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  1. I think it's their choice. Just as I've chosen, just as you've chosen. Difference is, we're making our choice from very different information and beliefs. In whole, ones fate really is in their hands, my mother took the thing, double and wants boosters... That was her choice and there's nothing I could do, this is everyone's choice.
  2. They're watching and they see everything. You dont control this forum or everyone else's opinion no matter how much you complain to the mods.
  3. Why did Covid have a wave during the summer unlike other infectious respitory diseases. Its the winters effect on immunity that increases respiratory disease transmission. It was the vaccine destabilising the immune system that Covid could infect during the summer. The summer wave was a disease of the vaxxed. No longer a disease of the elderly and infirmed but a disease of the vaccinated.... So they blame the unvaxxed, if you believe that then maybe.... Depopulation? If your too stupid to survive a fake pandemic and taking untested poisons without research well.... Too stupid, survival of the smartest.
  4. Yeah, dont do business with them, dont enter into contract in any way, verbally or otherwise. Stay on point. So you know how many passive aggressive fake coughs Ive had in my direction. Now I do thus ridiculous cough behind their back when ever they do it... Always white people though... This is me after someones weak ass cough.
  5. It can't be destroyed like Polio, a vaccine was never the answer and I think drug companies took advantage of the fear and desire for a magic cure. Just like the flu they surely know its never leaving and will serve their control measures during this the great reset. Corona viruses make up 30% of common colds.
  6. Yeah, I think you mean your threads with my answers. Keep trying, maybe you'll excite the public hate against me by suggesting its them and not you who's being negatively effected.
  7. Censorship, the first refuge of those intolerant of disagreeable opinions. For shame...
  8. In truth my interest in Covid is somewhat academic, I don't really live in a pandemic, my life is little changed . I know I won't be vaccinated, for they still must obey the law of Karma and I will never choose to be so.
  9. Cool, Alex Jones has changed so much since then.
  10. Hey, Cremate those Cares. Less you want to be a Judeo-Christian sinner riddled with guilt. Pour out those old beliefs and bottoms of right and wrong. There's no sin with permission, follow thy bliss for its a brave new world.
  11. So it was you! I knew you squeeled... Goodnight...
  12. Be careful stepping backwards, you might trip in shit. Oh and your battle lines, not mine. I draw my own and they're curvy, like a fat woman.
  13. So your point is to accuse me of Satanism to excite the forum in negative discourse that I may be summarily disregarded in all that I say. As I said before, those true seekers have an A class bullshit detector and always decide for themselves... Less of course they foolishly become susceptible to arbitrary influences of the uncritical reactionary masses. Those I believe in are the spiritually antipathy of the weak minded folly of the masses and all those that would excite such discourse against them.
  14. Not a religion but a mask upon Satanism... A very fine distinction.
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