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  1. The Daily Mail is partly controlled by the British aristocracy. The Fourth Viscount Rothermere.
  2. Nah.... Those pair are too thick to be able to speak in code!
  3. Now the Covid "pandemic" is dying off the time is ripe for the "terrorist" attacks to start again. Got to keep the little people scared. I reckon there's going to be a big one... 9/11 scale.
  4. The state the Pontin's sites are in these days they'll think they've been transported to Beirut!!!
  5. Basically Joe Biden has armed and payed the Taliban, why would you leave all that money and weaponry behind if you knew for a while you were pulling out of the country? The whole thing stinks.
  6. I don't have a problem with refugees - as long as they are properly checked out before hand to make sure they themselves aren't any threat to our country... And before you say "we haven't got enough schools, housing etc... " Look at who is to blame for that... It's the rich powerful people keeping the wealth to themselves in our country. If you didn't have that there would be enough room to accept some refugees. Those very rich powerful people will allow some bad people to slip through though so they can maintain their place at the top of the pyramid!
  7. So it's basically the government giving itself a medal!!!! Maybe we should stand at a defined time of day and give them a round of applause....
  8. When i was a kid walking around the supermarket the one day with my mom, whilst she was distracted choosing what to buy down the one isle a guy grabbed out of me but then let go , it happened so fast and out of the blue, it really shook me up, i was frozen on the spot for a while but couldn't tell my mom what had happened. i am sure if there hadn't of been so many in the store something worse would of happened, i also noticed later on when we got to the checkouts the guy was hanging around with another bloke that was really creepy looking they both kept staring right at me. I can still picture the pair of them to this day.
  9. Who is behind this "Great Reset" that you speak of? As far as I can tell it was something that was discussed by a few business leaders (and Prince Charles of all people) at one of their shindigs in the Swiss Alps, throwing lots of ideas around.... But you really think they have the power and are organised enough to carry out something on such a massive scale? And surely the whole thing is contradictory to most rich (and powerful) people's interests?
  10. Neither is it run by far left socialists either, which is a conspiracy theory that seems to be gaining traction lately!
  11. There's a "shortage" of drivers because British drivers want to be paid more than their Eastern European counterparts (who have stopped working in Britain because of Brexit), and companies are reluctant to pay the higher wages. As a consumer do you want to pay higher prices so companies can pay for British drivers? I guess not!
  12. I'll say it again... Your number stuff is complete bollocks!
  13. Your number stuff is complete bollocks.
  14. That's very true. The new "terrorist" is the unvaxed asymptomatic non mask wearer! The irony... A few years back they were trying to ban face coverings because "terrorists" wear them!!!!
  15. "Islamic terrorism" on Western targets yes. It provides a very convenient problem for Western leaders to solve by allowing them to do whatever they want in the Middle East. To the "terrorists" how does attacking random unarmed civilians ever helping their cause? It doesn't, in fact it creates an even bigger Western interference in their part of the world, so why would they do it?
  16. "Jihad" is a thing very often thrown around by the main stream media, they over generalise / stereotype everything. If a knife attacker has brown skin = terrorist, if they have black skin = gang member. Most of these attackers are themselves members of the "indigenous population" so they are in effect attacking themselves.... Also a sign of mental illness... Not a person who has a cause they can sanely rationalize.
  17. Isn't it more likely a person muttering stuff how loud while stabbing people is just mentally ill? And how do you know they were actually saying islamic stuff? Witnesses (who would be frightened) may think they hear that or the media might be making it up... Plus the fact if you were an "Islamic terrorist" what would be achieved by attacking ordinary members of the public on such a small scale? What's the long term objective? There isn't one.
  18. No, I think some are real (but they don't happen very often, particular in the rich developt countries). Others are real but exaggerated by the media/authorities. Some events aren't actually terror attacks, but portrayed in the media as such, knife attacks for example... How is one guy armed with just a knife a terrorist? That is bullshit. A guy running people over... That is just an opportunistic mad man, not a terrorist. A terrorist meticulously plans, has a cause and a long term objective. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. If it is just indiscriminate killing that's a mentally ill person not a terrorist... But it serves the government better if joe public is told it's terrorism. If the public are scared they are easier to control, and "this knife attacker had links to [insert terror group of choice]... We can now invade countries A, B and C..., with full public support!"
  19. Don't know about anyone else, but it seems to me that since the "pandemic" there has been a significant decrease in terrorism.... Is it because Mr Extremist is too frightened of catching a virus -OR- The authorities have found a much better way of keeping the population frightened and under their control?
  20. I have made myself exempt from their rules, have done since day one!
  21. It's still all about control though isn't it? And keeping the rich and powerful at the top. They are still lines drawn on a map by someone, even if based on "organically" grown communities.
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