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  1. I think it's their choice. Just as I've chosen, just as you've chosen. Difference is, we're making our choice from very different information and beliefs. In whole, ones fate really is in their hands, my mother took the thing, double and wants boosters... That was her choice and there's nothing I could do, this is everyone's choice.
  2. Why did Covid have a wave during the summer unlike other infectious respitory diseases. Its the winters effect on immunity that increases respiratory disease transmission. It was the vaccine destabilising the immune system that Covid could infect during the summer. The summer wave was a disease of the vaxxed. No longer a disease of the elderly and infirmed but a disease of the vaccinated.... So they blame the unvaxxed, if you believe that then maybe.... Depopulation? If your too stupid to survive a fake pandemic and taking untested poisons without research well.... Too stupid, survival of the smartest.
  3. It can't be destroyed like Polio, a vaccine was never the answer and I think drug companies took advantage of the fear and desire for a magic cure. Just like the flu they surely know its never leaving and will serve their control measures during this the great reset. Corona viruses make up 30% of common colds.
  4. It really doesn't matter if we bust the whole conspiracy wide open, they're surely depending on enough damage being done in the mean time. Just like 911, half of Americans now believe the government caused it to enter the war. So what, the wars over and they got the oil and fought the terrorists. Just like Biden pushing his unconstitutional and illegal property scam on landlords, he said they'd get enough money out the door before they're stopped, he said that. They're so bold they don't even hide it and why would they, what the fuck is anyone gonna do? Until someone does something they will continue to get bolder until we're all subjugated and they win out it falls apart and there's a war but still by the time they're stopped it will be too late, in fact I think they're betting on it. I think a revolt its part of their plan, I think a global revolt surely organised in part and fuelled by their well practised agents, will be the final blow. I think the falling of the Tower will be their greatest work of all time and everyone just like the dumb reactive animals that they are when scared and desperate, will play directly into their hands like puppets in the theatre of their own fate. Non-compliance, render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and render unto God that which is Gods. Return all that belongs to the system, all attachments be they physical or mental. Remove the negative, make room for the positive... and add on. The system relies solely upon your compliance. Your heart knows your choices.
  5. They should let Covid run its course, but since when have government's had the balls to make the tough devisions and see anything through.
  6. Communist Vaccine Identification - 2019
  7. Most people took the vax simply because they didn't have the fight in them. I bet most people didn't want to, I bet most people know the pandemic isnt on the level. But I also bet most people just believed that if they got vaxxed then it might make all this shit go away and so they did it, but to no avail, in fact it made things worse.
  8. Man, big Pharma and governments put drug pushers to shame... They know how to sell drugs! There's no way I'm getting jabbed. Jab me and I'll jab em right back, I'll Crocodile Dundee their ass. Pull out a bike pump with a Kebab Skewer stuck in it and be like 'You call that a syringe?...This is a syringe!'
  9. My Body, My Rules. Die and its their body their organs unless you've stated otherwise. The law around organ donation in England has changed. All adults in England are now considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups. This is commonly referred to as an 'opt out' system. Opt-out below and remember to firmly and directly inform your family of your decision, that upon your death they aren't persuaded to 'change' your decision by the NHS. https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/register-your-decision/do-not-donate/ 1. Overview The government recently passed a law to change the rules for organ donation in England from 2020. The law introduced a system commonly called “opt-out” or “deemed consent”. Everyone in England over the age of 18 will be considered to be in favour of donating their organs and tissues after death unless: They have said they don’t want to donate their organs (they have “opted out”) They have appointed a representative to decide for them after their death. They are in one of the excluded groups – under the age of 18, ordinarily resident in England for less than 12 months before their death, or lack mental capacity for a significant period before their death. The family of the deceased will always be consulted first and they will still be able to provide information on their loved one’s wishes. If they have information that their loved one would not have wanted to donate their organs or tissues, organ donation will not go ahead. https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/register-your-decision/do-not-donate/
  10. Question: How will they balance these two contradictory parts of their agenda. They are pushing for vaccinations whilst at the same time they're claiming the unvaxxed are making the vaxxed far more sick. Apparently the varients that are mutated in the unvaxxed end up harming the vaxxed far more.
  11. Masonic Airport. My favourite is the Coffin.
  12. Funny, Vitamin D can reduce risk of hospitalization in those infected by 75%. Yet, lockdowns prevent outdoor exposure to the Sun.
  13. It was a joke, a play on the word 'lost'. Trump just said 'Woke means looser'. Classic.
  14. She's Hot! Man, she can paint my balls any day!
  15. Ima setup a GoFundMe!! page to raise bribe money to get people vaxxed. I'm sure if I chuck a junkie £100 he'd get vaxxed and as this is a charity, I should be able to keep like 80% of the donations... Covax, now with Fentanyl... Do the responsible thing!
  16. Kinda telling that all post-apocalypse movies are filmed in these kind of cities.
  17. Why do all planned cities look like post modern Communist architecture.
  18. mRNA isn't new, it's about 30 years old and not once have the test animals survived without serious injury. Lost, yeah like one loses a loved one, the control groups died.
  19. Vaccine doses by location Doses given Fully vaccinated % of population fully vaccinated Worldwide 4.46B 1.21B 15.5% China (Mainland) 1.78B 223M - Hmmm? India 509M 113M 8.3% United States 351M 166M 50.7% Brazil 153M 45.6M 21.6% Japan 99.7M 41.6M 32.9% Germany 95M 45.6M 54.9% United Kingdom 86.5M 39.4M 59.2% France 76.5M 33.4M 49.7% Turkey 76M 28.8M 35.1% Indonesia 74.3M 23.8M 8.8% Mexico 72.1M 27.4M 21.4% Italy 71.7M 33.4M 55.4% Russia 66.2M 27.7M 19.2% Spain 58.5M 28.3M 60.2% Canada 50.5M 23.3M 62.1% Pakistan 37.4M 5.19M 2.4% Poland 35M 17.9M 47.0% Argentina 34.6M 8.55M 19.0% Colombia 30.2M 13.2M 26.2% Saudi Arabia 30M 9.92M 29.0% South Korea 27.5M 7.72M 14.9% Morocco 26M 10.9M 29.9% Chile 25.7M 12.3M 65.1% Malaysia 24.5M 8.77M 27.5% Philippines 23.2M 10.7M 9.9% Netherlands 20.8M 9.62M 55.7% Thailand 19.6M 4.28M 6.1% Bangladesh 17.7M 4.52M 2.8% United Arab Emirates 17.1M 7.13M 73.0% Belgium 15M 7.18M 62.7% Peru 14.6M 6.05M 18.6% Cambodia 13.9M 6.02M 36.5% Sri Lanka 13.8M 2.78M 12.7% Australia 13.6M 4.57M 18.0% Ecuador 12.9M 3.25M 18.7% Portugal 12.8M 6.21M 60.4% Iran 12.4M 2.77M 3.3% Israel 11.7M 5.4M 59.6% Hungary 11.1M 5.49M 56.2% Sweden 10.9M 4.44M 43.4% Greece 10.8M 5.36M 50.0% Cuba 10.8M 2.81M 24.8% Czechia 10.7M 5.08M 47.7% Dominican Republic 10.4M 4.37M 40.7% Kazakhstan 10.1M 4.36M 23.5% Austria 9.98M 4.84M 54.7% Romania 9.5M 4.93M 25.4% Vietnam 9.41M 946K 1.0% Taiwan 9.18M 501K 2.1% Switzerland 9.09M 4.21M 49.3% South Africa 8.6M 3.58M 6.1% Uzbekistan 8.3M 1.26M 3.7% Singapore 8.04M 3.81M 66.8% Denmark 7.69M 3.45M 59.4% Nepal 6.99M 2.49M 8.7% Ukraine 6.54M 2.4M 5.4% Hong Kong 6.18M 2.69M 35.8% Ireland 6.09M 2.9M 59.2% Finland 5.91M 2.15M 39.0% Egypt 5.65M 1.81M 1.8% Norway 5.62M 1.93M 36.2% Serbia 5.58M 2.73M 39.2% Azerbaijan 5.42M 2.26M 22.5% Jordan 5.27M 2.26M 22.4% Uruguay 4.88M 2.28M 66.0% Bolivia 4.72M 1.8M 15.6% El Salvador 4.66M 1.63M 25.3% Slovakia 4.33M 2.03M 37.3% Mongolia 4.2M 2M 62.0% Algeria 4.15M 725K 1.7% Venezuela 4M 1.1M 3.9% Qatar 3.95M 1.82M 64.2% Nigeria 3.94M 1.4M 0.7% Myanmar (Burma) 3.5M 1.53M 2.8% Costa Rica 3.42M 851K 16.9% Tunisia 3.29M 1.4M 12.0% Croatia 3.12M 1.52M 37.2% Panama 3.09M 739K 17.4% Lithuania 2.79M 1.3M 46.6% Guatemala 2.67M 373K 2.2% Zimbabwe 2.6M 864K 5.9% Laos 2.57M 1.21M 16.9% Belarus 2.38M 981K 10.4% Kuwait 2.38M 923K 21.9% Bahrain 2.37M 1.06M 64.9% Ethiopia 2.27M - - Honduras 2.15M 333K 3.4% Paraguay 2.12M 287K 4.1% Iraq 2.1M 495K 1.3% Bulgaria 2.09M 1.04M 14.8% Lebanon 2.09M 917K 13.4% New Zealand 2.02M 770K 15.7% Oman 1.89M 337K 6.8% Kenya 1.79M 696K 1.3% Slovenia 1.77M 831K 40.0% Angola 1.68M 710K 2.2% Afghanistan 1.44M 219K 0.6% Latvia 1.39M 702K 36.6% Ghana 1.27M 406K 1.3% Albania 1.24M 545K 19.0% Mauritius 1.24M 554K 43.8% Senegal 1.2M 303K 1.9% Estonia 1.17M 506K 38.2% Uganda 1.15M 4,129 0.0% Côte d'Ivoire 1.1M - - Moldova 1.09M 533K 20.0% Palestine 1.03M 422K 9.0% Cyprus 1.02M 474K 54.1% Bhutan 1.01M 475K 62.3% North Macedonia 933K 409K 19.7% Guinea 919K 341K 2.7% Rwanda 854K 403K 3.2% Sudan 819K 183K 0.4% Tajikistan 807K 56,301 0.6% Malta 774K 396K 78.7% Libya 737K - - Luxembourg 726K 330K 53.8% Kyrgyzstan 722K 179K 2.8% Mozambique 715K 321K 1.1% Trinidad and Tobago 645K 228K 16.4% Georgia 641K 197K 5.3% Fiji 629K 144K 16.2% Malawi 624K 159K 0.9% Bosnia and Herzegovina 612K 230K 7.0% Maldives 605K 278K 52.4% Macao 526K 237K 36.9% Zambia 490K 188K 1.1% Iceland 477K 255K 71.5% Togo 475K 154K 1.9% Kosovo 470K 164K 8.8% Niger 423K 60,317 0.3% Nicaragua 416K 163K 2.5% Timor-Leste 403K 103K 8.0% Guyana 397K 142K 18.2% Botswana 371K 129K 5.6% Jamaica 370K 132K 4.5% Cameroon 350K 55,854 0.2% Montenegro 346K 158K 25.4% Equatorial Guinea 314K 132K 9.7% Yemen 311K 13,322 0.0% Somalia 280K 87,135 0.6% Suriname 261K 71,371 12.3% Namibia 228K 53,455 2.1% Sierra Leone 225K 15,170 0.2% Mauritania 224K 18,755 0.4% Mali 207K 55,999 0.3% Republic of the Congo 199K 66,027 1.2% Madagascar 197K - - Northern Cyprus 195K 85,859 26.3% Brunei 188K 40,592 9.4% Belize 187K 52,230 13.4% Cape Verde 184K 21,679 3.9% Curaçao 177K 83,456 53.0% Barbados 177K 76,665 26.7% Armenia 172K 51,605 1.7% Comoros 162K 41,358 4.9% French Polynesia 161K 73,724 26.4% Jersey 143K 68,733 70.2% Seychelles 141K 68,553 70.2% Aruba 140K 66,575 62.6% Syria 131K 9,312 0.1% New Caledonia 130K 61,569 21.4% Isle of Man 125K 59,863 70.8% Eswatini 119K 54,183 4.7% The Bahamas 109K 46,793 12.0% Gabon 104K 42,363 1.9% Cayman Islands 98,419 48,111 74.1% Liberia 95,423 9,135 0.2% Central African Republic 95,282 9,901 0.2% Samoa 92,415 25,401 12.9% Democratic Republic of the Congo 86,170 4,260 0.0% Bermuda 82,976 41,059 64.2% Andorra 82,349 33,904 44.0% Gibraltar 78,459 39,119 116.1% Lesotho 72,948 36,311 1.7% Benin 70,323 21,405 0.2% Antigua and Barbuda 69,518 31,056 32.0% Faroe Islands 67,049 31,716 65.2% Federated States of Micronesia 64,991 30,016 26.4% Greenland 64,591 27,558 49.0% Saint Lucia 58,309 25,522 14.0% South Sudan 56,989 4,763 0.0% Tonga 47,553 18,712 17.9% Turks and Caicos Islands 47,263 22,696 59.4% Guernsey 46,587 13,618 - Sint Maarten 45,346 21,104 51.8% San Marino 45,204 22,907 67.7% Monaco 44,060 19,606 50.3% São Tomé and Príncipe 43,978 11,871 5.5% Saint Kitts and Nevis 43,873 19,952 37.8% The Gambia 43,557 12,303 0.5% Turkmenistan 41,993 9,753 0.2% Dominica 40,553 19,661 27.4% Solomon Islands 40,404 10,975 1.6% Liechtenstein 39,492 18,855 49.1% Marshall Islands 38,055 17,688 30.1% Grenada 37,689 16,236 14.5% Burkina Faso 37,120 2,371 0.0% Chad 36,173 9,662 0.1% British Virgin Islands 27,883 11,438 38.1% Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 25,782 10,008 9.0% Guinea-Bissau 25,225 1,225 0.1% Vanuatu 23,995 114 0.0% Cook Islands 20,509 9,578 54.9% Anguilla 18,193 8,765 58.1% Nauru 14,784 7,251 57.6% Haiti 14,074 341 0.0% Wallis and Futuna 9,372 4,638 30.3% Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha 7,892 3,531 62.4% Caribbean Netherlands 7,391 1,665 6.4% Tuvalu 4,772 - - Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) 4,407 1,775 62.5% Palau 3,109 - - Montserrat 2,791 1,337 26.8% Niue 1,216 32 2.0%
  20. Well everything is magnetic to some degree and just because the jab is said to create a current in response to an alternating EM field, it could be a number of things, even a biological response. Jordan Peterson said 'Almost every idea is wrong, therefore it's best to treat them as such and throw everything you can to disprove them that if they stand up to scrutiny, then you have something of truth'. I've only seen this rush to jump to conclusion after conclusion like the magic bullet that will fell this tower will be found so simply. I see little more that wishful thinking and a lot of misinformation and if GO has some truth, one would have to test the actual vaccine and those in receipt and I don't know any lab that's doing this directly.
  21. I think Graphene Ozide is akin to Gates mind control chips in the vaccine. Simply designed to serve as ridiculous misinformation to repel anyone who may consider looking elsewhere for truth. They've simply muddied the waters. Separate the Wheat from the Chaff.
  22. Hey Covid free communities, Covid free living. Underground, sterile living environments for the Vaxxed population. The future is now. Go live underground you Covidiots. Jules Verne...
  23. We all know what is healthy. Your Mother told you and you tell you kids. Exercise, eat greens and fruit, dont eat to much junk food, get some Sun, don't be lazy etc We all know... A good multi vitamin and mineral with your meal, only wash with tap water, don't listen to politicians... And on drugs, follow Buddas advice on the middle path for the way is straight and the gate narrow, moderation is the key, neither excess nor deprevation in all things. Oh, and don't spill your seed, it really is the alchemical prize of your food, blood, marrow and then you waste it. Nuts aren't just generative... They're regenerative too... I don't fear Covid, I fear Covidiots.
  24. Ah educated sense.. I'd forgot what it sounded like...
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