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  1. I am wishing for some political movement to kick off when Lizzie finally croaks it that demands the end of the monarchy... one can only hope The media were having a field day with Philip's death, their typical spiel of what a hard working, important figure he was! They are currently pushing for a new royal yacht.... What's all that about? Country in "crisis" and they want to spend more money on those parasites! "It will be good for Great Britain PLC" and other bullshit like that is heard!
  2. The most peculiar thing i find is the mask wearing (like Mr Ben says).... The fact that i am seeing people walk down the street in the open air masked up with no-one walking anywhere near them, even though the propaganda machine is telling them loads of had jabs, infection and deaths are down etc and their isn't any mandate telling them to wear them outdoors... Are these people that shit scared they will wear the fast nappy in perpetuity? How fucked up is that? The very first thing upon the masses getting jabbed should be the removal of these horrid symbols of repression!
  3. Columbo is the ONLY detective show that I ever watch and enjoy! Present day TV is all about extremes to polarise people's opinions and virtue signalling to tell people how to think. They have even ruined my favourite show of all growing up... Star Trek!
  4. What the Government has done is perfectly legal unfortunately. If the "contractual law" you are referring to is an Act of Parliament, you will find it trumps Common Law... The "consent" is formed by members of parliament voting for a Bill (tabled by the Government) to be past upon their constituent's behalf.
  5. Anyone who tries to take my dogs away from me better come driving a fucking tank because I am not loosing them without a fight. Prefer the company of my animal friends to most humans anyday!
  6. Hi i am new to the forums after being a lurker for many years, thought i'd put my two-penneth in, though it's probably been said many times already... One of those Covid Test centres appeared by me several weeks ago, every time I go past it no one appears to be there using it and there are many videos uploaded to YouTube of empty test centres since all this bullshit began, the security often getting arsey with those daring to film it!!!
  7. I think this picture is actually Boris discovering through a kid's microscope that Covid-19 is actually fake!!!
  8. Of course they are, no place for ancient pagan festivities in the New World Order where everyone is mindless automatons!
  9. This webpage seems dodgy to me, full of spelling mistakes!!! Or is that deliberate on their part so nobody responds???
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