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  1. Glad to see the back of this slimy psychopathic prick. Hopefully the rest of them will fall soon, but I won't hold my breath.
  2. I voted for not believing in evolution... If we evolved from the apes and therefore a superior "design" why do the apes still exist? Surely they would have died out years ago? Why loose all the fur then decide to put on clothes (which are made from the furs/skins of animals "lesser evolved"?) How is that evolution? It makes no sense. There's lots of evidence to say that there were other humans or beings more advanced than us in the past, i believe something catastrophic happened to wipe them out and we had to start again. I believe this has probably happened many times over and we are overdue for another cataclysmic event, we are due to be wiped out again and it's being covered up.
  3. Seeing as though it's the mainstream media.... I think this is to get people panic buying again, supermarkets can make more money, food manufacturing can work at full capacity again. Like I say, i work in the food industry and can't see any problems, just manufacturers not operating at full because demand is low!!! I shouldn't complain because it makes my job more secure and my pay higher!!!
  4. Where are you getting this information from? I work in the food industry can can tell you for a fact that there is no shortage of food in the UK. Some food manufacturers are only producing at half capacity because DEMAND from supermarkets is so LOW... it's not the other way around!
  5. Don't you think this whole "freedom day" is just a ploy to get more people to take the jabs? I don't actually see any lockdown going on anymore, where I live all the pubs are open and seem normal (no one is wearing masks in them by me, they don't in the smaller shops either), all the shopping centres are full selling the usual crap people don't really need, everyone i know has worked as normal throughout the whole "pandemic" and all the traffic on the roads is normal. What lockdown? There isn't one.
  6. Agree with your 100 per cent. Nation states are imaginary lines drawn on a map so the few can keep the masses under their control. Our ancestors never had to deal with border crossings or have to pay a government to issue them with passports, they just got on with life, lived were there was water, shelter and food!
  7. WHY THE FUCK was this conference even allowed to happen if the "pandemic" is real???? Okay for THEM to meet in person and fly around the world!!!! Couldn't they have just Skyped each other like they tell everyone else to?
  8. You just know that they have something planned. Knew the 21st June was a load of bullshit. But what chance we got with all the sheep still being taken in by it all? Face masks and lockdown in perpetuity!
  9. They have started selling kid's cuddly soft toys with masks!!!! It's okay for you to wear a mask sweetheart, look teddy is wearing one too...
  10. Cannot stand morning TV... it's even worse than the bile that is EastEnders/coronation Street etc. BBC breakfast and GMB take the brain washing to a whole new level. And i don't know which one is more smug looking - susana reid or that nagga numpchetty whatever her name is. Charlie staht (whatever his name is) has had the same hairstyle and suit for the last 20 odd years!!! Of a morning i just put the music channels on while i am getting ready for work. (The ones that actually play music that is)!
  11. There is a Wikipedia page on Iron Dome and there is plenty of footage filmed by civilians on YouTube showing it in action, it definitely isn't an energy weapon from space... It's just missiles being fired at missiles! The sophisticated part is the way the enemy missiles are tracked by radar. I has a very Marvel comic book sounding name though!!!
  12. Flicking through the news quickly this morning I noticed the ticker tape say "Boris will take whatever measures necessary to prevent the spread of the Indian variant in the UK".... My prediction: the next lockdown will be coming soon but it will only affect the areas with large ethnic communities, that is, the poorest areas of the country, allowing the rich to go back to normality and the poor to be enslaved further!
  13. Angela Raynor.... Hot or not? I don't think she is bad for an MP. I vote hot.
  14. Some of those "live trackers" on YouTube must of been fake.... When both the U.S and China confirmed it had come down in the Indian Ocean some of those trackers were still showing it as 160km above the earth!!!!
  15. I have noticed that the altitude goes up sometimes too, according to the one stream i have been watching the rocket's orbit is elliptical so that explains why the height sometimes goes back up. It seems to be taking an awful long time to fall considering its speed though, apparently it takes only 90 minutes for it to go around the earth!!! If significant parts of it remain intact and travelling that fast, imagine what it could cause hitting a populated area...!
  16. No need for that either... There are plenty of secondhand dinghies about that they can use.
  17. For a second I thought I was listening to Meghan Markle... she sounds like her, but then they all come out with the same bullshit.... It's always I AM this.... I AM that.... What you are is a self-absorbed twat.
  18. I used to love Star Trek... especially The Next Generation. I can still watch it again and again. And the old Shatner/Nimoy films to me are the best (the lastest films try to be too much like Star Wars). In fact it's always been a show about diversity. The Original Series showed controversially at the time one of the first interracial kisses (between Uhura and Kirk)... But, the latest incarnation of it (and typical of Hollywood these days) "Discovery" has gone too far to the other extreme.... The only lead characters are female, the male characters are either gay or have something deeply flawed about their personalities. There is no Kirk type male character. (We can't have a heterosexual alpha male that gets into fist fights and always cops off with a pretty alien now can we...?) There is also no humour in it whatsoever. Everything has become about fear and despair, no positive future where people find the middle ground, where differences are accepted and everyone is open minded about new ideas. It's all "pick-a-side" nowadays, it's depressing.
  19. I am wishing for some political movement to kick off when Lizzie finally croaks it that demands the end of the monarchy... one can only hope The media were having a field day with Philip's death, their typical spiel of what a hard working, important figure he was! They are currently pushing for a new royal yacht.... What's all that about? Country in "crisis" and they want to spend more money on those parasites! "It will be good for Great Britain PLC" and other bullshit like that is heard!
  20. The most peculiar thing i find is the mask wearing (like Mr Ben says).... The fact that i am seeing people walk down the street in the open air masked up with no-one walking anywhere near them, even though the propaganda machine is telling them loads of had jabs, infection and deaths are down etc and their isn't any mandate telling them to wear them outdoors... Are these people that shit scared they will wear the fast nappy in perpetuity? How fucked up is that? The very first thing upon the masses getting jabbed should be the removal of these horrid symbols of repression!
  21. Columbo is the ONLY detective show that I ever watch and enjoy! Present day TV is all about extremes to polarise people's opinions and virtue signalling to tell people how to think. They have even ruined my favourite show of all growing up... Star Trek!
  22. What the Government has done is perfectly legal unfortunately. If the "contractual law" you are referring to is an Act of Parliament, you will find it trumps Common Law... The "consent" is formed by members of parliament voting for a Bill (tabled by the Government) to be past upon their constituent's behalf.
  23. Anyone who tries to take my dogs away from me better come driving a fucking tank because I am not loosing them without a fight. Prefer the company of my animal friends to most humans anyday!
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