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  1. oh. well, five of them are supposed to be aligned still. mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, and saturn. looks like the others are following the same pattern but i guess not.
  2. Does anyone think the planetary alignment that's occurring tonight has any bearing on the cult and it's timeline/plan with the shit they are doing? News reports I've seen focus only on Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn but according to the SkyMap app I have, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are also in the alignment. The attached picture was quickly made from two screenshots from my phone and roughly shows the alignment of all of them.
  3. Just stumbled across this and wanted to share. I don't know what to think. On one hand, justice may finally be served to some degree but on the other, what will a US under a Kamala Harris presidency look like?
  4. Very good point. I have lots and lots and lots of old computer hardware. I had hope to leech the gold off them but that's been such a time and money consuming process and I don't have a forge to convert the flakes into anything (I've managed to get that far with it). At least chopping it all into something useful would be more productive. I wonder how good of a spearpoint could be made by cleaning boards completely, cutting the pattern and then gluing the pieces together. Then sanding/grinding it down to a sharpened point...
  5. No, it's not turning. Do you know what's really cool though? I cut off all mainstream news about 6 months ago or so and I haven't been on social media of any sort since March 2016. I really have no idea at all what's going on in the world. In fact, I've been so "out of the loop" that sometimes I have to stop and think about why exactly people are wearing masks when I see that random person here and there wearing a mask like a moron. Visiting Icke's page each Friday and occasionally coming here to comment on something is the height of my news and social media activity. I don't stream videos or tv programs. I listen to music and watch the movies and TV shows I've been downloading since the days of Napster. The only time when I get any "news" is when my gf tells me a snippet of something going on in the world but that only happens on occasion. What's cool about it all is that once you disconnect, none of it exists anymore. Yes, prices are high and shit like that but I literally go through life knowing that the trickery is in place and knowing the shit's about to hit the fan but not being sucked up into the mindless crap that is broadcasted everywhere. It's a great feeling
  6. What would happen if people just said "fk you" and not use their social credit system? In other words, what if we just stopped all their shit? Just curious.
  7. This makes better sense than the first thing I said made some sense. It's interesting too that you mention the Jewish affiliation. I saw something somewhere the other night that claimed the whole thing behind Ukraine was the Jews' plan to have that as there sacred place for the New Jerusalem; and that Putin was actually trying to stop it by taking over the Ukraine. I remember being a bit perplexed by that because I had thought just what you mentioned wideawake--that Putin is in league with the Jews. He's no more a true "Russian" ethnically as the Jews in Israel are ethnically Hebrews. As I typed that, I remember what my dad would always say: "They aren't Jews. They are those who claim to be Jews but are not. They are Kenites."
  8. you made sense out of what he said? you're good. LOL :D :)
  9. I played around once with a device that used water with a little 2007 Saturn Ion3 I used to have. The car had got about 36mpg on the highway. I checked it several times on my daily commute and it was always in that ballpark. I made my device out of PVC pipe, stainless steel wallplates, nylon bolts, and several other similar pieces of material and ran it in conjunction with the existing engine. My fuel economy increased to 51mpg at the highest reading. I never really picked it back up since that time. Seeing how things are going, I think I may rebuild my design and use a different electrolyte.
  10. please pardon my ignorance here but what is a morphic field?
  11. Interesting. And makes sense---especially the bit at the end about Biden and Hunter standing to lose billions if Putin succeeds because all their shit deals are tied up there. This explains why there was this sudden huge push to shun Russia. But if you consider how the ultimate goal is to subjugate the masses, then perhaps the same people are controlling both sides and the overall global "reactions" as shown to the world. In other words, it's just another distraction from what they are really doing. Something else is going on while we're off looking over there.
  12. does anyone know of anything significant that is supposed to happen on 2/22/2022? I've read some things but it all could just be a bunch of BS. just curious and not many people I can ask
  13. Okay. you win. So I don't have covid...but I don't have the flu either. Clearly I had an infection of some sort that caused me to have a fever, sore throat, mild cough, and headaches. It's not covid and it's not the flu. Who knows what it is...I suppose I'll never find out and fine. I can deal with that. One thing none of you can explain though is why my sense of smell for a very small specific group of things has abruptly changed. My temp never got over 99.1, and it was only that high for maybe 12 hours at the most, if that long. Even now with it back to normal, the odor of certain condiments that I have enjoyed most of my life is now repulsive to me. Basically anything with vinegar in it smells strongly of some sort of chemical and nothing like how I know vinegar to smell. These are not new items for me and they're all different brands and compositions: tartar sauce, BBQ sauce, ketchup, and to a very mild degree, mustard...they all have the same overwhelmingly potent and offensive odor now. And this isn't my first time to be sick or have a fever. The flu may cause a temporary absence of smell or taste but I've never heard or known anyone to experience a change in how specific things smell. But whatever... I'm not going to get an answer here or even a good discussion on the topic. Later.
  14. I know many people think COVID isn't real. I was one of those people, or at least I was on the fence about it. I think my position has changed though. Here's my experience: Two days ago, I came home from working all day in the cold and felt very "off", for lack of a better word. I felt feverish and fatigued but my temp was sitting at 98.5F. This is still high for me as I usually run 97.3. I wasn't worried about that or about feeling fatigued. It was the mixed feeling of lightheadedness and mild vertigo at the same time. I dosed up on 1300mg Tylenol and 800mg ibuprofen, a large amount of vitamin C and zinc, and then went to bed. I felt a little better the next morning and resumed the job I was doing. When I got home that evening, I felt the same way as before and this time, I had a temp of 99.1. I didn't fret though, still adamant that this was nothing but a cold or a mild flu though I haven't had the flu since 1997 and I don't get flu shots. I went through today and there's no more fever but I have very mild cough and a very mild sore throat. No big deal at all. My temp is now at 96.8 and I feel good except for the cough and sore throat. What's really, really weird though is that I just sat down to eat some fish and fries and the tartar sauce that came with my fish seems to have a very strong chemical smell to it. I can't even describe what kind of chemical smell it is...it's very strange. I thought it was bad so I got a bottle out of the fridge and it also smelled the same way. So I tried some ketchup and it smells the same way. I pulled out a bottle of BBQ sauce that I use all the time and it too has the same odor, though not as strong. Even my bottle of mustard has a slight chemical smell to it (my jar of dill pickle relish however, does not smell). I asked my daughter to smell the tartar sauce and ketchup and she feels they smell just fine. To me, they are offensive---especially the tartar sauce. I read about and heard stories of peoples' sense of smell being affected by COVID and even made a few posts here about it. Something is definitely going on. I have been sick before in my life but never had a change in how things smelled. I haven't been tested for COVID and I'm not going to be. We all know the test is BS and the "vaccine" is fake. Nevertheless, I think I had it, whatever "it" is.
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