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  1. My local "newspaper" was running a story on people queuing up for their jabs on xmas day!!!!   Haven't they got parties/dinners to go to and booze to drink?  What a bunch of sad bastards.  The paper was running adverts too about keeping "safe this xmas" with pictures of people masked up clutching their bags of shopping!!!!  If there was a real pandemic surely the shops would be shut?!? Why can't people see through the absurdity of this covid logic?

  2. I have never met a single person who tunes into the queen's speech (or admits to it at the least) come to think of it - most people i know keep the whole tv switched off on xmas day!  They are always too busy eating/drinking/sleeping or talking shit amongst each other!  All i ever hear is people say "why the fuck would i want to listen to her for?" Pity some of them don't switch off Boris and the Covid bullshit as well -and keep it switched off permanently!

  3. 3 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    If they were following the Greek alphabet to name these variants, I'm curious as to why we skipped from Delta straight to Omicron:



    It's also funny how South Africa managed to get a new variant almost 12 months later after the last one - wasn't the 'dominant' Delta variant previously known as the 'South African Variant'? (following on from Kent and Brazilian)


    Personally, I think they've skipped to Omicron, because of how 'scary' it sounds.



    Let's face it, they are going to keep inventing variants every 12 months for eternity unless there's a full blown rebellion.  I won't hold my breath.

  4. Meanwhile, in the top secret bunker a conversation was overheard...


    Number One, your excellency, i have ze most wunderbar idea....


    Let's keep inventing variants every year to keep all the peasants locked up, muzzled and in their place.  They are so brow beaten by it all now they aren't even bothered it doesn't even give them a slight sniffle!  They just gladly mask up and follow ze rules!  They are even gladly accepting "show us your papers!" And our sales of booster jab 674512 batch M are going through the roof!  When we've run out of Greek letters we can just make some anagrams up... the uneducated peasants won't know the difference!   Goebbels and ze Fuhrer would be so proud of what we have achieved!


    Excellent work Number Two.  Excuse me while i give Mr Bigglesworth his bath.


  5. "British Sky Broadcasting" the worst offenders of all, but as long as all the sheep keep subscribing for their daily dose of football and brainwashing what chance we got.


    Sky - part of News International who also own the shit rag of a newspaper The Sun.  Constantly bombarding people with propaganda all neatly packaged along with their football coverage.  


    "I only buy The Sun and watch Sky for the football" - little realising they are subliminally being fucked over by their news programming and woke agenda.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Saved said:

    Doxing is the ground on which the worst people stand. Why would anybody want to become as the ones who are despicable? 


    I'm sure that the authors of division above the likes of Carter would love that. 


    As surely as racism only goes one way, so do online harassment laws. Not only would you be the one in the dock, you would bring this forum's owner/s into the dock with you.


    You are right.  Just a punch in his gob will do. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Thomas Newton said:

    The level of ignorance and potential "incitement to hate" is shown in this recent thread on our local website. Where this fellow openly admits to trying to "out" a non-mask wearer.


    This level of abuse, intolerance and insensitity really needs to be called out


    That "Richard carter" seems like a right nasty little shit, i hope one day i run into him and he dares to challenge me on not wearing a mask... (But thankfully i dont live anywhere near him, so the chances are slim). He would get a punch in the gob, see if his mask protects him from that.  Maybe find out where the guy lives and publish his details on here so we can harrass him... he doesn't give a shit about people's right to privacy so why should we?

  8. On 12/1/2021 at 10:56 PM, Brown Eyed Girl said:

    Here in the North West of England since Tuesday, I have been travelling on different buses using cash, and not one bus driver has told me to wear a face mask and all have been pleasant.


    However, today on my journey back home, the bus driver says 'where is your face mask?' in a nasty arrogant tone of voice. I simply say I am exempt. He then goes on to give me a lecture that since yesterday, it is now mandatory to wear face masks on public transport and starts to talk about 'Health & Safety'. Needless to say, he made me feel very uncomfortable, but I stood my ground.


    Then a guardian angel (big tall bloke) behind me could see what was going on and says to me 'are you exempt?'. I simply say yes. The bloke then turns to the bus driver and says 'I'm also exempt'. He then challenges the bus driver on his hypocrisy by asking 'why are you not wearing a mask?' which he wasn't. The bus driver simply points to the mask which is lying on his desk beside him, however, he did not give an answer and remained speechless.


    Like what has already been mentioned before, this whole mess has given some people a sense of power and they think they can intimidate and bully people. 


    Luckily on a positive note, I had someone there who could also see through the madness and supported me. I honestly cannot thank that person enough - thank you! ❤️ 

    You should go out of your way to get this little tin-pot dictator the sack.  All he needs to do is drive the fucking bus.  I find two simple words are best used against these wankers - fuck off!

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  9. 3 minutes ago, ink said:


    If you go past that point in the video to about 20 sec .... someone (masked) runs out from the reception and just skips over that 'item' .... if it was a body part (from the running persons size, I would say not a torso) then I think 'running person' wouldn't just skip over it?

    I think they would in shock (it is a mask wearer after all)... I have seen people literally step over a person who had literally collapsed unconscious in front of them.  They just walked away as if nothing had happened.

  10. 3 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Anyone know how they identified him so quickly after this?


    Liverpool Terror Attack | breaking bomb explodes in car parking of a  hospital | A bomb explodes in a car parked in the parking lot of a women's  hospital in Liverpool, killing

    I think part of his body flies through the windscreen.... In that still you can see a portion of an object in front of the car, in the CCTV footage it looks like a torso and a couple of arms... Or maybe it's just my imagination, but something definitely significant flew out the windscreen and landed in front of the car.

  11. 1 hour ago, Truthspoon said:



    I don't know why but I always had a thing for Ro Laren.


    She was sexy as hell and I guess I liked her tight bob haircut, headband and rebellious nature...sexiest Star Trek girl eva!








    Yes, Ro Laren, there was definitely something about her!  I remember the one episode when her and Troi were bumping heads... When Troi is the most senior officer on the bridge during an emergency and she hasn't got a clue what to do!  Ro Laren is like (reflecting the audience)... Wtf?  Why is there a counselor on the bridge anyway?!?

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  12. 9 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    I was always more up STTNG's Natash Yar/Denise Crosby: image.jpeg.df92744aebaaa888d6ddaa8081f700b9.jpeg


    Though from memory she looked better on screen acting than in the rather serious, Chief Security Officer, publicity shots left on tge internet.


    In retrospect, had I been 10-15 years older it may have been Colonel Wilma Deering /Erin Gray from Buck Rogers for me.



    The girl from buck rogers is gorgeous.  But tasha yar....?  She looked like a bloke, behaved like a bloke and had zero personality!  A bit like seven of nine when it came to that, way too serious. She was far better and more suited as the Romulan character that appeared later in the series (but even then i didn't find her attractive)!!!

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  13. On 10/11/2021 at 3:02 AM, Truthspoon said:


    In the far east and Arab world they have little hand showers which are connected to the water supply and these fire water at your behind.

    It is far more hygienic that moving things around with bog roll. It never really gets the job done.


    I don't know why we haven't moved on to hand showers by now to be honest.


    Much better for the environment too.






    I use a thing called a "travel bidet" it's basically a squeezey bottle that sprays water up to clean you.  I only ever use toilet roll to dry myself afterward.  I feel so much cleaner this way, I can't stand wiping with toilet roll and don't understand why people even took up the practice in the first place when theirs usually a supply of water nearby!!!!

  14. I saw a main stream media interview with the guy who is the leader of "Insulate Britain" - when questioned if he would hold up an ambulance carrying a critically ill person on the way to hospital he said with no remorse that he would hold that ambulance up even if it meant the ill person died..... My thoughts were why would you deliberately make the public turn against your cause like that by making such a statement?  It's a charade. 

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  15. The more this sort of stuff goes on the more it makes it obvious the media and big corporations work in cahoots with each other.  Create a panic so people buy more than they need and the company's can bump their prices up.  Fuel, energy prices and now food....  It's win win for them as long as the stupid sheeple keep falling for their bollocks.  Which they do, they never learn.

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  16. 5 hours ago, nada_1987 said:

    Nothing wrong with being a family man, people often complain that the NWO are trying to destroy the family so here you go 

    There isn't.  But Bond isn't one.  He's supposed to be an assassin. A family would create a weakness his enemies would exploit. They've changed his persona so more women will go to see the film.  They don't give a shit if it pisses the life long male fans off.

  17. 8 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    Ahhh.Counselor troi there is no-one better. I met her once at a scifi event. I was heart broken when i heard her speak in that east london accent of hers. Otherwise lovely and fairly funny.

    That's very true.  I was completely shocked when I heard her real voice!

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