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  1. I live on an Indian Reservation in Minnesota. Recently our local newspaper ran a story that stated our county ( entirely within the reservation) had the highest Vax rate per capita in Minnesota. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. In one week, there were ambulances at the three houses on every side of me, the fourth being unoccupied full time. One neighbor is dead, although that person had preexisting conditions, another neighbor appears to be okay and the third I don't know. What are the odds of your neighbors all having a medical event needing paramedics in one week! That wouldn't even happen in a nursing home or even a hospice residence! The obituary section has doubled in size with four people under the age of 40 dying suddenly and one elderly person dying unexpectedly. I see the increase around here but no one seems to be batting an eye. My sister an hour away and not on the reservation also states that her local newspaper obituary section has increased. This is getting scary to me!
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