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  1. NATO hasn't expanded east through the barrel of a gun, those former Warsaw Pact/Soviet countries wanted to be members, probably because they felt threatened by the likes of Putin!
  2. It's a no-brainer that he is a tyrant, look how he treats some of his own people. He rigs elections to stay in power. He tells other countries who they can be allies with. He invades a neighboring country. He orders his troops to fire missiles at civilian housing. Do you need any more proof?
  3. People said those exact same words about Germany and Adolf Hitler. Look what happened there.
  4. The double headed eagle is a remnant from the Holy Roman Empire which covered what is today modern day Germany (where the Rothschild's originate) and Russia, it is no wonder they share the same heraldic symbols. It isn't a conspiracy.
  5. You come across as being a complete know-it-all about all things conspiritorial, much like every other conspiracy theorist, yet you didn't know other NATO members were supplying arms to Ukraine. If you're a citizen of a western country (although I reckon you're just as likely to be at a keyboard somewhere in Moscow) it is in your interests that NATO is strong, the more members it has the better. So what if politicians canvas nations to be members... it's only a threat to despots like Putin and his supporters.
  6. Nobody needs bog roll anyway, just water and a wet flannel!
  7. There isn't, there wasn't one before, neither was there a bog roll shortage, just people being stupid
  8. Do tell me what's his end game is then... He hasn't got one, he will loose
  9. You would be wanking over Adolf Hitler by the sound of it then if he was doing his shit today. The man is "no fool", the "most competent and intelligent leader" pmsl, his country is in an economic mess, there are many that despise him, he represses any opposition and he is fighting a conflict he cannot win, unless he wipes out every single Ukrainian, he is going to get bogged down there fighting guerilla warfare for years. The Russians can't cope with guerilla tactics much the same as the Americans can't, look at Afghanistan. They will loose in the end.
  10. I never said the EU was perfect, what I said was countries voluntarily choose to join it. The EU doesn't invade and threaten countries like Putin has. I am not caught up in anything, l live in the real world not some fantasy of "NWOs" and "hidden agendas".
  11. What a complete load of nonsense. John McCain has fuck all to do with the EU and since he isn't or never been President of the U.S. has no say in who is a NATO member either. Obama has no say in who joins the EU. Countries voluntarily join NATO. Countries voluntarily apply for membership of the EU. It isn't done under the threat of invasion. Which is what Putin is about. NATO mission is one of defence, built on an attack on one is and attack on all. The EU is about countries PEACEFULLY co-operating with each other. It's not some sinister conspiracy called the "NWO", that exists in your head. The sinister threat is Vladimir Putin. Who benefits from a weak EU or NATO....? Putin. Like I have mentioned a couple of times on here already, some of you are manipulated by Russian propaganda.
  12. They were doing it yesterday by me. I was tempted to ask them if they had enough bog rolls before the Russians invaded.
  13. Looks like he does it deliberate to me as a joke, he is laughing as he does it.
  14. Q. What do you call an Iranian living in the UK? A. A Ukrainian.
  15. It's not just Germany... Britain, France & U.S have been doing it too. The Germans were the last to start, they had some law (a remnant from WW2) that prevented them from doing it.
  16. Ukraine is a Viking nation... The Kievan Rus were Viking settlers. They then migrated across Asia to form what is now modern day Russia.
  17. Yeah, HP, the one with the British House of Parliament on!
  18. You guys would think it was still a conspiracy even if Russian tanks started rolling down your own street lol You can be manipulated by a foreign government and media (e.g., Russian) just as much as as you can be by a western one.
  19. Remember all the PR campaign of him "serving in the army".... They should send him on the frontline now.
  20. I am really tempted to print this out and post it to people for real lol
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