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  1. It's always struck me as a little suspicious that when a small energy firm goes bust it's customers are automatically sent to one of the "Big-6" suppliers!!!! So much for the "free market" and consumer choice!
  2. **Contains spoilers** The Hollywood attack on the straight white male continues whilst also maintaining fear of the coronavirus....! This time they've completely fucked up James Bond. He is now a family man making breakfast for his kid. Gone are the days of him being a womanising deadly secret assassin. 007 is now a black woman (We've been expecting you Ms. Bond!). The bad guy's secret weapon is a VIRUS that people unwittingly carry around with them for the rest of their lives that can only kill certain individuals/groups of people that it is programmed to.... (It also happens to have been stolen from a top secret Government lab).... And this film was said to have started production BEFORE the "pandemic"!
  3. "David Baddiel"? Wasn't he that unfunny bloke that used to be on the TV? Frank Skinner's sidekick? I was wondering what had happened to him. Talking shit on twitter like the rest of the wankers.
  4. Can the troops please shoot all the panic-buying cretins. Problem solved.
  5. She's probably panic bought enough bog roll to soak it up anyway
  6. Nah, they should have charged her 20p because it isn't a bag for life
  7. Somebody should set fire to the cunts, preferably with the fuel they stole!!!
  8. You do realise both the Angles and the Saxons are Germanic Tribes.... The "Celts" are also immigrants from continental Europe. We are all European.
  9. Still the Brexit was a good idea? Stuff like this makes me think not.
  10. The British royal family haven't had any real power for several generations. They are there purely to make the Prime Minister and the Government more powerful. The British PM has more power than the U.S. President when it come to power over their own citizens. British Government ministers wield both Executive AND Legistalive power. A true democracy keeps them seperate.
  11. I find it amazing how quickly the Taliban are able to fly the American helicopters... It's as if they had training beforehand..... They haven't hung anyone though. You can quite clearly see the guy is waving his arm about.
  12. They haven't hung anyone though. You can quite clearly see the guy is waving his arm about.
  13. Oh that crappy free paper they give away to the commuters.... So they can brainwash them on the way to work!
  14. Surely the Afghans would be more at home in Scotland anyway.... Wee Jimmy Cranky Nicola Sturgeon would welcome them as a workforce, there are more mountains there and Glasgow is a complete shit-hole like Kabul.
  15. Isis Special K sounds like a branch of the security services as well as a breakfast cereal. I thought how it was strange how we hadn't heard of this new group before - until this fuck up in Asscrackistan. Did they suddenly appear or where they there all along?
  16. The Daily Mail is partly controlled by the British aristocracy. The Fourth Viscount Rothermere.
  17. Nah.... Those pair are too thick to be able to speak in code!
  18. Now the Covid "pandemic" is dying off the time is ripe for the "terrorist" attacks to start again. Got to keep the little people scared. I reckon there's going to be a big one... 9/11 scale.
  19. The state the Pontin's sites are in these days they'll think they've been transported to Beirut!!!
  20. Basically Joe Biden has armed and payed the Taliban, why would you leave all that money and weaponry behind if you knew for a while you were pulling out of the country? The whole thing stinks.
  21. I don't have a problem with refugees - as long as they are properly checked out before hand to make sure they themselves aren't any threat to our country... And before you say "we haven't got enough schools, housing etc... " Look at who is to blame for that... It's the rich powerful people keeping the wealth to themselves in our country. If you didn't have that there would be enough room to accept some refugees. Those very rich powerful people will allow some bad people to slip through though so they can maintain their place at the top of the pyramid!
  22. So it's basically the government giving itself a medal!!!! Maybe we should stand at a defined time of day and give them a round of applause....
  23. When i was a kid walking around the supermarket the one day with my mom, whilst she was distracted choosing what to buy down the one isle a guy grabbed out of me but then let go , it happened so fast and out of the blue, it really shook me up, i was frozen on the spot for a while but couldn't tell my mom what had happened. i am sure if there hadn't of been so many in the store something worse would of happened, i also noticed later on when we got to the checkouts the guy was hanging around with another bloke that was really creepy looking they both kept staring right at me. I can still picture the pair of them to this day.
  24. Who is behind this "Great Reset" that you speak of? As far as I can tell it was something that was discussed by a few business leaders (and Prince Charles of all people) at one of their shindigs in the Swiss Alps, throwing lots of ideas around.... But you really think they have the power and are organised enough to carry out something on such a massive scale? And surely the whole thing is contradictory to most rich (and powerful) people's interests?
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