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  1. Hi Guys, Thank you for the replies to my post of 27th June. I've taken on board the points that were made, especially about the censorship which is rampant in the MSM and across social media platforms. I'm still scratching my head though about this whole Covid situation in relation to the medical and scientific communities. There's something missing here, it's too simplistic to say that threats and censorship prevent them from having their voices heard. The human spirit is a powerful force and is not that easily subdued. There are ways that they could overcome this and NHS staff did in fact take part in dozens of protests on 3rd July calling for an end to underfunding and under staffing and they are considering taking industrial action. It's hard to comprehend the notion therefore that one day the cult declared that there was a fictitious virus rampaging around the world and then all the top doctors and scientists meekly went along with it. I would surmise that those in the medical and scientific communities are not in the main inherently evil people. Of course there's always going to be a few bad apples in every profession but doctors work to save lives and are bound by the four pillars of medical ethics. It is too far fetched to say that these highly educated and dedicated professionals would just 'shut up shop' and stop treating their patients for life threatening conditions such as cancer and heart disease knowing full well that many of them would die as a result. David has been talking a lot recently about the renegade mind and heart. Individuals who have a renegade mind will not fear the consequences of not complying with something they know is wrong. Amongst the millions of doctors and allied health professionals around the world, statistically speaking there's bound to be a great number who are 'awake' and who do possess a renegade mind. It would be totally against the moral compass of these individuals to go along with the Covid hoax. I'm still trying to figure out what the missing link is because no right minded medic would wilfully deprive patients of essential medical treatments. It would be an act of malfeasance. Silencing people and preventing freedom of thought and expression might work in a totalitarian society like North Korea but this Covid situation is being played out globally. There's only been a handful of countries in the world which haven't been affected by 'Covid' and they are mainly islands in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Something's not adding up with this Covid script and it fails to take into account freewill and individuality and the differences between and within the health systems around the world.
  2. Hi everyone, I've followed David Icke for years and I posted on the new members forum a few weeks ago. The thing that has really bugged me throughout this scamdemic is how the cult have managed to manipulate the global medical and scientific communities into going along with the Covid narrative. A few doctors have spoken out but it's a tiny number considering that there are literally millions of doctors, scientists and other health professionals in the world. I can understand how a small number of people could be silenced but the sheer scale of this Covid scam is enormous. David always says that if we don't acquiesce to the cult's manipulation then it's game over for them. Surely then if the medical and scientific communities came out en masse and affirmed that there isn't a virus then this hoax would be exposed for what it is and would render the cult powerless. David says that the medics are cowed into submission and are silenced because they fear the reprisals that would ruin their careers. How would that work though if millions stood up and spoke out about the scam, that threat would be pointless. Can anybody shed any light on this, maybe I've missed something but I can't get my head around the logistics of the whole thing.
  3. Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself, I've followed David Icke for years and was a member of the old forum. I check in every day to keep up with what's going on but haven't posted in a long time. I thought that I should start interacting with fellow truth seekers and the DI forum/site is a haven of sanity in this insane world. Like a lot of people on here I've given up trying to talk to friends and family about this Covid hoax and the rest of the crap that is going down. As David says though you can't coerce people as they have to wake up in their own time. Looking forward to being an active member of the forum and exchanging ideas and information.
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