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  1. This is a clip from a 1981 movie called My Dinner with Andre. It is telling the truth of what's going on and what's coming our way.
  2. out of curiosity, what are people sick with if there's no virus? i personally know a dozen people who have been sick with something they claim is worse than anything else they've ever had and were diagnosed with COVID but if there's no COVID, then what is it? these are educated people too of varying backgrounds and locations, and are not prone to being overdramatic or evidence symptoms of hypochondriasis or somatoform disorder. most of them are typically healthy too and some claim to still haven't fully regained their sense of smell or taste like they had before.
  3. Is Boris jewish? Just wondering why he's wearing a yamaka. And what's with the Roman centurion?
  4. I didn't realize there was a "vaccine" being dispersed in December. Wouldn't surprise me though.
  5. Please forgive my ignorance here... what's an MSM site?
  6. No, we just make more tiktok videos in which, we look like total morons dancing around and carrying on over nothing.
  7. I've been making the same point locally. It blows my mind how people can't/won't see the truth.
  8. Here's something that may be a little interesting to some: In the late summer of last year, a co-worker of mine was "diagnosed" with the virus. I don't know what she really had, or what other co-workers of mine had but whatever it was not only killed her sense of smell for a while while "infected" but also her sense of taste too. She slowly regained it but now has a dislike for fried foods. I know that's really not a bad thing but just looking at it from a big picture, I wonder what people here in the southern US are getting that's affecting them this way. Another lady I work with also lost her sense of taste and smell while whatever-it-is ran its course and told me the other day that she still hasn't fully regained either sense like it was before. She also said she's now smelling cigarette smoke/ash when there's no reason for her to be. I believe David and Gareth Icke with regard to there not being a virus. I'm still perplexed though as to what my colleagues are being infected with. So far, ten people with whom I work have been diagnosed with covid and they all lost their sense of taste and smell. Do other people on here have stories like this? Do you know anyone who became sick with something and was diagnosed with the virus but maybe had different symptoms?
  9. Actually, that's not true. Biblically speaking, many numbers have certain symbolic meanings. The number 7 is very much a Godly number as it is representative of spiritual completeness. The number 5 means grace, 8 is new beginnings, 40 is probation, 4 is earth, etc. etc.
  10. Reminds me of the song Amused to Death from Roger Waters' album of the same name.
  11. I used to build car audio systems back in the late-1990s and early-2000s and have been a fan of multiple subgenres of rock music for a few decades now. I have a constant high pitch ringing in both ears that seems to be getting worse even though the old system days are long behind me. I hear it all day, every day. It's gone on for so long that I've completely forgotten what it's like to sit in silence. Lately, I've been wondering if this is the result of increasingly higher levels of EMF radiation. I got my first cell phone in 2004 (yes, I was late in the game) and I don't remember experiencing tinnitus then. I know my hearing isn't want it used to be...I haven't been to an audiologist but online hearing tests indicate mild-to-moderate hearing loss, depending on the type of test given. I don't know though if the constant ringing is because of possible hearing loss, damage to the cochlear hairs in the inner ear from loud music back in the day, or if it's truly increased in intensity as EMF radiation has increased from 1G to now 5G. Does anyone else experience this? Thanks in advance for reading. :)
  12. Thanks Duewy. I saved your link.
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