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  1. I use a thing called a "travel bidet" it's basically a squeezey bottle that sprays water up to clean you. I only ever use toilet roll to dry myself afterward. I feel so much cleaner this way, I can't stand wiping with toilet roll and don't understand why people even took up the practice in the first place when theirs usually a supply of water nearby!!!!
  2. I saw a main stream media interview with the guy who is the leader of "Insulate Britain" - when questioned if he would hold up an ambulance carrying a critically ill person on the way to hospital he said with no remorse that he would hold that ambulance up even if it meant the ill person died..... My thoughts were why would you deliberately make the public turn against your cause like that by making such a statement? It's a charade.
  3. Why on earth people panic buy toilet paper is beyond me. It is not an essential item, ever. Has nobody heard of washing their arse with water in this day and age?!? Snowflake mentality strikes again.
  4. The more this sort of stuff goes on the more it makes it obvious the media and big corporations work in cahoots with each other. Create a panic so people buy more than they need and the company's can bump their prices up. Fuel, energy prices and now food.... It's win win for them as long as the stupid sheeple keep falling for their bollocks. Which they do, they never learn.
  5. There isn't. But Bond isn't one. He's supposed to be an assassin. A family would create a weakness his enemies would exploit. They've changed his persona so more women will go to see the film. They don't give a shit if it pisses the life long male fans off.
  6. That's very true. I was completely shocked when I heard her real voice!
  7. Just saying saying the expression in the eyes remind me of someone else. They don't have to be an exact physical match to do that! By the way you are right Martin Lewis is a little prick!
  8. It's the starey eyes in the bottom picture remind me of Martin Lewis, the guy really creeps me out!
  9. I have to agree. Never saw the appeal of 7 of 9. She never smiled either, she was in constant bitch face mode. Counselor Troi from TNG, Jadzia Dax (with her hair down) from DS9 and Yeoman Rand from TOS are the ones for me!
  10. No way! Babylon 5 was the best Star Trek space station based series lol apparently the shows stole each others scripts!
  11. It's all very well saying that but when it's a film/character/tv series you love from childhood that has been completely hijacked and transformed into something unrecognisable it's like and old friend has betrayed you and the powers that be have found another way to try to grind you down!
  12. He looks like Martin Lewis, the creepy "compare the market" know-it-all
  13. I had actually forgotten that that bit was in the film but I remember now. This film is definitely blatant programming of the masses. Went to see the film during a weekday at 10am of the morning, cinemas are usually dead then but this film was packed out, the hype is doing its job and the sheep will swallow the program.
  14. Agree with you 100 per cent. They're turned Bond into a chic-flick. Star Trek is dead to me as well. And now Bond. Like you say at least we can still watch Connery and Moore for some heterosexual adventure escapism. P.s. If you want true Star Trek made recently watch the Orville!
  15. Supermarkets are soul destroying places to shop, they may as well finish you off completely.
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