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  1. The blood of the Earth forming a new skin. Its rather beautiful.
  2. I'm do not wear a mask and I am not getting vaccinated. What others do is their business.
  3. You can't be more offended than the person who was insulted. Self righteous indignation on behalf of another's offence, how narcissistic can one be to act more offended than the person who was insulted.
  4. If their life spans are many times ours, maybe even essentially immortal, then they'd have all the time in our world to influence and cause change. This head on attack stuff, no, these UFO's are simply our own technology that we engineered from, say Roswell, but it maybe used to fake an invasion or just first contact, either way man will forget their differences if an external threat required us all to fight together for the whole planet. (Only a 48 Second Clip)
  5. Causing brain injury to get high? I know Dopamine, when oxidized by free-radicals and not by MAO (monoamine oxidase) is also neurotoxic and is metabolized into hydrogen peroxide inside Dopaminergic neurons as seen with MDMA (ecstacy) neurotoxicity. A good place to begin to understand neurodegenerative diseases is the free-radical oxidation of monoamines and their toxic by products when further metabolized by the monoamine oxidase enzymes. Lack of antioxidants is not a new problem, Scurvy was Vitamin C deficiency. All diseases are caused by either a lack of n
  6. Yeah, it was kinda disproved when high dose anti-oxidants where administered along side and they failed to alleviate schizophrenic symptoms. Then again it's never just one thing.
  7. Can this guys lab decipher mRna technology, does he have access to the 'supercomputers' that can run the genome. A genetic laboratory to reverse engineer mitochondrial DNA from the vaccines end-product. Honestly, I don't even know if this can be done with any real certainty or understanding of the genetic results. Its going to be like looking at software in ones and zeros, I'm obviously not a geneticist but I've little faith in this delivering results. Sorry, but 110% for the idea and follow through, I just don't see this as the smoking gun.
  8. Adrenochrome isnt an active molecule, its simply oxidized adrenaline and is often formed as an adrenaline metabolite. Its psychedelic effects come from movies such as Fear & Loathing where it was said to be produced from human glands but this is just entertainment. Its a legal substance worlwide to sell/possess/synthesize and is easily made by rather simply oxidizing adrenaline (epinephrine) with silver oxide as the catalyst. It has no direct effects on the brains receptors as oxidized monoamines are inert, hence MAO (monoamine oxidase) deaminates monoamines such as
  9. There's literally nothing on Austrias ley lines or megaliths, maybe there's not much magic in Austria.
  10. Then again if your dumb enough to take the vaccine........
  11. £120k, one time payment for damage caused by vaccines in the UK. In America drug companies are protected by vaccine court, where the drug company isn't even involved and you're compensation is paid by the tax payer. They where basically being sued constantly in the 80's so big pharma said to the government 'no more vaccines unless we get federal protection' and so they did. Since then you can't sue a drug company in the USA for damages from vaccine side effects, instead you go to vaccine court.
  12. If the vaccine is safe. If anti-vaxxers are delusional and dangerous spouting misinformation, then from the very beginning we should have made a clear agreement between the people and the government, that if the vaccine does end up having serious negative effects then in a large percentage of people, then by pre-agreement, we should be able to fine them an extortionate amount of money as they had agreed and bet that their mRNA vaccines would be safe, a bet, and an agreement that if the Nation takes this experimental vaccine, everyone as a whole, then against the risk that they gave the odds fo
  13. I think Nixon said 'Bohemien Grove was the faggiest fucking place he'd ever been too'. I remember watching Alex Jones's video when he snuck in and filmed their ritual of the 'Cremation of Care'.
  14. Ragnarok is upon the land of fire and ice. A pillar of fire.
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