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  1. I think it's their choice. Just as I've chosen, just as you've chosen. Difference is, we're making our choice from very different information and beliefs. In whole, ones fate really is in their hands, my mother took the thing, double and wants boosters... That was her choice and there's nothing I could do, this is everyone's choice.
  2. Why did Covid have a wave during the summer unlike other infectious respitory diseases. Its the winters effect on immunity that increases respiratory disease transmission. It was the vaccine destabilising the immune system that Covid could infect during the summer. The summer wave was a disease of the vaxxed. No longer a disease of the elderly and infirmed but a disease of the vaccinated.... So they blame the unvaxxed, if you believe that then maybe.... Depopulation? If your too stupid to survive a fake pandemic and taking untested poisons without research well.... Too stupid, survival of the smartest.
  3. It can't be destroyed like Polio, a vaccine was never the answer and I think drug companies took advantage of the fear and desire for a magic cure. Just like the flu they surely know its never leaving and will serve their control measures during this the great reset. Corona viruses make up 30% of common colds.
  4. It really doesn't matter if we bust the whole conspiracy wide open, they're surely depending on enough damage being done in the mean time. Just like 911, half of Americans now believe the government caused it to enter the war. So what, the wars over and they got the oil and fought the terrorists. Just like Biden pushing his unconstitutional and illegal property scam on landlords, he said they'd get enough money out the door before they're stopped, he said that. They're so bold they don't even hide it and why would they, what the fuck is anyone gonna do? Until someone does something they will continue to get bolder until we're all subjugated and they win out it falls apart and there's a war but still by the time they're stopped it will be too late, in fact I think they're betting on it. I think a revolt its part of their plan, I think a global revolt surely organised in part and fuelled by their well practised agents, will be the final blow. I think the falling of the Tower will be their greatest work of all time and everyone just like the dumb reactive animals that they are when scared and desperate, will play directly into their hands like puppets in the theatre of their own fate. Non-compliance, render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and render unto God that which is Gods. Return all that belongs to the system, all attachments be they physical or mental. Remove the negative, make room for the positive... and add on. The system relies solely upon your compliance. Your heart knows your choices.
  5. They should let Covid run its course, but since when have government's had the balls to make the tough devisions and see anything through.
  6. Communist Vaccine Identification - 2019
  7. Most people took the vax simply because they didn't have the fight in them. I bet most people didn't want to, I bet most people know the pandemic isnt on the level. But I also bet most people just believed that if they got vaxxed then it might make all this shit go away and so they did it, but to no avail, in fact it made things worse.
  8. Man, big Pharma and governments put drug pushers to shame... They know how to sell drugs! There's no way I'm getting jabbed. Jab me and I'll jab em right back, I'll Crocodile Dundee their ass. Pull out a bike pump with a Kebab Skewer stuck in it and be like 'You call that a syringe?...This is a syringe!'
  9. My Body, My Rules. Die and its their body their organs unless you've stated otherwise. The law around organ donation in England has changed. All adults in England are now considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups. This is commonly referred to as an 'opt out' system. Opt-out below and remember to firmly and directly inform your family of your decision, that upon your death they aren't persuaded to 'change' your decision by the NHS. https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/register-your-decision/do-not-donate/ 1. Overview The government recently passed a law to change the rules for organ donation in England from 2020. The law introduced a system commonly called “opt-out” or “deemed consent”. Everyone in England over the age of 18 will be considered to be in favour of donating their organs and tissues after death unless: They have said they don’t want to donate their organs (they have “opted out”) They have appointed a representative to decide for them after their death. They are in one of the excluded groups – under the age of 18, ordinarily resident in England for less than 12 months before their death, or lack mental capacity for a significant period before their death. The family of the deceased will always be consulted first and they will still be able to provide information on their loved one’s wishes. If they have information that their loved one would not have wanted to donate their organs or tissues, organ donation will not go ahead. https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/register-your-decision/do-not-donate/
  10. Question: How will they balance these two contradictory parts of their agenda. They are pushing for vaccinations whilst at the same time they're claiming the unvaxxed are making the vaxxed far more sick. Apparently the varients that are mutated in the unvaxxed end up harming the vaxxed far more.
  11. Masonic Airport. My favourite is the Coffin.
  12. Funny, Vitamin D can reduce risk of hospitalization in those infected by 75%. Yet, lockdowns prevent outdoor exposure to the Sun.
  13. It was a joke, a play on the word 'lost'. Trump just said 'Woke means looser'. Classic.
  14. She's Hot! Man, she can paint my balls any day!
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