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  1. Early this morning, sometime before 7am, my gf and I were driving east (90°) on Interstate 20, around mile marker 135 when we saw this bizarre anomaly (for lack of a better word) in the clouds along the horizon, approximately ENE of where we were. There was a section of the horizon that looked at first as if it was a shadow of something in the way of the early morning rising sun and had I not known anything of the topography of where I was, I could have easily ruled it off as a mountain or something way in the distance. The thing of it is, is that there are no mountains here. As the sun rose, it quickly seemed like something very large appeared had moved through the clouds sometime in the early morning hours. The attached pictures really speak a thousand words here. As you look at them, pay attention to the right side of the "opening" through the clouds. It looks as if the clouds--particularly on the right side--were "dragged" by whatever caused the phenomenon. I've lived in this part of the world all my life. I've never seen anything like this. Has anyone else and does anyone have an idea what would cause what is seen in the picture? Thanks in advance! Bear PS: I know it looks like a shadow of a mountain peak or large hill at first glance but I can 100% guarantee it isn't. There are no large hills or mountains in NE LA. (Note: To me, the anomaly I'm referring to is very apparent in the images but if anyone can't see what I'm talking about, don't hesitate to let me know. I can edit the picture and outline the shape.)
  2. Southern Arkansas/North Louisiana/Western Mississippi area
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law Armesis. My dad and step-mother out in AZ were vaccinated and my dad recently became tachycardic and had to be checked out. I'm sure more damage has been done at this point but I haven't had an update in the last couple of weeks. My step-mom probably has had some side effects too but she's a bit of a hypochondriac anyway so it's hard to tell what's real and what's psychosomatic for her. I have no plans on being vaccinated but as I have been telling my daughter all her life, you should hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I appreciate your input, especially about sinovac. As you just exemplified Armesis, you can be put into a position to be "forced" to take one.
  4. Thank you for saying that. I was really giving up on this thread because I felt the same way. Obviously, NOT taking the vaccine is the choice to make but the point here is to think about what you do if that choice was no longer an option. Pretend you were told "You either take the vaccine on your own accord or you will be held down and injected." In that HYPOTHETICAL scenario, which vaccine would be best? What are the differences between them and which would have the least impact on our genetic code? Which one has the best chance of surviving after taking it? Etc. etc. etc. etc.
  5. There is no rapture. That's a lie. The antichrist will be satan himself, disguised as Christ. He will be doing everything Christ would do (except actually being Christ). Millions of Christians will worship him thinking he's real but he's not. There is no rapture. I spent over 30 years studying this. There is absolutely no rapture. God will come as a thief in the night alright, because people are going to be looking the other way so it will be like a thief. Most people will not be expecting it because they will be worshiping the wrong one. There. Is. No. Rapture.
  6. This is neat but there is absolutely no way Noah's flood covered the entire planet. Rather, it covered the known "world" at that time. That would make much more sense than thinking Noah was gathering two of every animal on the planet. That alone should be a red flag. That would mean he would have to have two humpback whales, to kangaroos (only Down Under), two penguins (only in Antarctica), two Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish, two giant clams from the south Indian/southwest Pacific ocean, and two of that species of fish that's only found where I grew up in the southern US. Plus he would have to have room for all these creatures, along with 7 of each clean animal (people tend to leave that part of the story out). This is in addition to how much rain would have to fall to cover the entire planet... think about that too: That's higher than Everest. That's nearly one billion cubic miles of water and that's with a 25% margin of error. As one person's calculations put it, that's 1.35 quadrillion Olympic-sized swimming pools. Now according to usgs.gov, a one-inch rainstorm drops 27,154 gallons of rain. The height of Mt. Everest is 29,031.7. 29,031.7 x 12 inches per foot = 348,380.4 There are approximately 36.48 billion acres of land on the planet. So an inch of rain on each of those acres altogether equals 990,577,920,000,000 gallons of rain Now take the height of Mt. Everest in inches, 348,380.4, and multiply that by 990,577,920,000,000, and you get a total of 345,097,932,000,768,000,000 gallons of water. That's 345 quintillion gallons. I would go further to calculate how much time it would take for that much water to fall but I think the point is made. So all that math and the logistics stuff about the animals, let alone the weight of the animals in a wooden ship that was only so big... It makes far more sense for the flood to just cover the area that was known to the Hebrews as the "world" than it would to cover an entire planet. And that's why I don't believe the Flood covered the entire planet. This didn't make sense to me as a kid, much less an adult. Even with several trillion gallons as a margin of error, it still couldn't have happened.
  7. This is an easy question to answer. Kenites. Those who claim to be Jews but are not. They are the culprits. They are the ones behind all the debauchery in the West.
  8. That isn't the same person. There are dominant genetic features in the picture on the left that do not show up in the picture on the right, and vice-versa.
  9. Here's a blast from the past for anyone who's interested... Reznor and Bowie in I'm Afraid of Americans. They worked so well together,
  10. I'm hoping not to have to take any of them but I know it's just a matter of time. I'm not keen either on the option to be tested weekly--especially considering the cost as I'm sure that will become an issue either. I suspect that option will be going away before long so then I'll be faced with having to decide. I work for a public school system and I can't see them not making it mandatory for continued employment. If they do--if it's a "get vaccinated or lose your job" option with no choice of weekly testing, I don't know what I will do. I have nothing to fall back on, will be out of job, unable to pay bills, unable to pay rent, unable to pay child support, unable to have a place to keep what little I own...I'll pretty much lose everything. I have a child and a dog who both depend on me. The ideal option of "keeping refusing it" until I hit the point where I am literally living in a gutter somewhere is not realistic. I could survive but I'll have only the clothes on my back. I'm hoping it won't come to that and maybe my refusal on the basis of religious grounds will work, I don't know. I keep hoping someone with some means of making a difference will start question all this but so far, it's just us...and I really don't know what we can do in the whole grand scheme of things other than what we're doing now. Maybe my daughter's mom can take care of her and my dog and I can hike to the mountains.
  11. Thank you for your input (though in the scenario, you're forced to do it so no option to say no). I hope more people post their points of view.
  12. If you were forced to choose which vaccine to get, meaning that not getting it is not an option anymore, which vaccine would you get and why? I know this may take some time to answer but I think it could be a good thread for anyone caught in such a situation---to have a way to really compare each one. thanks in advance.
  13. “My bet is that with respect to that statutory authority, they’re on pretty strong footing given the evidence strongly suggesting … the degree of risk that (unvaccinated individuals) pose, not only to themselves but also unto others,” said University of Connecticut law professor Sachin Pandya. Source: https://www.knoe.com/2021/09/10/bidens-vaccine-rules-set-off-barrage-legal-challenges/ This is one of the most nonsensical statements I have ever heard. I'm looking around for Ashton Kutcher because I feel like I am on an episode of Punk'd. They have openly said their pseudovaccine doesn't stop the transmission of their pseudovirus. So if this is the case and no one can actually see it, then how do they know they got it from someone who is unvaccinated?? This is ludicrous! I really don't know if I'm awake at this point because I cannot fathom how anyone with any degree of intelligence would buy into this. Why isn't anyone pointing this out???
  14. I understand where you are coming from brokenbird. Where I live in the southern US and within my profession, we haven't had mandated vaccinations *yet* but I know it's coming. I feel sad for my daughter who is 16 and was looking forward to going to college but is now concerned about what her future holds. She told me the other day she doesn't know if she will go to college after all--especially if it means she has to be vaccinated. There is nothing new under the sun and this too shall pass. Still, the future is uncertain and if I allow myself to be carried away with the paranoia and fears, I would easily do so. You are not alone with your thoughts, feelings, and stance. My late step-father was an ordained minister and would always ALWAYS tell me to be covert. "smarter than the serpent", and to "agree with your adversaries quickly" (from Matthew 5:25) to avoid being caught up in the system. I hear his words in my head all the time and try to make decisions that would be agreeable to him. With all that said, I firmly believe whatever spiritual entity you follow will understand your situation. Good luck my friend.
  15. I just wanted to leave a message on the board here and wish everyone the best during these trying times. Peace from theanonymousbear.
  16. I wish there was something like this going on where i live.
  17. Anyone have a link to the rsvp for the 9/11 event coming up? I'm trying to share it with a friend but it seems like the info for the event has been removed from the main DI page. It was there a few hours ago but seems to be gone now (or maybe it's just me?). Thanks in advance.
  18. I'm glad I was able to contribute something to the group with this thread. It's something that weighs on my mind a lot as I talk to people. Right now, my girlfriend's best friend's grandmother was diagnosed with COVID but recovered and was allowed to go home but then supposedly contracted it again along with pneumonia and is now back in the hospital. I don't know what she has but I don't believe it's a monster disease that's eradicating the planet like the media portrays it. Like you said LoT, if the mainstream media said a symptoms was a runny nose, everyone would be screaming about having it. On a different note, I find it strangely "funny" that antibody infusions are helping people yet they are still pushing for everyone to be vaccinated. Something is wrong with this vaccine picture. There is no logic with it.
  19. I watched both videos. Thank you for sharing.
  20. Interesting. I heard there were problems but never looked into it further. My mind was (and still is) too focused on the vaccine. I will look into this more. Thanks!
  21. If the testing is fraudulent, which may entirely true, do you think there is a reason to explain why some people come back negative while others are positive? Back in August 2020, my daughter and I were both tested and we were both negative; and still today, there are people I know who are tested and still come back negative. One lady I know is a widow who is probably in her late 70s and got tested after she was in contact with a member of her church congregation who later tested positive. I just wonder what makes someone test positive if the test itself is either flawed or not measuring anything at all.
  22. I have a background in psychology, with several degrees in various areas of the field. I remember a story we were told in grad school many years ago about how powerful the brain is with regard to its influence on the body. According to the story, a person under a state of hypnosis was told a lit cigarette was going to be placed against his arm and he was not to move. In reality, the cigarette was just a piece of chalk but to the person, it was real (as is the case with someone who is truly hypnotized). His body reacted to the chalk as if it were the cigarette and formed a physiological response. Fast forward to now. We have COVID-19 information blasted at us every day, on every platform imaginable. We are told we have to wear masks and if we don't we're part of the problem. We're being bribed to take a vaccine in ways and at a scale that has never been done before. We are told about all these new variants and how deadly they are. We are slowly being restricted more and more. What the eyes see and the ears hear, the brain believes. I believe it was Goebbels who said something along the lines of "if you tell a big enough lie long enough, people will believe it" (don't quote me on that...the source may be different). I think about story with the chalk and all the stuff related to COVID and to me, I think the general public is being essentially brainwashed. This how I explain the mass hysteria component to all this.
  23. According to Verizon, 5G is not yet available in my area though that may be what is said publicly. The loss of taste and smell are common symptoms where I am. The individuals I know personally who were diagnosed positive for the pseudovirus were sick prior to a vaccine being available. One of the people received the vaccine afterwards and told me she is now questioning her decision as she is experiencing arthritis-like joint pain in her arms and legs whereas before (and throughout her life for that matter) she hasn't had any pain or joint problems (she is a slender woman in her early 40s). She also said some things smell really bad now whereas before, they had a pleasant smell. Grass is one of the things she mentions that she used to like the smell of but now, she says it smells rotten. Another lady I know told me she smelled cigarettes after her pseudovirus infection and it took months for the smell to go away. No one in her family are smokers and the smell occurred unexpectedly in places where no other people were and/or where cigarettes would never be (such as her house).
  24. What does everyone say to people when talking about how the virus is fake yet they know (and even you know too) people who have been sick from it? I know too many people who were "diagnosed" with it and even if the test is a joke, it doesn't account for the similarity in symptoms seen throughout the cases--namely loss of taste and smell. When speaking to them, I can keep them on board with it all until the conversation turns to how they, themselves, were diagnosed with it or someone they know was. So far, I have been going with it being a state of mass hysteria--what the eyes see and the ears hear, the brain believes--and that in itself causes a psychosomatic reaction. I know this is very possible but I don't feel like it's a strong enough statement with regard to explaining their symptoms. suggestions?
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