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  1. No one would have said has she had the vaxed as a first response. They seem pretty fake, not how a real conversation would take place.
  2. As far as I see in that link it's for quarantine cases. There wasn't a mention for unvaxxed, there was a court case to determine if what there using it for was legal. I wouldn't put it past them at some point using it on unvaxxed people tho.
  3. Not really, you just come across as a parasite that won't leave. All you seem to do is push for confrontation. Dunno if your lonely or something but you've got a get a life. Wasn't you hugged enough as a child?
  4. 3d printers are OK but not alot have access to them. Unfortunately you have to sit back till the right time. When they start coming for people would most likely fit that time. You start before hand and you won't have the support for it. The secret societies, occult groups, church mases under there wings from all faiths, military, police the majority of the herd leaves very few. Some herd will join but only when people start being secretly nicked or too many start dying and they realise somethings not right. At the moment it's only flu and normal deaths rebranded, and the dying from vaxed is no
  5. I see someone called out people with duplicate accounts a while back, and you can only guess as to why that would be going on. Then I see someone out someone that had been using a second account with a different name. You have crowleys successor in hear and they work with illuminate in the mind control buisness. I see someone said icke was a mason did some searching and come across a pic of him on a grandmaster chair with a high up pose. The article states that he neither confirms or denys being one. Well if you wasn't one you would have no problem denying it so I'll take that as a yes then. I
  6. Im just in 40s and I have one text but luckily I'm registered to a doctors surgery at a previous address which is no where near me. If there sending letters someone else is getting them. I ignored the text and haven't had a second one yet.
  7. Hope you make a recovery from it. Let's face it, many things have been released from labs that compromise peoples health so wouldn't put it past them to have dreamt up a new toxin to have released. You never got bit by anything did you like in lymes spreading. I'm on the fence on weather something is coming from the vaccine but I wouldn't rule out the possibility to it. Something seems to be going on with peoples health, so something must be causing it.
  8. If you don't mind me asking, what symptoms have you been suffering with?
  9. After I noticed it was going on there isn't one person I look at that doesn't seem to be involved. The more I looked into it thinking i could expose them and blatant calling them out in the street the more the situation seemed to worsen. When I learned to just be quiet it did seem to stop being so destructive although I still notice there still observing me for choice of a better word.. Had plenty of evidence that was on sim cards and stored on laptop only for the sim cards to have been emptied and laptop to go corrupted. I do wonder what the point to it is, not sure if it's a case of simply p
  10. Thanks for the book recommendations I'll look into those
  11. What's peoples views on if the cabal have their way, what will the planet look like and how it will function once the covid agenda is finished with. I always thought they would have released the nukes while they went and hid underground as opposed to releasing a dodgy vaccination program to achieve their goals.
  12. Is this how this site normally works, someone told me everyone was kinda on the same wave length on here.
  13. I thought the BSE scare was meat off the bone which is why the tbone was off the menu
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