies might listen to them unless of course they might get censored but fans would want to know why they haven't heard from certain players and would want to know what happened. Having said this, I've enjoyed a pleasant sunny day yesterday. Of course, there is a reminder of our dystonian society but they live in one bubble, I live on a different plane. They can call me all crazy this and that shite and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter mate.... as long as I am smiling..... smiling that they don't know and they can't figure out why I am smiling. Mask = fear, insecurity, gagged, vaxxed = more fearfulness. Let them be.
  19. Out of Likes. ah the cat is out of the bag! Of course, nothing is definitive but in the absence of proof, we'd have to go by our gut feelings.
  20. You would think so but more will go straight into the bin without being read just like pizza menu and window cleaner leaflets. For effectiveness, it's better to target people even if it becomes smaller numbers. It's like word of mouth is more powerful than 500 leaflets.
  21. Thee are many brands that does flouride free toothpaste. Here is a few to get you started. https://www.weleda.co.uk/salt-toothpaste-75ml-101004 https://www.greenpeople.co.uk/collections/bc-organic-natural-toothpaste https://drorganic.co.uk/products/aloe-vera-toothpaste-100ml
  22. And what if your child is worth £120,010? Are you prepared to receive the discounted prize money? How much are your children worth in £££? Don't say Oh they are priceless. We are talking about offered max prize (as in German would say) here....120K.
  23. There is something really wrong with these women. I can't put a finger on it to describe it though. I mean, just put some clown pictures beside it and let them hold a rainbow candy floss and we are there.
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