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  1. I think he's been watching too much Logan's Run.
  2. It will have a trickle down effect. It's probably because of that whistle blower yesterday.
  3. The DNS entries seem to have vanished when you do nslookup. Tried multiple DNS servers all the same..
  4. I do wish they would speak one at a time when they "interview" people. The creditability goes down when it turns in to a bun fight.
  5. Watch it at 0.25 speed on YouTube it's just her left hand on her hip.
  6. From the above article: "But she said when she last spoke to her husband he was "talking absolute gobbledygook"." I've seen that before on a few occasions with my late father. I had to tell the doctors he had sepsis as they were reluctant to test for it. A dose on antibiotics would have helped within days.
  7. What's with his eyes? Like action man eagle eyes..
  8. That's exactly what I thought when they announced that news. We'll call it the 'silly bollocks radar' when they reveal these sort of things because anyone with an ounce of grey matter can see what it will cause and that's the true outcome.
  9. Yeah CB. I've picked this model as it will do packet radio up to 9600 baud.
  10. Just bought one of these: Will combine with a raspberry pi and TNC board.
  11. Short illness eh. Jabbed in March.
  12. The cap is off on that but you don't go so far in for an intramuscular jab so I'd say the needle goes back into the barrel.
  13. I am setting up a packet radio rig currently just in case..
  14. I think that's why they're recording the batch numbers on the cards. That's never been done before.
  15. I believe the sinovac uses the traditional method: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CoronaVac
  16. @1:13 Mark. There is no needle in the syringe.
  17. Everyone is exempt if they want to be. It's up to the individual to decide.
  18. Around 0:55 she moves her arm. Strange for someone paralyzed from the neck down.
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