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  1. I was thinking about this. You would need to cover your head/neck with something akin to beekeeper's hat with net, cover your body with a coat or top with trousers type of clothing then all the way down to socks. All will have to be made with no metal parts, only plastic or velcro to secure gaps. Going out is not going to be easy, let along running with it.
  2. "I guess I'm vaccinated so I don't have to wear a mask..." Oh yes you do. People generally don't change their mask every few hours. Forever touching it to adjust every few minutes so that vaccinated can go on infecting mRNA to unvaccinated. Now we know the true purpose of 'face covering'.
  3. @Michael I know you are not an expert but someone with common sense, what would you do from now on? We have choices. 1) Live happilly ever after as if nothing is going on. 2) Stop consuming food/drink bought from shops. This probably goes for clothing too because people touch them and unlike disinfecting your phone with an alcohol wipe, clothes may still contain fragments of DNA from person who made them and handled them along the way. 3) other unknown option.... here
  4. Could this be a good evidence to say it's a genocide? OR are you going to say this is also a fake news created by an actor? https://www.bitchute.com/video/HYMph6rxsg66/
  5. I am not referring to the people who genuinely doubted 'shedding' of any sort was happening since there are many disinformation floating about but there are others in the forum. One of them said those that were banging on about 'shedding' and sharing symptoms were on another level and yes we are. Therefore we also know who you are and what you do. Thanks to the person who found the document below. Now the cat is out the bag, what would you say? uh? The only way to stop this quickly is to work with nurses and ask/force them to boycott jabbing. If anybody a
  6. So here is my theory after watching the close-up video of PCR swab. It appears that the same thing (Darpa hydrogel) is in the vaccine as well as on the test swab which will disintegrate red blood cells. The reason why unvaccinated is getting the similar side effect though milder is that they inhaled/ingested a tiny amount of it through 'close contact' during the shopping or via food. Think of it like dusts or aerosole. If someone sneezes or cough near you, you inhale that aerosole that contains the ingredient. So truely, the vaccinated becomes the 'vaccine' machine, a supersp
  7. Covid Test Swabs UP CLOSE https://www.bitchute.com/video/Q8SnCVYSGjU5/
  8. Agree with a). As for b) I have not been in close contact as far as sexual contact (not really a one night stand kinda person or kiss everyone) but have the side-effects. So how close is a 'close contact'? For example, even if you kept your distance (2m) from everyone, there is always a close contact via food you buy etc. This probably means getting on a public transport or go to a pub/restaurant/supermarkets is not a good thing. They want everyone to mingle now so that vaccinated gets to work on us. They probably say they are going to relax on the face covering fo
  9. As you know crystals are good transmitter. i see why they use Lithium. it's given to Schizophrenics to dumb them down. People who has to stick swabs regularly should have an antidote for Lithium. I don't know what that is but there must be a way. My bad, Invermectin (see Fig 19) is the one that has the anti effect. No wonder it has been banned. Because we have been dumb down with likes of Flouride, mask (lack of oxygen), MSM/smartphone for mass hypnosis and now PCR swab test to mention a few.
  10. Best comment: replies to Janet are equally and undoubtedly..... funny Janet Newman 3 months ago maybe all the people that think we are overpopulated should be the first volunteers to leave, I mean if it's really bothering them
  11. Just to report, by this rate, I don't know how long I'll last. This morning, I was feeling constant but mild cramps in my leg again. Usually, when you have a cramp, you've twisted or did something awkward to trigger it but I was just laying in my bed relaxed. Then when I got up and trying to dress up I felt itchness on my knee and I thought 'oh it's a rash'. When I looked at it, it was a bruise, not big but about an inch length. Someone will jump in to say, it's all psychosomatic which caused it, I'm a shill and all that. Let them keep their opinion and you keep yours, we are
  12. Nobody (the elites/MSM) is going to come out to say "We are depopulating you." though there is a video of billy gates from the past. The narrative is "We care" but we KNOW they are depopulating us. Agree? Thus, we can only put two and two together because none of us are on the inside and will never have the data/info unless we rely on someone to leak it. oh btw, thanks for the LIKE Jikwan. As in that post, express clearly stated the mechanism. The fact that anything to do with shedding is supressed for discussion in the forum gives it a good indication of what is
  13. Well it's designed in a way for everyone to see, not my making.
  14. Which hill are you going to run to? This is global, only a small number of people needed to be jabbed to start with. The rest will be taken care of by the vaccinated. It's not like I care or not. We no longer have choice. It's a done deal.
  15. I'm sure you and Mikeil will be pleased to hear this. I'm not worried about shedding either anymore. If shedding of some sort exists, we are all fucked anyway. We can forget about warning others not to get the shot. It is done unless you think there is a reason we should continue to warn others. From now on, I can concentrate on ruining the life of those that are involved, just as they have done to us. It would give me a great pleasure. The elites are not affected because they have the antidote.
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