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  1. If they were taking on water maybe there was an electrical failure and the systems to get them back to the surface were unable to work. They had already lost communication with the surface vessel. My understanding of that submarine is that a lot of its navigation was dependent on comms with the surface ship.
  2. Please get his name right it's Micron not Macron, there's nothing big about him.
  3. I think some of it is probably them having a pop at the Americans.
  4. Apart from the bottom of the oceans, which are inhospitable anyway and impractical to exploit, i fail to see how the majority of the earth's surface is unexplored.
  5. Jeremy vine show lol the television phone in program for daily mail readers.
  6. What's ponzi? It sounds like a japanese version of bingo
  7. So it's caused by the WEF even though Micron is the WEF, god this shits complicated, glad there is people in the know on here.
  8. That's very true. But if I didn't have a choice and had to pick one over the other i would pick left
  9. I thought people on here would be glad people were rioting against the WEF puppet Micron?
  10. Looks like it's France that will be facing civil war not Russia. Riots spreading throughout France, President Micron enflaming the situation, hopefully it won't end well for the WEF puppet. Discuss.
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